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crown of thorns

  1. Baron Von Sade

    Crucifixion and Crown of Þorns Photpgraphy by Thomas Shillea

    Recently found a photographer named who does artistic nudes. Hidden in his portfolio is a couple dozen gorgeous shorts with crucifixion and crown of thorns (or Þorns as I like to spell it now hehe) themes. Here are some examples - with more on the way!
  2. jimsac

    The crucifixion(s) of Empress Emilia, by scorpio

    This new thread will be concerned with the unique character of Emilia (@mp5stab ). She is both executioner and victim in the coming narrative. Unlike my previous stories, my drawings will portray women not just as victims but also as willing executioners. Although there is a general storyline...
  3. jimsac

    Sketches by scorpio

    After years of contributing very little, I have decided to try out my drawing skills on our favorite topic. My emphasis is on the eroticism of the pain and humiliation of the victim. Hope you like my first attempts...
  4. holy68

    The cross road of Leila part1 (from femalesChrist)

    In the first picture Leila have just been condemned . Second pictures Leila begin her route In the third pictures Leila accepting her faith that soon she will be crucified Fourth pictures Leila struggling to stay on her feet No5 pictures Leila feel for the first time. I will post the second...
  5. Fox-on-Cross

    Restricted Vision

    Hanging on the cross, your arms beside your cheek, your thorncrown above your head, your breast convexly forwards, mean that your vision of your body is extremely limited. Even you do not see the sky given the points of your wood cover. All pictures with other movement of faces are false...
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