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  1. JoeyRainbow

    Welcome to Hell! (A story of punishment in a futuristic dictatorship)

    Ok, I'm new to this, so please be gentle (though honest) with your feedback. I'm a sadist, not a masochist. ;) This is a story set at some time in the future, somewhere in the West. The government is a brutal, authoritarian dictatorship. Crimes against the state, no matter how small, are met...
  2. Daniel-RM

    body kun - body chan

    FOR ALL ARTISTS IN CRUX FORUM! Hi people. some months ago I bought these interesting figures for art reference, called figuarts body kun and body chan, they're awesome, you can give them almost any position you want. I'm posting this thread is for giving you references for you art...
  3. D

    Exposure Comics

    Hello! This is dedicated to the beautiful elf girl, Connie, who inspired me to sum up all the finds I made on the comic which my current avatar was taken from. You can find the free version of the comic on exposure.keenspot.com, although there is also a paid version, I believe, but I never got...
  4. D

    L'evangile Selon Satan Bd

    Hello! Here is a small contribution to the forums. These pictures come from a comic series (Bande Dessinée) based on Patrick Graham's novel L'evangile Selon Satan. So basically, what happens on these pages is an FBI agent investigating a missing persons case gets into trouble by running into a...
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