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  1. CruciferSk

    Real medieval theater show

    Here are some real theater performances that I found on the internet. These are performances that are played in front of the audience "normally" at the castle festivities as part of the medieval program. Please add only real theater performances to this topic (if you find any) Photos, videos...
  2. sifax

    Punishment of two impure novices

    Two young and beautiful novices forced to enter a convent, fall in love with each other. They believe they are living an innocent and sweet idyll, but by loving each other they commit a horrible sin against God and the Church. To their misfortune they are discovered by bishop soldiers... and...
  3. Doragon

    The witch of Zugarramurdi

    The witch of Zugarramurdi (Inspired by the movie Akelarre 1984 – not following that story though) Zugarramurdi, 1605, in the region of Navarre. The village is small, close to the border between Spain and France. The inhabitants are mostly Basque, but the Spanish overseers rule here in the...

    Thousands of pictures by GabrieleKnight

    A large amount of old and new BDSM manipulations.
  5. poyeezed

    Victims of the Inquisition.

    Thanks for admitting me into this forum. Here are a few samples of my personal work.
  6. A

    Water torture or force feeding or pumping through tubes and funnels in films

    Not so many films contains that scenes it's very lucky to find one of them, do you know films like described in thread title? please share it with us. From my knowledge i have only few good examples: "The pack" 2010 force feeding/pumping something to female victim throat Good scene with...

    The Hell Of Inquisition

    Poor innocent women, especially the prettiest ones, are charged with witchcraft and sent to the dark prisons of the Holy Inquisition to confess their sins. Their destiny is clear: they are going to endure unbearable sufferings and, finally, confess everything. The stakes are ready……...
  8. Darkmind

    Medieval Witch Hunters Part 3 (the Bandit Girl)

    The Bandit Girl When they Awoke the next morning Beatrix and Jacob were invited to breakfast with the mayor and his wife. They sat in a large hall around a big oak table with just the four of them along with some servants waiting on them. Jacob had never known such privilege but refrained from...
  9. Darkmind

    Medieval Witch Hunters Part 2

    Lady Harrington Two days had passed since Jacob had left Beatrix. It was early in the morning and he had just finished breakfast when he heard a carriage stop at his door. He headed for his door knowing who it was going to be. He grabbed a coat then put it on as he walked to the door then...
  10. Darkmind

    Medieval Witch Hunters

    Anno 1455 Jacob was a young man of 25. He had short brown hair and had a muscular body from years of hard work. Born in a small village he grew up with his family attending church every Sunday. Upon seeing his dedication the local bishop assisted Jacobs desire to become a blacksmith. The...
  11. Rack

    The Quartering Torture

    My limbs to carried rope or other restraints, then attaching the restraints to separate movable entities and moving them in opposite directions with the technical application in both ways simultaneous to pull, this is the yale toole effect ... The hooks of the tether loops right on the vehicle...
  12. nardnob

    Auto De Fe

    On my recent Spanish holiday, at a charming little exhibition in Toledo entitled Antiguos Instrumentos de Tortura, I learned of that peculiar Iberian ritual known as 'Auto de fe', which translates to 'Act of faith'. Take a peek at the exhibition... and don't miss it if by chance you're visiting...
  13. jonesygirl

    Medieval Horrors

    Pics hosted externally. Young girl tricked into sharing a bed with a witchfinder learns the hard way..
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