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I love your avatar and your sketches :)
Thanks, but I don't create any artwork. On the "Some Sketches" thread I am just posting filtered versions of the art created by Andyman.
I thinking, your artwork deserved a own thread. I feel me so free, all what I found to copy in a new thread, only for your artwork.
Maybe, you posting in future new drawings in this thread too.

Hi. Please send me the pdf you mentioned with details of longer videos and image sets. I already purchased from you Elaine03R and Elaine04R videos some time ago so if there are more crux videos then I might be interested. Email gravitusii@gmail.com.
I'm reading your story today, wonderful. But in my dreams I live through it. Where do you live and do you have opportunities to implement such experiences? I'd be happy to hear from you.
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