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Wtf And Oddities

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Public art, I'd love to know where the last one is

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It's in Chicago. And it doesn't usually piss.
It's actually pretty clever.
Apparently the 'David' version was a photoshop,
not a RL performance!

Variety is good, so is quantity
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I suppose it says something about me that I thought when I saw the thumbnail
that was a shelf-full of leather-bound volumes.
Come to think of it, I wasn't far out! :p

Well she's got a more intelligent look on her face than Adam -
'Look Daddy, if you're going to leave me on this god-forsaken lump of rock,
you'd better fit me up with some stud so we can multiply and be fruitful ...'


Genesis 1:27 " So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them."
In order to explain the contradiction that, in Chapter One, humans (or a human) are created male and female just like all other animals, but in later chapters Adam is alone until Eve is created; "The Alphabet of ben Sirach" told the story of Lilith, who was created at the same time as Adam but refuse to be subservient and left him.
This image is of the fresco, "The Creation of Lilith", originally on the ceiling of Sistine Chapel. When Pope Julius saw it, the said: "Very funny, Mike. Now, cover the boobs, put a dick on it and stop fucking around. You're already way behind schedule."


i like how the Bible mentions Cloning,and Artificial insemination :eek: :cool:
(I'll just leave this here,shall I ??) :D
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