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Windows 7

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Angelus Mortis
Apr 27, 2015
Great White North
Yes, if you do upgrade to Windows 10, disable Cortana and all the other "helpful" features. What you end up with then is a computer that reminds you when you need an update, but otherwise functions mainly like Win7 (which was brilliant, so of course they had to change it).

What Win 10 does is allow you to easily link your computer to your TV (and other things, but I do not do the "internet of things", so I don't play music, or run my refrigerator with my computer) - this will let you wirelessly run things on your computer and watch them on a smart TV. If you have an old type TV, forget it. I agree it is annoying not to have MovieMaker on Win10.

Otherwise, Win10, like all Microsucks improvements has some nice features and, let's face it, it's an operating system - it's not supposed to do everything, and if it does, there's probably a better program out there that does it better. It loads fast, it is very stable (no crashes on my rig) and I have noticed no incompatibility with software or games. These are all good things.
Feb 7, 2012
True Jollyrei, I use W10 for my work but not in internet.
Ubuntu Linux is the OS I use for internet, but also for editing, my story Notturno Veneziano was edited with Libre Office Writer, in the same way as using MS Office... the suite Libre Office is very useful and easy to be used. Gimp replace very well Photoshop.
Mozilla Firefox is the standard browser.
But all is free and you can forget any antivirus and more other things you have to pay...

You can try Ubuntu without changing your OS, write over a DVD the image file .iso, and run it!
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