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  1. NTS666

    Nicole's Vlog

    Green characters appeared in front of black background. “I want to be tortured to death.” Sensual lips filled he majority of the screen, those said this short sentence. They were thin and bright red, probably freshly coated with glistening lipstick. “I’m serious. This is my fantasy. My...
  2. dommmu

    The Inquisition Game (Story)

    Abstract Ashley has messed up. She listened to the wrong friends, got busted for a felony and is now facing a long time in prison. But out of nowhere, suddenly there is hope for an early release. That is, if she plays the guinea pig in a government-funded experiment: A simulated medieval...
  3. Lord Ludwig

    How to get Ciri to talk - a fantasy GIMP adventure based on JD's art

    I've been thinking a long time about posting this. I hesitate to call my personal contribution "art", but since I am only providing some context to the pictures this, and not the story forum, is where I guess it belongs. A little background: about a year ago, a casual comment I made to a work...
  4. Servus Venandi

    Trials of Ariana: Blood Beast of the Shale (High Fantasy Kink)

    See also: http://www.cruxforums.com/xf/threads/trials-of-ariana-the-princess-and-the-witch.7751/ ------------------------------------------------ Trials of Ariana Blood Beast of the Shale by Servus Venandi Copyright © Servus Venandi. You can re-post this work as long as you don't do any of...
  5. gun3D

    Woman in Peril

    in this thread I will post some of my artwork related to this forum

    Prison Tourists

    It was an hour before closing, and we literally had to wake up the dozing old docent at the front gate to get admission to the old 19th century women’s prison. Dark, damp, and castle like, the first passage we went into led us down the stairs. We were now subterranean, with most of the...
  7. jacksjg89

    SM and Slave based Video Games

    This might be a thread for the younger generation, the older ones not understanding these kids today and their videos games. At first glance, it doesn’t seem like there are a lot of these, but then you dig deeper and find a lot of really great stuff. I’m sponsoring a number of projects on...
  8. bluejace

    Public Execution by Crucifixion (Your last wishes)

    Let us say, you are a girl. You have been convicted for a crime and your sentence is to be crucified naked publicly. Questions 1. Which place do you wanna be crucified? (Country, City, County etc.., hillside, mountain, dessert etc...) and why? 2. You will have 3 person whom you are acquainted...
  9. Wragg

    The Elixir Of T'mor

    1. Shar Divatt His Supreme Excellency Maxwell Erjan Rhodes, OverLord of T’mor, Tertius Pilus of the Galactic Council, and Chief Executive of The Quadrat Trading Company, stood on a balcony gazing at the pasturelands beneath him. Only the whiteness of his knuckles betrayed the pressure he...
  10. Madiosi


    Warning. Tash was fake and has since been banned. Melissa for Tash, my loverly Muse I wrote this little story a few days in the past in German, but only for my sick muse Tash. Good old Wragg translate her to English and I send Tash the story as Personal Message. And Tash wrote today that...
  11. impaler49152

    Gulliver's Travels

    Ever wondered what it would look like, if Gulliver would have been a sadist, who would enjoy "playing" with the helpless little Lilliput girls?
  12. crumera

    Snapshots From My Timetravels

    Tripping and spilling red wine over the toga of the local magistrate was her first offence. He had been the guest of honor, so whipping was the least she could expect. I had hoped master's anger had cooled down after he whipped her. Her wounds had closed but we both knew the marks would last her...
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