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burning at the stake

  1. Rupert_137

    A Witch's Thoughts and Suffering

    Introduction I would like to close my 'Witches Trilogy' here with a third story. My first story here, The last Witch of Bamberg, is based on a historical victim and the documented execution of a young woman as a 'witch' in Bamberg in 1630 AD. It was deliberately written from different...
  2. Rupert_137

    The Witch and the Executioner

    Advance info, new story: ‘The Witch and the Executioner’ Last autumn, I presented my story 'The last Witch of Bamberg' at this forum, which was based as strictly as possible on historical facts and focused on real people, even if the details of the descriptions naturally came from my...
  3. Rupert_137

    The last Witch of Bamberg

    The last Witch of Bamberg We are in December 1630 AD. The 30 Years War has been raging in Germany since 1618, the small town of Bamberg is still far from war events, but that will soon change. Instead, the witch madness rages here, fueled by a fanatical prince-bishop and his witch...
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