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Whipping Stories (Sympazero)

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Cruciformae Studiosus

She was intro’d to him by a friend, he is very wealthy,
the deal is very generous. She’d never earn that in a year.
She has been whipped before, but it was an amateur affair,
this is the real thing. She’s been warned by the agent
this will be agony. She’ll be stripped naked, bull-whipped
anywhere and everywhere, front or back,
between her neck and her knees.
She should be prepared to shed blood.
Quite a lot.

When he whips her breasts she'll probably pass out,
most girls do, but there’s a doctor on stand-by.

So why is he waiting, she asks herself.
As if reading her mind, he speaks:
"The game’s over, the stadium is starting to empty.
I’m waiting for the traffic to hit full decibels...
That way nobody will hear you scream."
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Cruciformae Studiosus
Long Lost Whipping Story:

He kept it light. No, it wouldn’t hurt, he assured her.
But why did she have to be naked?

So they could see the whip-marks, he answered.
What?? You're going to mark me?

You'll barely see the marks!
Couldn’t she keep her underwear on?
All right, if she insisted. But that meant he’d lay the whip on harder…
…as punishment,
he added with a laugh. She giggled as she undressed.
Now I have to tie you up, you know…
Why? How?
Arms overhead, that’s how it’s done. Plus a gag, of course.
A gag?? Are you sure?
D’you want your neighbors to hear?
No, I guess not. All right, gag me. Better make it tight!

(That, of course, was her first mistake.)



Cruciformae Studiosus
My Heart's in the Highlands...

The most noteworthy feature of this photograph
(taken at a remote, exclusive hotel in the Scottish Highlands)
is not the manifest patience of a Young Girl awaiting her Master,
but rather the bundle of razor-sharp bramble twigs in her left hand;
cruel, thorn-bearing twigs which, in 30 minutes or so,
will be soaked in her blood.
The Girl will then be permitted a brief respite,
after which her Master will bid her remove her
now red-spattered slip so that he may begin
in earnest the punishment of her entire body.



Cruciformae Studiosus
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Ruminations on a Theme:

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"Why don't I give each of them a whip?"

"That's the sound of a girl
working on a Chain-Gang..."

"So much for any beach picnics this Summer...
Bruno's cane-marks will last at least three months..."

"Y'know, this Speed-Dating thing isn't that bad..."

"Wait, what is that, a whip? That wasn't part of the deal!
You're going to pay me how much? All right, let's talk..."

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Cruciformae Studiosus
(Beauty this profound
brings out the best in me):

"All right, beloved, this is going to hurt a little...
Of course if you want, it can hurt a lot..."


Cruciformae Studiosus
NY Society
ca 1904

They're discussing who's going first…
Looks like old man Lemon has his nose in front...

He'll drop a few hundred tonight...
Are you sure of your sources on this?
Oh, yes, she charges them hundreds of dollars each…
…To let them abuse her? Abuse her how? Where?
She has a townhouse on Fifth, open
for business most nights – unless someone
overdoes it and she’s badly injured and
loses consciousness - which happens sometimes...
But she has a private doctor on the premises just in case...

I’m still not following…
They whip her!
What?? How??
With a horsewhip, usually... or a bullwhip.
Always, completely naked!
These gallant men, titans of industry,
your husband and mine among them,
take turns, or, if they’re willing to pay extra,
she’ll let two or three of them whip her at the same time.

You’re joking!
She keeps a journal of names and daguerreotypes.
She carries one color photograph,
which she’ll show you if you ask.
I ran into her one morning at the dressmaker,
she was in the fitting room, studying
herself in the looking-glass, naked as a jay bird…

How did she look?
Barely able to stand.… She said she'd had
a four-man bullwhip session the night before,
her body was covered in whip marks from head to toe,
still dripping blood from countless whip-cuts!

And her husband doesn’t know about this?
Ha! Who d'you think bought her the townhouse?
He doesn’t participate, he just watches…
...And counts the money.

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Cruciformae Studiosus
Or is it?

She should be prepared...
She is prepared...
He was Prepared/Inspired by her striped dress.
While she was turned away, he silently grasped his cane,
then, ripping the dress from her slender form, he began
to cover her now naked body - from neck to knees -
cover her in savage stripes which would last for months!



Cruciformae Studiosus
Lady's Choice:

A touching story borrowed from
(I hope they don't mind)
fleursdo. bdsmlr. com


In just a few moments now it would begin.
Once she heard about the private club and what
went on there she could not get it out of her mind.

Although she knew most women were brought there
by a man who wanted to use them in the public spaces
or see them used or have them beaten for his own pleasure
there was no one in her life who was
ever going to be part of this world.

She had not known if she would get any response at all
but to her surprise her letter
had been answered almost immediately...

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