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  1. Doragon

    Walk the line

    This thread is about pussies and ropes, more specifically the so-called "rope walk". My favorite is Serena Blair (Hogtied)
  2. Barbaria1

    Against All Odds: A Gilded Age Romance

    America’s “Gilded Age” … a time of rapid economic growth … railroads, steel and grain, great captains of trade and heavy industry … fortunes made and lost in the marketplace … the rise of great Metropoli … the first skyscrapers … changing fashions, leisures and mores … materialist success...
  3. Dafmads

    Automation and Robotisation in torture

    The world is turning on and changes habits we are used to. Digitalization and robotisation are keywords of technical developments, we meet nearly everywhere in our daily life. Let’s have a look at the ways, these trends could change punishment and torture in the near future. Imagine, how...
  4. KelvinB

    List of Translated JCP Stories

    https://www.cruxforums.com/xf/threads/girls-judicial-flogging.8487/ https://www.cruxforums.com/xf/threads/prison-whip-of-hell.8347/ https://www.cruxforums.com/xf/threads/judicial-flogging-in-south-korea.8336/...
  5. Doragon

    Further ordeals of Alisa Foxen

    Further ordeals of Alisa Foxen About a journalist who escaped execution by Islamic State, only to discover her troubles are far from over. A continuation of the ordeals of Alisa Foxen By: Doragon (2021) Disclaimer: All characters and events in this story are entirely fictional. The following...
  6. lember


    Prologue I left the office in a very confident mood. We made the project company that would apply for the tender, and what was more important: the "mr. Jonhson" was also found in the government who seemed to be discrete, reliable and willing to help. My wife waited me with the dinner at home...
  7. K

    A question courtesy of some slightly foolish teachers.

    So those of you who follow the Odds and Ends thread may have already seen this https://edition.cnn.com/2021/02/04/us/wisconsin-racially-insensitive-lesson-slavery-trnd/index.html TLDR - some Wisconsin middle school history teachers figured that since the topic was Ancient Mesopotamia...
  8. lember

    Zac, the professional

    I`ve never been in politics at all. But when I heard about that revolt in University, I knew I would be involved. The poor kids thought that they could protect the autonomy of their university if they occupied it at the beginning of the semester in September. The government let them doing it...
  9. K

    The Disciplinary (Slave Breaker)

    An idea I thought of a while back for my modern AU concept, forgot and have now renembered - it may be useable in other settings too though. Not everyone can cook (or has a slave to), so we have resteraunts and takeaways. Not everyone can maintain their own appearance (or has a slave to), so we...
  10. dfg42

    The perils of Yvonne

    Here again a story which is for my psychological Hygiene alone, also here the start is completely untrue and the story jumps then over the edge. The persons in this play are completely not invented and behave exactly as described. After the catastrophe of the greek army in troya 1000 BC, which...
  11. lember

    Walls of Dresden

    Frances I am, which weighs me down, born in Paris near Pontoise town, and with a stretch of rope my arms learn for once the weight of my arse (For intro thanks to Francis)
  12. Abstarr

    My Illustrations

    I hope this is the right place to upload art and is within the rules of the site . I want to contribute and not just browse This not Crucifixion based but hope more in that vein. This is called Punishment On The Plains ,
  13. Baracus


    THE CONTRACT..... ( A Slave's life.....by Baracus) Part One : " KNEEL....!!" demanded,the newly-bought slavegirl's owner,who went by the nom-de plume,of "Mr John Smith" as he coldly regarded the pretty young brunette,who now knelt,her hands clasped behind her, shyly,(yet afraid),before...
  14. too_late

    Too_late Crux In Daz Studio

    Hello, I have so far spoken out in smaller topics, but inspired I decided to create a story with the end on the cross. I hope that all of you will like it, and that the signatures will be understandable (I use help of translator) Nice watch too_late
  15. montycrusto

    Ink And Incarceration

    Special Prison - punishment cell (part 1) Female prisoners who break the rules are taken to the punishment block, to be kept chained in a tiny, bare cell, denied clothing and bedding , and fed only at the guard's discretion. There is no appeal, and a prisoner may not even be told which of the...
  16. Joker14

    Harsh Punishment

    Cypher pulled himself wearily up onto his horse, it had been 5 days since the battle of Travaar and despite the soldiers luck in coming through it unscathed he was ready to be back in his own lands. Alas he was still miles away and would have to settle for an inn. The lands here were brutal and...
  17. Johari Hasan

    Unproper Hijab

    Unproper hijab by muslim. Must be punished our way!
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