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  1. ralmcg

    Nude Dancing

    Even big women look good when dancing in their birthday suits.
  2. Rufuss

    Crucifixions of Rufus

    So I am planning my first outside Crucifixion this week, hopefully. Thanks to this forum I learn a lot of information on how to make sure I have the best experience. The pole, patibulum, ropes, loincloth, is all READY. This is the place and the tree I'll be crucified on I will be stretched...
  3. Sir-Realist

    Erotic Dancing Leads To Air Dancing.

    This is also other forms of execution but I thought it would be nice here on it's own. A little fantasy story. Plot line:Goodbyekitty is an executive traveling abroad and decides to take a little walk on the wild side indulging in a fantasy she always had. She dresses up in provocative clothes...
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