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Lisa Stone

Miela's whipping vids


Believe me, this kind of whipping is so much intense that I'll be not near to forget these sensations !
It's not to do often but, from time to time, that's wonderful !

I hope that Kathy will soon have this kind of session in her club ... ;)
I also like when a girl is whipped hanging upside down. It's even better when her legs are spread apart and if you swing from above. And you will have a place to put your whip if you need a break when the arm gets tired.

It'll also make the breast whipping more fulfilling. I love it when a girl's arm is pulled high up, revealing her armpits and presenting her breasts for the whipping. But the position also makes them flatten which could make the impact a bit less satisfying. Hanging her upside down would also solve that problem.


Venator imaginum
Which ElitePain video is this taken from?
I cut these out of a short clip called two young blonds whipped. I know there is a full video but it would take me a while to find it, my EP folder is 340 GB. I've been trying to sort each series into a separate folder to make searching easier but that takes time as well. If I run across it before too long I'll post the title. Otherwise you may check out the Elite Pain site as they have a listing of most titles but I believe that shoot is several years old so it may not show up. I can remember in the scene the 1st girl's boyfriend was behind her to the left on a couch watching and nodding with approval. They did several where the boyfriend was involved but the series name escapes me. ;)
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