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  1. specimeat

    Scanning without a scanner?

    (Please mods, move or delete if this is not the appropriate place, thank you in advance!) OK, i don't have a readily available scanner that i can use for, huh, highly questionable material. And while i'm trying to learn DAZ 3D and the like, i still love to draw by hand and i have a couple ideas...
  2. Cruxkilla

    My personal art

    Remove if not allowed. Sorry for the poor image quality, and lined paper. Enjoy
  3. S

    My Art And Animations

    Here I will share my art and animation projects. I'll regularly post drawings, sketches and share parts of 2d animations I'm working on. Hopefully when they are complete. Most of my art is crux related, with some small ventures into other things.
  4. superbutter99

    Superbutter's Drawing Gallery

    Hi guys, Since to enjoy it myself would not be fun, i would like to posts some of my female crux artworks i have done so far. I have done crux drawing since back in my School Days, and keep doing it, up till now, in my free times (when i'm not working :D) (Sorry for the repost) 1. So much...
  5. montycrusto

    Ink And Incarceration

    Special Prison - punishment cell (part 1) Female prisoners who break the rules are taken to the punishment block, to be kept chained in a tiny, bare cell, denied clothing and bedding , and fed only at the guard's discretion. There is no appeal, and a prisoner may not even be told which of the...
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