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  1. Yupar

    Saw Yupar of Pagan

    Saw Yupar of Pagan According to the Chronicles, the Buddhism that was reintroduced by Asoka's mission flourished not only at Thaton and Prome, but also in the new kingdom of Pagan, until the reign of King Thaik Taing (A.D. 514 - 521), when it started to decay. The reasons given by the...
  2. holy68

    New video with Clara on Vimeo.

    You can view our latest production with Clara as a Roman slave punished by her master. Just go to : vimeo.com/womenonthecross/vod_pages I hope you will like it.
  3. Baracus


    ENSLAVED......(A Slave's life) A new story,by BARACUS. Episode I : "STRIP....NOW !!" Barked the impatient,Roman guard,at the group of grimy, confused frightened young women,of various Ethnic backgrounds,who'd had the misfortune to become spoils of conquest,Roman war bounty,all of which now...
  4. Baracus

    No way to treat a Queen

    NO WAY TO TREAT A QUEEN (A story by Baracus) Part One : Introduction.... The nude,terrified woman,on the Cross screamed and cursed her captors, her whip-marked grimy breasts jiggled with every movement, as she desperately fought against the thick coarse ropes, that bound her wrists,and ankles...
  5. Rufuss

    Crucifixions of Rufus

    So I am planning my first outside Crucifixion this week, hopefully. Thanks to this forum I learn a lot of information on how to make sure I have the best experience. The pole, patibulum, ropes, loincloth, is all READY. This is the place and the tree I'll be crucified on I will be stretched...
  6. Yupar

    Yupar's Favorite Pics Only

    Here, let me post a collections of my favorite pics I found. I posted here for two reasons - first, I would like to share the tasteful things for your enjoyment ! Second, I dont keep storage much anymore in my peesonal keeping and I think keep here is better when I wanna glance back. I will not...
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