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  1. Rufuss

    Crucifixions of Rufus

    So I am planning my first outside Crucifixion this week, hopefully. Thanks to this forum I learn a lot of information on how to make sure I have the best experience. The pole, patibulum, ropes, loincloth, is all READY. This is the place and the tree I'll be crucified on I will be stretched...
  2. Fox-on-Cross

    The 20th, 40th And More

    20 Hands and feet tied, you begin to hang, seeks your support, try to dance and do not think. It is the most delicious moment in man's life: to be bounded, helpless and to undergo shameful nudity. You wait and try to endeavor your equilibration. 40 You hang already 20 minutes, the pain in the...
  3. Fox-on-Cross

    Ilness Was No Impediment

    When I was ill, ten years ago, even then I did my selfcrucifixion-play at home. But carefully, my left hand was bandaged. The spirit to perform my neediness was too great to neglect. But this year 2016 I executed my humiliate selfcondemnation only... five times, in contrast to 2015 with more...
  4. Fox-on-Cross

    Crux As Superstition

    When a most important case occurs, I will before, a day, crucify myself for sacrifice. 20-40 minutes are enough. To learn myself that I am a victim, a small person and powerless. No one can convict me, I am already victim. Later, when others talk, I think to be humiliated as ever, for ever...
  5. Fox-on-Cross

    Itchings For Ever Exist

    Itchings exist: When I see a girl in mini-dress, I purchased my favorite porterhouse steak, expecting my favorite radio programs, paint the walls white, drink a beer with cigar, See the nice maintained park, hear at night the mysterious owl, make the decision now or never, expect already in my...
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