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mass crucifixion

  1. lember

    Zac, the professional

    I`ve never been in politics at all. But when I heard about that revolt in University, I knew I would be involved. The poor kids thought that they could protect the autonomy of their university if they occupied it at the beginning of the semester in September. The government let them doing it...
  2. lember

    The Federation of Rome

    I`m planning to write the 2773th anniversary of existence of the eternal empire of Rome, celebrated by the reenactment of the crucifixion of the 6000 prisoners of the Spartacus rebellion along Via Appia. However the Roman Empire now a modern democratic federation, called also European Union...
  3. cire

    The female executioner for Numerus Brittonum et Exploratorum Nemanigensium

    He was forced to react, the commander of the fort at the roman border. Since a few years he had been in charge of this untit and there was not too much going on. Every once in a while maybe a brawl at the tavern in the village around the castle. Eventually the punishment of wrongdoers or slaves...
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