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  1. josé miguel tecles verdú

    LA BANDOLERA by Red Sonja

    This is my first story that I am going to write. I hope you like it. I wanted to place it shortly after the end of the Spanish War of Independence against the French, when the rogue King Ferdinand VII failed to fulfill his promises to swear the 1812 constitution, proclaim himself absolute king...
  2. Crucifyer


    Hey I was just wondering if anyone had any sexy armpit pics, maybe of a victim on the cross?
  3. Servus Venandi

    Trials of Ariana: Blood Beast of the Shale (High Fantasy Kink)

    See also: http://www.cruxforums.com/xf/threads/trials-of-ariana-the-princess-and-the-witch.7751/ ------------------------------------------------ Trials of Ariana Blood Beast of the Shale by Servus Venandi Copyright © Servus Venandi. You can re-post this work as long as you don't do any of...
  4. maicoldraw

    My "Maicoldraw" personal images.

    Hello there!... :icon_writing: Im from El Salvador. I found a very interesting page and congratulations to all who have contributed. I don't have too many related materials yet but although these images are not specifically about the "crucifixion" he decided to share them with you. Although I...
  5. Baracus

    No way to treat a Queen

    NO WAY TO TREAT A QUEEN (A story by Baracus) Part One : Introduction.... The nude,terrified woman,on the Cross screamed and cursed her captors, her whip-marked grimy breasts jiggled with every movement, as she desperately fought against the thick coarse ropes, that bound her wrists,and ankles...
  6. Douti Sana

    Monica Crucified [DS]

    Greetings! I have been admiring the work of crux artists for a long time. I never modeled anything myself. After about 13 years of lurking, today I decided to have a go at creating something. So... here goes nothing... Here's Monica on the cross. She was crucified by her boyfriend for cheating...
  7. bleumune

    Misc Arena Scenes

    Instead of the Men's magazine 3D art I've done previously, I have some partial and incomplete scenes from the arena. The first one concerns the crucifixion of the daughter of a rebel general whose attempt to seize the throne failed. The first images are of the daughter being led into the arena.
  8. Bad Boris

    Exposed unshaven underarms

    Heading back to Roman times I am assuming most women of the period would not shave their underarms. That said, does the fact crucified women would have their hairy armpits exposed to all fascinate/excite? Would it add even more to the humiliation?
  9. Bad Boris

    Ordeal on the Cross - A Fantasy

    Hope you like this work. It's been knocking around for a while now... I enter your chamber, nervous but excited. I plan to submit myself totally to you in the hope you can fulfill my ultimate desire. For so long I have dreamed – nay fantasised – about being suspended on high – to be watched...
  10. Baracus

    The Enslavement of Alison (as told by Baracus)

    PART ONE: How it all began.... This is the story of a young,pretty Newcastle businesswoman, 25 year old Alison Smith. A (former) Sales Executive employed by International Electromatix [Cybertech Division] Ltd. Who unwittingly found herself becoming a Sex-Slave to a cruel Libyan Splinter...
  11. carloscruz

    MEMBERS of the CruxForums (Male and Female) end up Crucified for Real!

    The idea is to write an open story with the following general plot: There are some very rich people ready to pay a lot of money for attending to a real crucifixion. A Group is going to organize it for them and they use our Forum for recruiting people for the crosses; I am one of the members...
  12. legatus legionis

    My first crucifixion render.

    After lurking on this forum for quite some time and messing around with 3d programs I have managed to make something by myself. Hope you like it.
  13. Yupar

    Yupar's Favorite Pics Only

    Here, let me post a collections of my favorite pics I found. I posted here for two reasons - first, I would like to share the tasteful things for your enjoyment ! Second, I dont keep storage much anymore in my peesonal keeping and I think keep here is better when I wanna glance back. I will not...
  14. RedOrc

    Caesar In Naked Crucifixion!

    "War for the Planet of the Apes" has several apes punished by being crucified, including the hero played by Andy Serkis. Who would have thought a film about a character named Caesar would feature crucifixion? They are tied to X-crosses and left to die in the snow. Caesar is also soaked in...
  15. Anonymous

    The Birds

    There's always been something about animal threats to crucified victims. Especially birds of prey. By Hammerlock
  16. ZaZ Animations

    Zaz's Mixed Bag Of Kink (3d)

    Random Stuff I keep making :p Enjoy Cheers
  17. Subhunt

    Eulalia Crucified And Fed To The Tiger

    Here is our Eulalia, crucified on an adjustable cross, and fed to the tiger. I will miss her.
  18. Subhunt

    Crux Gif And Still Pictures

    Here is the lovely [email protected] [email protected] Crucified at [email protected] Enjoy the still images.
  19. dirtyfeetslave

    Me Being Nailed To The Cross In The Nude And Humiliated About My Smelly Feet

    i have watched jesus get nailed to the cross with the two poor condemned men nailed to the cross next to him. i always saw how humiliating being held to the cross while their arms are being bound apart was so humiliating for them. especially seeing the bottoms of their barefeet they knew were...
  20. Ryan Potochnik

    Oil Paintings

    I Posted Last Week On The The Passion Of The Female Jesus Thread With These Pictures I Made In Canvas Painting Form Which I Offer To You Now Here But This Time With Frames On Them
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