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Whipping Stories (Sympazero)

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Cruciformae Studiosus

Friday Night in Grosvenor Square W1
(A June Evening in 1893)

I am so sorry you lost your court case, husband dear,
but I beg to ask is it fair for you to vent your fury upon me?

There will be other cases you will win, I’m certain, and while
I realize it is Friday, traditionally the night of my whipping,
may I presume to petition for mercy tonight?

I fear that the heat of your present anger coupled
with my unhealed wounds from last week –
I trust you will concede last Friday’s thrashing
could be characterized as a trifle … excessive?

I'm rather afraid anything resembling a
repetition might quite overwhelm me...

Surely you remember last year at Brighton when you
horse-whipped me with such severity and force
that I quite lost my senses and required medical
assistance to regain them a full day-and-a-half later?

In truth, I am in similar distress at this moment.
my back and my bosoms still bleed rather badly and in your
current humour I honestly fear for my safety and well-being.

What say you, beloved husband? Hmm? Show mercy on your wife?

What say I? I say this:

You will disrobe immediately - entirely, mind you –
though you may keep your loin-covering for
modesty’s sake - I am not a savage -
but otherwise not a stitch remaining –

Then get thee to the cupboard in my study
and fetch the heavy cane, the one which
still carries your dried blood.
Bring it here before me.

Thereupon you will bend over the arm of the settee.
and prepare to suffer the thrashing of your life,
for the impertinence of questioning my authority!

Be aware you have sixty seconds to complete these tasks,
every second you are tardy will result in five more strokes!

Now go!


Cruciformae Studiosus
The Bluff

(A Nasty Story -
you've been warned)

Babe – Peggy’s owner – has had too much to drink
tonight, and Peggy’s beginning to get scared.
Babe just went all-in on a low pair, trying to bluff
the Greek across the table, but Peggy fears
this Greek isn’t about to be bluffed.

Worst of all, Peggy is now part of the ‘all-in’ bet
and can foresee what’s coming.

She once knew a girl who spent
six months as a whip-slave to the Greek.


She barely made it out alive.
The Greek's reputation is as ugly as it gets...
He likes to use a bullwhip -- and can go all night --
he just loves to put his slaves in hospital.

Peggy’s fear is mounting, seconds from now the Greek will

win the hand, collect his ‘winnings’...
...and bring her up to his room.

It’s going to be bad..

...Very bad....


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Cruciformae Studiosus

Occasionally I feel the need to point out that nothing I post on the
Forums should be interpreted as advocating violence against women.
Never in a million years would I sanction that.

These are just little Stories incorporating the act of Corporal Punishment.

I trawl the net to find images to go with these tales.
They’re intended as hard-edged little fables, purposed to entertain or amuse...
...But mostly to divert.
I understand and accept some members may find these contributions
objectionable; in which case you don’t have to read them.

(NB: The current thread of comic book images – redressed with
my re-written dialog and captions - are mostly from:
a genuinely delightful and well-named site.)




Cruciformae Studiosus

Sarah had carefully chosen the expensive silk tulle one-piece to please
her lover who has brought her here to Roissy this Saturday evening.

Though she has never been to the chateau until tonight,
she knows what Roissy is, and what happens here.

Unlike the women she has heard are horribly brutalized
in this terrifying place, she hopes she will be treated
gently and kindly by her lover…
Unfortunately, she is mistaken,

She begins to weep as her lover enters the room
leading three fellow Members. Two of the men carry
steel manacles; all four carry studded whips.
In addition her lover carries a pair of scissors, with which
he begins to cut the silken garment from her trembling body.

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Cruciformae Studiosus
The Fine Print

Yes, my love?
All those people, they’re your friends?
Yes, why?

I don't understand, you said you would beat me
tonight – for your birthday – and let your friends watch?

No, I think my exact words were, you would be "beaten naked and bloody…"
Sorry, "...beaten naked and bloody", but your friends, how many are there?
I haven’t actually counted, twelve or fifteen, I would guess. Why?
They’re all holding whips?

I know. It’s my birthday present to myself… I hope you enjoy it.

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