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  1. Ovid

    The Black Rose, by Beate - translated to English by Ovid

    I found a site with really weird fantasies. The stories are in German. I'll try to translate the beginnings of "The Black Rose". Please let me know if you are interested in the continuation (btw. it's getting real cruel). The Black Rose Cast and characteristics (all fantasy names) Eva 40...
  2. Fossy


    Our good CF friend and appreciator of pain, @StarbuckSlut, set a little challenge for me the other day. Having ascertained that I was familiar with the very popular UK TV series Downton Abbey (a series that, I believe, has found its way onto many national TV networks by now, including the US)...
  3. dommmu

    Execution by Fucking Machine - Would it Work?

    Last night, I had a beer (or two) too much, which resulted in a series of surreal dreams. In one of them, I walked past the parking lot of my local shopping center where I witnessed the following scene: A naked woman, tied in a similar way as Krysta Kaos in the Device Bondage scene below. Only...
  4. Yupar

    Coronation Day by Möbius’ Twisted Tales

    Hello...I couldnt contribute much in recent days not only here but also my deviantart due of my family chores and struggles in RL. To be honest , that crux or my noble sacrifice kink is still my favorite but I cant even motivate my own fantasy and reading by other stories as well. But in few...
  5. wildsouthman

    The Day to die-a 3 part story

    In any other country my crime would be petty, with a minor punishment. But my country needed capital punishment as an entertainment for the masses, and a warning to a few. Here I am, in a cell looking out onto a square. I can hear the chatter and excitement of the crowd as the daily execution...
  6. Rabbit71

    The 'Teacher'

    OK, so I've been putting off posting for many moons now and I trust that you will all forgive my stumbling first attempt at a story (or the beginnings of one). Many thanks to those who have had an input to this (they know who they are) to them I am deeply indebted not just for their help on this...
  7. John Delves Richardson

    My turn now, comrade (Crucifixion scene)

    Just wanted to try my hand at a classic crucifixion scene, for a change.
  8. Praefectus Praetorio

    Imprisonment and Execution in Modern Singapore Part III of Barb's Singapore Saga

    Having married a previously divorced woman, and now being divorced from her and single, I have come to appreciate the wisdom of Samuel Johnson and Oscar Wilde. In The Life of Samuel Johnson, 1791, the Scottish scribbler, James Boswell, quotes Johnson, on hearing that a man had remarried soon...
  9. Convictedwoman

    Women in Gibbet Cage

    A gibbet is any instrument of public execution (including guillotine, executioner's block, impalement stake, hanging gallows, or related scaffold), but gibbeting refers to the use of a gallows-type structure from which the dead or dying bodies of criminals were hung on public display to deter...
  10. R

    The Hanging of Cassie Barclay

    Part I I spotted her as she came through the Diner doors, the small, slight, built girl with long dark hair. She looked a lot like her photograph but seemed to have lost a little weight. I stood up and waved her over and then we shook hands quickly. She went to sit down but I stopped her...
  11. Daniel-RM

    body kun - body chan

    FOR ALL ARTISTS IN CRUX FORUM! Hi people. some months ago I bought these interesting figures for art reference, called figuarts body kun and body chan, they're awesome, you can give them almost any position you want. I'm posting this thread is for giving you references for you art...
  12. RedOrc

    "gunpowder" Bbc1 Naked Female Execution

    I was watching episode 1 of "Gunpowder" on Saturday and was quite surprised when the executioner said: "The law demands that you die naked", stripped the condemned woman, tied her spread-eagled and placed a board and heavy weights on her until she died! The woman in the scene is elderly which...
  13. Subhunt

    Various Virtual 3d Tortures

    I found these at "Motherless.com". Search for 'dolcette' or "dolcett". First, the "Iron Maiden"....
  14. too_late

    Village Witch Story By Too_late

    Hello everyone I have a new story for you. Actually, it is not new. It was hide on my hard drive because photos and dialogues was in diffrent places ;p And I did not have the strength to finish it.. I hope all dialogues are understandable because English is not my language. enjoy pictures...
  15. impaler49152

    Fun With Clone Girls

    The following fantasies take place in the setting I described in my story "The Clone Executions": http://www.cruxforums.com/xf/threads/the-clone-executions.6230/ Here are a couple of ideas for applications for this technology. Here you can a see two clone girls with the uploaded consciousness...
  16. impaler49152

    Stories by Impaler

    The Clone Executions Lisa was a bit nervous, but mostly excited when she entered the headquarter of the “Cybernetic Universal Machines coorporation” (or just “CUM”, as they called it). CUM was formerly known as the world’s biggest manufacturer of robots and androids. When Lisa heard the...
  17. Darkmind

    A Respectful Crux

    A while ago I read http://www.cruxforums.com/xf/threads/crucifixion-is-horribly-violent-%E2%80%93-we-must-confront-its-reality-head-on.5903/page-3#post-297560 I made a post saying that a person could be crucified without nails, blood and gore. Then this got my dark mind thinking and I came up...
  18. too_late

    Too_late Crux In Daz Studio

    Hello, I have so far spoken out in smaller topics, but inspired I decided to create a story with the end on the cross. I hope that all of you will like it, and that the signatures will be understandable (I use help of translator) Nice watch too_late
  19. John Delves Richardson

    Madbob (a.k.a Jdr) Torture Pictures Thread

    Hi, I figured it would be a good idea to post my renders - new and a few old ones, too - in a dedicated thread. This is my newest, the title is "Field surgeon". DAZ Studio, Octane render, Photoshop.
  20. impaler49152

    Short Story: The Accident

    23 year old Susan was very excited. Fucking this rich guy from Los Angeles had finally paid off. Today he agreed to invest in the escort service business that Susan was about to open. She had spent the last 7 years spreading her legs as a sex slave escort girl for filthy rich people. Now it was...
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