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We will be mounting your eager asshole on the comus for deep anal pleasures Inanna after your wrists are nailed...and your lustful totally nude and well striped body is raised up on the cross upright...a long comus you cannot get off of... the pain in your wrists will ensure you will assist us in mounting your ass properly.....you will also eagerly place your feet in position for their nailing...to relive the pain
They did`nt do that at the agency i was with it was most`ly lads mag stuff undies and nudes i was only lent out to do the wooden pony set i would probably have moved into hard core if i had`nt met my husband , it paid well
I imagine you were quite a lovely sight. Imagine what the addition of ankle weights and the lash upon bare breasts and belly would do....or a sawtoothed Apex, as depicted in so many artworks on the forum.
Inanna ....since we are less then a week away from the nailing of your lustful body ...we may crucify you like this....we want to have easy acess to your pussy and asshole to massage them and taste your luscious juices....and you would be crucified with another woman....intimate...to share your sufferings...and to satisfy your bisexual nature....
You are indeed one my favorite members...I love your postings. Any interest in the wooden horse...I certain you are deserving of a long astride one...such as is depicted in my avatar.
Dorothy Brown
Dorothy Brown
I stood in for a model who was taken ill and did a wooden pony photo shoot ,it only took five minutes before i was screaming to be taken off. the pain was unbelievable i honestly though i was ruined. you need to have a high pain threshold to do those kind of photo shoots , but the director got what he wanted and thanked me even though i could hardly walk.
The purpose of your scourging is to make your lustful body eager for its nailing.....you will lust to be nailed Inanna!...you will crawl to the crossbeam and stretch out your arms ..spreading your legs wide..your soaking pussy and asshole lusting for attention....you will be NAILED...and become ONE WITH THE CROSS...PART OF THE CROSS FOREVER..
We will now scourge your lustful body Inanna....100 stripes front 100 rear....totally nude......a leg spreader will be fastened to your ankles amd secured to the ground....to allow easy acess to scourge your eager pussy and lustful ass hole....I have chosen the riding crop used for horses as it will leave the deepest beautiful stripes on your body.
Inanna, your lustful bodys preparation for your scourging are complete....your body has been fed well....your mouth pussy and eager asshole have taken several strong ejaculations.... 64 cocks have filled your body with the hot flavorful cum your body lusts for and needs for its scourging and nailing and subsequent raising totally nude on the cross
Inanna, reports to me your executioner are your feedings are going well, your body, mouth and asshole have taken huge loads of hot flavorful cum it needs for a long dance after your nailing...the women have informed me that after your pussy shaving...pussy tortures will be inflicted on your totally nude eager body...to excite you
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