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When things go wrong

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Assistant executioner
It is 25 years ago, the government did an experiment with human genes. The goal was to create just perfect human beings. The girls of this experiment should be the high resolution in aesthetics of what man thought what is perfect. Nevertheless they should have been different. The result were Tina and Ana. When they grew up they decided to finance their lifestyle by participating at beauty contests. They won all. Unfortunetly the mexican drug cartel had their own beauties on the run as well. They lost. And that was the fate of Tina and Ana. One saturday night the two ladies came from a party and were on their way home. In a dark part of the street a van stops, the door opens, two men get out, capture these beauties and threw them on the load area and rush to their hideout. Inside the van they tie the ladies' hands on the back and stand them at the inner wall of the van. Before them they put a grid made of barbed wire. In every curve of the street the legs of the ladies are pushed against the grid. They begin to moan.

The villains from the drug cartel have in principal no interest in the girls, they just want, that in future times everything runs the way they want. So they have no mercy for the girls. They are brutal. But a look on these beauties made them hungry. And they are sadistic. They decided to torture them till the end.

Tina wears a mini skirt, a navel free top, high heels and nylons in the brown colour of her skin with a stocking seam. Ana wears a minidress and nylons with seam and high heels as well.

When they reach their hideout, the girls are led inside a dungeon room. Ana says to the villains, that they will regret what they do when they not immediatly set them free. The villains laugh.

Tina is fixed by her hands in the middle of the room. Their hands move over Tina's delicious body, then show her some safety pins. They push the first one in her upper arm, the second one in her chest, they take out a tit and put one through it, next one they push through the navel walls, so they are connected over her navel and one through her belly, two she gets in each of her thighs and two in each of her calves. Tina wriggles and moans.

They bring Ana to the sitting corner, fix her hands at the ceiling and begin to grab her legs. One villain takes a cane and hits her calves and thighs, then sets a knife on the heel of one leg and moves with the knife upward over the seam of the nylons till under her dress. He sets the knife on the seam of the other leg and moves slowly downwards. The other villain takes a skewer or just longer needles and pushs a couple of them through each of her beautiful calves, than through her thighs.

Tina shouts from behind, that they are all criminals and that they will get their righteous punishment by law. The villains still laugh, take the skewer out of Anas legs, lick the blood off them, take Ana by her hair, go outside and tell Ana to make a handstand with her front side at a palmtree there. The legs touch the tree and the villains take barbed wire and fix her at the tree by tieing her at the tree with the barbed wire tied tight around her thighs and calves. Then they move inside again.

They take Tina to the sitting group, fix her hands under the ceiling and take her tongue out of her mouth. They push a long thorne from down to above through her tongue. Laughing they begin to grab her legs. One villain puts out a cigarette on the inner side of one of her thighs. Then they take off her nylons the same way they did it to Ana and show Tina two spiky dog collars. They tie around one thigh two spiky dog collars one below the other and tie them securly, so all spikes disappear in her skin. In her other thigh they push two skewer, one from the front and one from the inner side. So they get out in the back side of her thigh and on the outer side.

One villain shouts he is hungry for the calves of Ana. They take Ana in, pulling her at the hair and lay her on a table close to the sitting group. She lays right in front of Tina. They get out their forks and drive them in each of Anas calves. Then they bite in her calves. Her thighs have to be done afterwards.

They take Ana and tear down her dress. She only wears her panties. So they bring her to a torture rack. There she gets stretched out. Ana gets a hook in her nose so they can tear her head far in the back. One villain gets out his dick and pushs him into Ana's mouth deep in her throat. You can see the dick in her throat. At least he comes in her throat. He takes his dick out of her mouth. They laugh. The other one takes a rather long rubber dildo, super long version, and pushs it into her mouth. You can see that the dildo runs through her throat into her chest. He pushs it into her till the end. Before she can't breath any longer, he takes the dildo out of her mouth. With his teeth a villain snaps a nipple from her tit. Ana moans loud. Laughing he takes a knife and moves over her skin from her throat straight down over her chest and her belly to the panties. Then they lay a spiky dog collar around her waist and tighten it, the spikes move deep into her flesh. One of them sets a skewer on the lower part of her navel and presses it right under her belly abdomen down. She gets two skewers from below through her tits.

Then they take her from the rack and carry her to a piece of wood that maybe is one meter fifty long and sixty centimetres wide. They lay her with her legs prone on this piece of wood. Then they nail her legs on the wood. First they nail her calves with one nail each, than her thighs with two nails each and her buttocks. After doing this they put up the piece of wood where her legs are nailed on and fix it on the ground. From behind her they bring the upper part of a cross, but it's lying on a framework horizontal. They push this cross into Anas back. Then they bend her upper body backwards on the cross, nail her hands, forearm, upper arm, her shoulder and her chest at the cross, her tits and two nails in her waist and finally she gets a nail in her navel.

The villains are satisfied with that, what they have done to Ana and go back to Tina. She is still standing in the sitting area. They take her down. She is quiet now and begs not doing any harm to her. The villains laugh. They take all instruments out of her body and lick her wounds. On his way one of them takes an ice pick from the party a day before and drills it from below in the muscle of a calf. Then he takes one leg aside and drills the ice pick in the inner side of her thigh. He looks in her face and enjoys her pain.

Tina is taken to a frame made of glass, just longing up to her thighs full of needles. Before the wall of glass is a second wall of glass, but with little holes in it, so the needles can get through these holes. They position her at this second wall. Before Tina they put a second frame like the first one behind her. Slowly they can spin at a wheel and all the needles get through the second wall of glass and move into Tina's back and frontside of her thighs and into her calves. They enjoy her suffering.

Then they take her away from this place and lead her to another square. She is fixed with her hands by a leather straps under the ceiling. They rip down her clothes, bite her in her tits, snap a nipple as well, find it nice and snap the other nipple too and then put a skewer from one side through both tits. He sets a skewer in her waist and pushs it into her belly. Then he takes a fish hook for predators, sets it on her navel and pulls it through her upper navel wall.

He connects the hook with a rope, and pulls her outside to the palm tree. With her last energy she must do a handstand with her back side to the tree. The villains throw a rope over an upper roll at the tree, bind one end around her ankle and tie her up. They climb on a chair and nail her feet at the tree, one beside the other, only a little spare between them, than her calves from the side, than her thighs with three nails on each leg, her buttocks from the side. Only for their enjoyment they set needles in her belly. Her arms are put around the tree and they nail her hands and arms there, then her shoulders, her chest and she gets nails through her nipples deep in her breast. They enjoy her suffering. Taking the hook out of her navel, they take another one and set both hooks in her left and her right waist, connect them with leather straps and pull them back around the tree, where the leather straps are tied together. She gets the nail through her navel. Tina moans out loud. They rip off her panties, take a long pole and hammer it through her pussy down in her body. If it's possible impale her completely, so that the pole gets out of her mouth.
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