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Whipping Stories (Sympazero)

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Cruciformae Studiosus
Fair warning…

If you get involved with me, at least twice
a week you’re gonna find yourself in my sound-proof
play-room strung up naked from a hook
while I lay into
you with my favorite bullwhip!

And that’s the truth!!

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Cruciformae Studiosus
Classic Whipping Stories

Could we punish her – just a little to see how she takes it?

Surely, what would you like, sir, crop, whip, cane?
Oh, I think the cane. It hurts the most, the quickest…
On the floor?
Yes, on all fours, I think, and if you'd hand me the cane?
The lightest one or the heaviest?
Oh, the heaviest of course… The heavier, the better, no?
Absolutely, sir, a wise choice if I may say so.
Hmm... Lovely! Marks up very nicely...
Yes, indeed, I like how she marks!
Now, remind me, what's the asking price?



Cruciformae Studiosus

Little Whipping Stories


I'm glad you like your collar...
Yes, I do! I didn't know they came in leather, though...
Yes, they also come with a leash... It's in my trunk
along with with some floggers, ballgags, whips and things...

A leash? A flog-- I don't understand...
You will in a little while, when the Rohypnol kicks in.

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Cruciformae Studiosus
In the Family

A Longer Than Usual Whipping Story

Yes, Precious?

You'll never guess what Daddy gave us as an engagement present.
Actually I do know. He showed me.

But I don't understand, I mean what's it for?
You'll understand Saturday night after the Cotillion.
Your Dad has the keys to the college gym, it'll be totally private,
and he and your mother will explain the facts of marriage to you.

With a WHIP ??
Let me ask you a question. When was the last time
you saw your parents fight? Or even heard them argue?

Never! They never fight. They have the perfect marriage!
Exactly, and so shall we. Another question, are you aware
the back of your house, your parents' bedroom, is soundproofed?

I never knew that, but that does explain the quiet...
Last question, have you ever seen your mother in your pool?
No, she can't swim, she's afraid of the water.
That wasn't my question.
No, I've never seen her in the pool.
I have, by accident. I came by early to pick you up,
but you weren't home yet. I caught a glimpse
of your Mom jumping out of the pool and running inside.
She didn't see me. But I saw her. She wasn't wearing a suit,
and she had... make that has a beautiful body for her age.
She also had something else which caught my eye -
your mother's body was covered in dozens of fresh crimson
whip-marks, and even more old fading black bruises--

--You're joking!--
--covering her from her neck to knees!
I don’t believe it !
To your knowledge does she ever wear revealing clothes?
No, quite the opposite. She always wears slacks
and high neck blouses with long sleeves.
But I’ve always thought she was just being modest.

(no answer)

Let me get this straight, you’re insinuating that my parents’
marriage is perfectly harmonious because my father
keeps my mother… in line? With a horse-whip?

It’s actually a bull-whip…
And they what (?) plan to instruct you, me, us,
how to imitate them? I hope you laughed in their faces?

Before I could say anything, your mother reminded me
that if you refused the terms, there were 150 eligible
Young Ladies attending this year’s Cotillion!

Is she serious? What about our engagement?
What about it?
And why are we meeting at the gym?
Room to swing the whip, to demonstrate his technique.
And to teach you how?
And when he’s swinging, what’s his target?
Your mother, I suppose... And...
And what?? Or should I ask who??
That rather depends on you, my precious...


Later at the gym
Mother and Daughter come to terms.


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