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  1. Jennica2

    Robby's Big Challenge

    Robert Covington III, is a very privileged young man. His entire life, he's been afforded all his heart desires. He even has his own butler, Jeeves, who is the most loyal, trusted servant a young man could ever want. And Robby wants his own "Amusement Park." If you knew "Master Robby" as...
  2. Jennica2

    Lexi's Last Day

    Mr Laird leans back in his chair. He's a tenured professor of history at the F.I.S.T. Academy. An extremely strict school for 18-year olds. "I have graded your last exam. And I have to say, one of you turned in the most embarrassing attempt I've ever seen. Just a complete disgrace."...
  3. Jennica2

    The Sensational Six - On a Mission

    The Sensational Six are on a mission. Follow the comic to discover what they seek, and to join in all the action and adventure along the way.
  4. dommmu

    Tulip and Orchid

    Abstract She wanted to do something good. She wanted to help. But Anouk's latest errand for the aid organization she is volunteering for goes terribly wrong. Suspected of being a spy, she becomes the prisoner of a foreign dictatorship. In custody, she will undergo merciless interrogations and...
  5. tygavin


    I wrote this story last weekend. It has seven parts. I thought I would post one every other day while I commiserate with Jace and Liz. This is set in modern times in an alternate world where a new Roman Empire is at war with the rest of Europe. It is the story of General Alina, a warrior woman...
  6. Doragon

    A Roman Love Story

    I have started writing a new story, this time set in the Roman Empire, and it's going to be a love story with a crucifixion at the end of it. In other words, a tragedy. I got inspired when I came across the following piece of art, made by the French painter Louis Joseph Raphael Collin (1850 -...
  7. CruxGirl

    Sizzling Sluts: A Dolcett Restaurant

    Sizzling Sluts: A Dolcett Restaurant 1. “That’s the place, over there”, said Mr Larsen, shielding his eyes from the hot November sun as he pointed across the street towards a restaurant with an impressive glass facade. “Sizzling Sluts?” said Mrs Larsen with a note of disappointment. “But...
  8. dommmu

    A Tradition to Keep

    Abstract All that Abby wants is to be home with her family on Christmas Eve, but her flight got cancelled and now she is stranded at the airport. As a last resort, she joins three strangers in a rental car. But their road trip quickly takes an unexpected turn and Abby finds herself to be the...
  9. B

    It's the spooky season, so I was inspired to make this based on images found at Pixiv.

    I don't think this is very good in all honesty. It does not seem echo-y enough? I wanted to add sound to it that would make it sound like a hundred or more zombies were craving their flesh, but it does not sound quite like I wanted it to. I also wanted to add some music to it that was dark...
  10. Doragon

    The witch of Zugarramurdi

    The witch of Zugarramurdi (Inspired by the movie Akelarre 1984 – not following that story though) Zugarramurdi, 1605, in the region of Navarre. The village is small, close to the border between Spain and France. The inhabitants are mostly Basque, but the Spanish overseers rule here in the...
  11. Fossy

    The Wall

    @Barabbas @Barbaria1 @Beate @bkcharmer @bobinder @crumera @cruxlover @ctcua @ERIN the Brave @Eulalia @Eva Inanna @Gibbs505 @Heineudo @Jackie1111 @jacksjg89 @Jon Smithie @Kathy @Kuba @Madiosi @Marcella @messaline @MJMcHugh @montycrusto @nicole @old slave @Peony @phlebas @Puritan @Quiet Paul...
  12. Fossy

    Sexpionage II

    Welcome to Sexpionage II. The first Sexpionage thread, in which all stories previous to 'Abducted' can be found, is here ... https://www.cruxforums.com/xf/threads/sexpionage.8609/post-579092 Sexpionage has a new shorter format, and so all chapters now will be 1,000 words or less, which will...
  13. Rupert_137

    A Witch's Thoughts and Suffering

    Introduction I would like to close my 'Witches Trilogy' here with a third story. My first story here, The last Witch of Bamberg, is based on a historical victim and the documented execution of a young woman as a 'witch' in Bamberg in 1630 AD. It was deliberately written from different...
  14. Doragon

    Further ordeals of Alisa Foxen

    Further ordeals of Alisa Foxen About a journalist who escaped execution by Islamic State, only to discover her troubles are far from over. A continuation of the ordeals of Alisa Foxen By: Doragon (2021) Disclaimer: All characters and events in this story are entirely fictional. The following...
  15. Praefectus Praetorio

    Trailer Park Trash Trixie's Turkish Torment

    Since I concluded Singapore III (https://www.cruxforums.com/xf/threads/imprisonment-and-execution-in-modern-singapore-part-iii-of-barbs-singapore-saga.8106/), I have faced enormous (one or two people) popular demand to tell the story of red-haired Trixie's exciting adventure in Turkey. I must...
  16. Rupert_137

    The Witch and the Executioner

    Advance info, new story: ‘The Witch and the Executioner’ Last autumn, I presented my story 'The last Witch of Bamberg' at this forum, which was based as strictly as possible on historical facts and focused on real people, even if the details of the descriptions naturally came from my...
  17. Doragon

    The ordeals of Alisa Foxen

    Bear with me, this is a long story and crucifixion won't happen until chapter 11. The story contains a lot of other torture elements, some really bizarre and unrealistic, but hopefully fun for those who are into such things. Although there are three victims, two men and one woman, the story...
  18. Rupert_137

    The Priestess

    A slightly different passion story... A compilation of early series of pictures by Quoom, underlaid with short own texts that connect these series to a small overall story. Note: Quoom's pictures are intense, brutal and sometimes quite cruel... The fate of the defeated high priestess...
  19. dfg42

    The bachelor party

    You probably wonder why a bachelor party, will be on the crucifixion forum. Guess you never were at one and you didn't follow my comments on crucified males. That is now your fault, fellows, you know: "Those who do not want to listen, will have to feel!" So you now better listen up to the tale...
  20. Praefectus Praetorio

    The Fate of a Goth Girl

    I started this in my "Shorter Subjects" thread, but it has grown to a full-length story. Therefore, I shall paste the story to date here and continue here.
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