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Whipping Stories (Sympazero)

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Cruciformae Studiosus
Another Boring Saturday Night at the Chateau Roissy:


I've got a great idea! Let's string these two up,
you bull-whip mine and I'll bull-whip yours!

Been there, done that, let's make it interesting!
Whoever draws blood first wins.

Draws blood front and back, neck to knees?
You have a deal! Better call down to the office,
get the doc on stand-by. It's gonna be a long, wet night!



Cruciformae Studiosus
The Marksman

Roissy: O is asleep after a hard night of sexual abuse.
The Valet Pierre wakes her -
with a vicious riding-crop slash across her breasts -
informs her that her lover Rene is coming to collect her tomorrow.
This is Pierre's last chance to whip her, which he
will do several times throughout the day.

Pierre takes great pride in his work.
He is anxious to leave his Mark.
1577410466691.jpeg 1577412598069.jpeg 1577409559513.jpeg
When Rene arrives next morning he compliments Pierre on his skill.
(O can barely walk and has to be helped to the car outside.)
Pierre kisses O's hand au revoir... "Until the next time, Mlle"



Cruciformae Studiosus
Carrol's Christmas Recipe

A Real Christmas Carrol (pseudonym)


Almost 20 minutes of full-force, full-body double-flogging

(two medium-heavy floggers at once)
Then she was allowed a one-hour rest,
then got up and served Xmas dinner.
It was amazing, fantastic, delicious!

(And the food wasn't half-bad either!)


Cruciformae Studiosus
Act Two

Ruth suffered a savage whipping three months ago at her lover’s request.
She has only just recovered, the whip-scars all but faded. Now he has brought her back to Roissy,
he wants her to take another beating, to definitively prove her love for him.

But, he warns her, this whipping will be many times more brutal than the first.
She will surely need medical care at the end of the session
Does she give permission to him, and to the four other whip-armed men present?
She hesitates a long moment, then answers simply:
“I’m yours.”



Cruciformae Studiosus

Since it was Christmas, he allowed her to choose.

Back or front...?

What are you using on me?

The Barbed flogger. What do you think?

Not the front! Please God, not the front!
Very well. The back it is.... But if I run out of space or you bleed
too much, I reserve the right to turn you around...!

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Cruciformae Studiosus
Morning at Roissy

Corinne had been whipped in the morning for a minor infraction,
but whipped savagely enough for the welts to stand out visibly
throughout the day, extending all the way to her evening
duties as waitress in the public restaurant.

The welts were noticed by several diners who decided they
would like to add to her whip-marks; but a small problem arose.
More than one group of members fancied whipping the poor girl –
too many for the girl’s safety, so a bidding war ensued.

The bad news for Corinne - an occupational hazard - was that the winners
(four young members) were enraged at having to spend so much money
and of course, directed their fury at the luckless Corinne.

Fortunately, she blacked out after ten minutes and, house rules
prohibiting the punishment of an unconscious girl, was carried to her cell.



Cruciformae Studiosus
Return to the Chateau

With the torments endured on her first visit to Roissy still
fresh in her memory, O was terrified to return for a second.
Her lover René, however, had a different idea:
He resolved to 'reward' her for her attempted disobedience...
...with a lesson she would not soon forget.
At the conclusion of the whippings (per René's command),
O thanked the valet Pierre for her harsh punishments,
and promised her lover she would never
again defy him by trying to avoid the whip.

(Soon enough she would come to understand the necessity
of being beaten - deeming it essential, in fact; and even pleasant.)



Cruciformae Studiosus
Two hours later:

The last whipping of the night.

René watched as Pierre laid the bullwhip down hard.
After ten minutes, he called a halt, kissed O,
said, "Je t'aime" and left the cell.
Though she could barely speak through her sobs, O thanked Pierre...

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Cruciformae Studiosus
Decisions, decisions...

While his wife beckoned from the door of the mansion,
urging him inside to join the Roissy-Style gathering,
Robert paused to admire The Girl With the Tray.

He knew her tray held the envelopes of sealed bids
- he had one such envelope in his pocket -
and the Girl herself was the prize.

Sharply, he ordered his wife to be silent
while in his mind's eye he conjured a comparison of the
two women on their knees before him - under
the savage blows of his specially weighted cane...

The Girl With the Tray
His wife
It would be a difficult choice...



Cruciformae Studiosus
Buona Serata

There were very few post-war examples of Italian Nobility frequenting Roissy.
Fewer still charter Members. So the air was abuzz when the Marchese
(his name is need-to-know)
entered the library with a stunningly beautiful nude girl on a leash.

He passed the leash over to the valet Pierre,
the purpose and intent chrystal clear.
Pierre led the girl toward the whipping post,
followed by the Saturday night guests and members.

Little did they know that the fees earned by the girl –
substantial fees, but she would earn them, via almost
an hour of screams, tears, sweat and blood –
would help in the restoration of
the Marchese’s crumbling Palazzio in Venice.

Also not known by the crowd, the identity of the girl.
This was the fourth time this year she had voluntarily suffered
a savage whipping, sacrificing her body for the cause of the Marchese…

...Her brother.



Cruciformae Studiosus
Happy Flog Day

Nigel? Who are those six people? Why are they here?
I invited them. They’re here for your birthday.

I don’t understand. What are they holding in their hands?
Mostly riding crops, one or two have floggers.
Floggers? Steel Floggers??
Maybe... Okay, sure, but only two...
Those metal-tipped thongs you tried to use on me once?
Good memory, darling…

…They rip the skin and leave horrible bloody welts!
What’s going on?? You swore last year you’d never--

--It’s your birthday! They each get to whip you one stroke for each year.
You’re twenty, so they all get to hit you 20 times.

This is insane! Where do they think they’re going to hit me?
Ten strokes on your back and ten on your front.
On my front? Where? My thighs, my belly…?
...And your breasts, my love, these people love to whip breasts!
Don’t worry, it’ll all be over before you know it! And think of the money!

There’s one problem…
What's that?
It’s not my birthday!
It is tonight!




Cruciformae Studiosus
Your Deal

The maid knocks gently on the door,
then holds it open for her.
Descending the stairs she feels the
tightness grow in her magnificent chest.
The dinner guests’ conversation fades
to silence as she enters the dining room.

She is the last to arrive.

Other women are already nude,
signifying they have received light
punishment or will be punished after her.
Those women are regarded as playthings, appetizers.

She is the main event.

After the meal, she is sent back upstairs, to undress and wait.
The men will play cards for her.
The winner will be allowed to whip her for an hour.
She prays it will not be Garth who wins,
Garth is an Olympian weight-lifter
who has put her in hospital twice…

A whoop from below presages the bad news:
It’s Garth!

As Garth begins his grinning climb, someone shouts (her husband probably)
a reminder that "the First-Aid kit is in the bedside table."

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Cruciformae Studiosus

This was just the warm-up, wasn’t it?

Now you’re really going to hurt me, aren’t you?
How badly?
Do you remember your first time?
Yes. How can I ever forget…?
…This time will be worse.
Oh, dear God…! How much worse?
Much, much worse...




Return to the Chateau

With the torments endured on her first visit to Roissy still
fresh in her memory, O was terrified to return for a second.
View attachment 805058
Her lover René, however, had a different idea:
View attachment 805059
He resolved to 'reward' her for her attempted disobedience...
View attachment 805062
...with a lesson she would not soon forget.
View attachment 805063
At the conclusion of the whippings (per René's command),
O thanked the valet Pierre for her harsh punishments,
and promised her lover she would never
again defy him by trying to avoid the whip.

(Soon enough she would come to understand the necessity
of being beaten - deeming it essential, in fact; and even pleasant.)

This time no choice. Front AND back.


Cruciformae Studiosus
Sans Permis!

Irene was sharing a cell with O at the Chateau.
This morning Pierre caught them misbehaving
in one bed (without permission)!

Irene knows she’s about to be brutally punished;

But not nearly as brutally as O will be dealt with tonight!

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