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  1. Illara

    Gods’ Edicts Part VII - A Slave is Crucified

    Note: This is a fantasy nothing more…
  2. stretchedgirl

    Letters between Me and my Torturer

    Hi All, by way of introduction, I am a 23yr female and I am a commited summissive and a hopeless masochist. I have had a deep need to express my innermost feelings since childhood but it's only here in CF that I have at last been able to do so. I have discovered several soulmates here and...
  3. JoeyRainbow

    Poll: Do you masturbate while on CruxForums?

    I know this has been discussed on here before, but I thought I'd run an actual poll on the subject. You can select multiple answers, and please feel free to elaborate below.
  4. RedOrc

    RedOrc's Writings

    I have decided to try my hand at writing erotica. I am putting the stories in the Fantasy Forum, as many will go in fantastical directions. Don't worry, there will be plenty of naked girls, forced sex and crucifixions!
  5. Illara

    Gods' Edicts Part IV - The Crucifixion of the Duchesses

    The Crucifixion of the Duchesses Note: This story is a fantasy. Nothing more. Prologue King Titus VI is dead. He perished of natural causes a mere three weeks after becoming betrothed to Queen Lucie of Avondaläe. She was a beauty of unmatched quality from the nearby nation; a short, slim...
  6. Illara

    Gods' Edicts Part III - The Crucifixion of High Priestess Vera

    The Execution of High Priestess Vera Note: This story is a fantasy. Nothing more. Chapter 1 – The Discovery King Titus was in his pleasure chambers, being sexually serviced by a number of slave girls. A pair worked his massive cock with their mouths, another pair were on either side of...
  7. Barbaria1

    Against All Odds: A Gilded Age Romance

    America’s “Gilded Age” … a time of rapid economic growth … railroads, steel and grain, great captains of trade and heavy industry … fortunes made and lost in the marketplace … the rise of great Metropoli … the first skyscrapers … changing fashions, leisures and mores … materialist success...
  8. Illara

    Gods' Edicts Part II - The Princesses are Crucified

    Note: Gods' Edicts Part I was posted simply as The Crucifixion of Illara Note: This story is a fantasy. Nothing more. Chapter 1 – Schemes for Succession High Priestess Vera was a lovely woman to look upon. Long, flowing black hair framing a beautiful face and green eyes. Her skin was lovely...
  9. Servus Venandi

    SV's Bondage, Slavery, Sex, and Miscellaneous Kink Thread

    I do many one-offs that don't revolve around specific stories or crucifixion. As with my other thread of pseudo-randomness... http://www.cruxforums.com/xf/threads/svs-occasional-crucifixion-thread.7871/ ...some of these are several years old and perhaps not up to modern standards. For...
  10. cire

    The female executioner for Numerus Brittonum et Exploratorum Nemanigensium

    He was forced to react, the commander of the fort at the roman border. Since a few years he had been in charge of this untit and there was not too much going on. Every once in a while maybe a brawl at the tavern in the village around the castle. Eventually the punishment of wrongdoers or slaves...
  11. impaler49152

    Stories by Impaler

    The Clone Executions Lisa was a bit nervous, but mostly excited when she entered the headquarter of the “Cybernetic Universal Machines coorporation” (or just “CUM”, as they called it). CUM was formerly known as the world’s biggest manufacturer of robots and androids. When Lisa heard the...
  12. cire

    In The Aftermath Of The Crucifiction

    Being into the "roman" crucifiction, to me it's of interest, what may has happened at an execution site, when the main spectacle was over. When the crowd had lost it's interest, and the death of the condemned was still many hours away. There is this little Story, when these 2 criminals Andrea...
  13. impaler49152

    The Pardon Plea

    That awkward moment, when you're standing with pulled down panties in front of the execution officers, waiting to deliver your pardon plea... You have 5 minutes to convince them to consider granting you a pardon that would save you from your painful and humiliating execution on the cross with a...
  14. Fox-on-Cross

    Crux Is Nøt Sex

    Once a time... a member wrote to have been crucified in his club, other onlookers palpated his genitals. I disliked this, this is not the real experience I intensively desire, but scatter-brained and imbecile activity. Crux is your most intimate reflexion into yourself: your whole body with...
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