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original story

  1. Yennefer of Vengerberg

    The Stories by Yennefer of Vengerberg

    Death of innocent (Mx/F, Whipping, Rape, Crucifixon, Torture, noncon) This is one of my story in English (it is not my native language). I am sorry for some grammar errors. I will accept all help for improving my writer skills and also my English. ----------------------- Maia had a hard life...
  2. windar

    The Fate of the Gotham Goth Girl, or Stan Goldman's First Case

    “Barb, you’ve gone BATS!” Stan exclaimed as he watched his former detective partner and now life partner pacing back and forth across their living room. She stopped. “Burned at the stake?” she asked, looking shocked. “Heaven forbid, Moore! You know I like my steaks medium rare.” She glared at...
  3. Praefectus Praetorio

    Trailer Park Trash Trixie's Turkish Torment

    Since I concluded Singapore III (https://www.cruxforums.com/xf/threads/imprisonment-and-execution-in-modern-singapore-part-iii-of-barbs-singapore-saga.8106/), I have faced enormous (one or two people) popular demand to tell the story of red-haired Trixie's exciting adventure in Turkey. I must...
  4. Loinclothslave

    The Genies Great Gift to the Slave Brothers

    I never know whether to post here in fantasy or bdsm? I usually choose bdsm so see how this goes here for a change? I have a few kinky friends I’ve met online who play erotic role play. In this case I wrote a series entirely on my own, so felt no guilt in sharing a more polished version here. I...
  5. ker lee

    Request work sent by Ker Lee (Anime style Torture/execution)

    In these few months, I and my friend spent a ton of money on Skeb and Pixiv, for requesting some brilliant art work from a number of greatest artist , which they are circling on the main theme on three theme, "The Erotic execution of Jeanne d'Arc", "The crucifiction of Boudica", "Chaldea defeat...
  6. Loinclothslave

    Slavery and crucifixion in Asyemrabia - inspired by 3 models by Marcus

    (With thanks to Marcus’ fabulous 3 Models graphic novel for inspiration) The nation of Asyemrabia has become more prominent in recent months. First raising the media’s ire with the legalization of chattel slavery, several months ago. It has recently caused extra controversy by...
  7. Loinclothslave

    slave Torture by Contract

    slave torture by contract My consensual BDSM Mistress had shared me for a kink night which she was unable to attend. It had been a fun night full of familiar faces with some mixed play. As usual I volunteered and after several match ups, I came across a master I didn’t know. As he flogged me, we...
  8. Loinclothslave

    The renovation and the Succubus

    The renovation and the Succubus With thanks to Succubusgarima for setting up the scenario.... On a pleasant day I was out for a walk on a very nice morning, enjoying exploring without a care in the world. Soon I would return home to my wife for a delicious breakfast.. I went along a familiar...
  9. Praefectus Praetorio

    The Fate of a Goth Girl

    I started this in my "Shorter Subjects" thread, but it has grown to a full-length story. Therefore, I shall paste the story to date here and continue here.
  10. Loinclothslave

    Mistress’s Surprise

    I’ve posted a less developed version of this in reply to a story thread, but I’ve added some more depth to it and want to write more. Apologies to those who’ve already read this, but I promise some juicy sequences to follow. Also expanded the middle of it a bit. Lmk what you think of it...
  11. Loinclothslave

    Forever Slavery a story of torture, death and love

    I would like to acknowledge Michael Lanes help in inspiring this fragment. We were just having fun on a random thread, a few back and forth, his character crucified mine. However it then lead to inspiring this. Michael was instrumental in the back story and inspiring me to create this. Hope you...
  12. Loinclothslave

    A Whip-Slave’s special day

    Our mistress keeps us shackled. Full manacles and fetters shackled together, allowing us to stand with our hands at our waist.. We all wear our slave collars welded around our neck with a short leash chain attached. Of course slaves are not permitted to stand in the presence of our Mistress and...
  13. malins

    Out to the suffering-grounds.

    (the experience of a condemned slave on her journey from the cell to the fields of pain, on a day when the dungeons are cleared of delinquents and a mass crucifixion is held. Some of you will know this part from an event that happened elsewhere. It goes with a pic for the occasion.) (1) The...
  14. mp5stab

    The Forgotten Queen

    Despair was in the air. After failing to defeat the evil armies that have invaded the land the remaining force as well all of the peasants they could find had to flee into his citadel that was then besieged by the hordes. Standing on the ramparts, the young and fair queen grew troubled. A great...
  15. malins

    Girl without a sword

    Oh. I truly did not know this was the Sacred Blade of the Forefathers. Yes of course I shall return it to its rightful custodian. Here it is. Take it. I regret my sacrilege. What will be ... my punishment?
  16. Praefectus Praetorio

    Imprisonment and Execution in Modern Singapore Part III of Barb's Singapore Saga

    Having married a previously divorced woman, and now being divorced from her and single, I have come to appreciate the wisdom of Samuel Johnson and Oscar Wilde. In The Life of Samuel Johnson, 1791, the Scottish scribbler, James Boswell, quotes Johnson, on hearing that a man had remarried soon...
  17. montycrusto

    Strip-searched. A BDSM illustrated story by montycrusto

    Part one. Quite what had possessed Gemma to take part in the protest march, she could no longer really remember - her friend Natalie had talked her into it, probably; she was always talking Gemma into things. The police in heavy riot gear had headed them off and split the march into two...
  18. bobinder


    (Image hosted on external site) Episode 1 coming on Monday 26 February A note from Barbarinder Studios' co-producer, Bobinder Welcome to the premiere of 'Barbarossanova'! The initial discussions between Barb and myself about this story can be found towards the end of her story thread...
  19. malins


    «Noemi» They marched in lockstep as the deep pulsing throb of great drums was thrown back from the walls of the ancient caldera. Carrying their load down the rocky path that zigzagged down to the center of the extinct crater. There, the ceremony would find its completion. A ceremony none...
  20. Madiosi


    Warning. Tash was fake and has since been banned. Melissa for Tash, my loverly Muse I wrote this little story a few days in the past in German, but only for my sick muse Tash. Good old Wragg translate her to English and I send Tash the story as Personal Message. And Tash wrote today that...
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