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A 1954 African crucifixion

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Dear Friends,

Here you have another of my stories.

This one is somehow different from my others. I started it in the 90´s and never completed it.

Among other things it´s very inaccurate in geography. It has been a long time since I visited the country for the last time. So, let´s consider it an imaginary land. Same about the Harares, obviously.

It involves a lesbian couple. Obviously, that it’s something I can´t describe by my own experience. You will have to be benevolent again with me.

And yes, somebody will spend some time on a cross.

Remember that English it is not my first language, so please, point to me the errors and mistakes in the text.

As always, I would appreciate very much your opinions and I hope somebody would enjoy the story.

Liz kept wondering what was going to happen, maybe she was getting too worried and everything would turn out as usual and it will be just an unremarkable visit to her friend Karen. Would that be disappointing?

She wasn´t sure about what she wanted.

It was spring 1956. She was flying her Cessna 310 twin engine aircraft. The first to be delivered in her country. She was cruising on a heading of 020 degrees, maintaining 6500 feet.

She loved flying and got her Private Pilot license and Instruments Rating at the same time than her driving license.

She was born a very rich woman and when her father died ten years ago, she proved she was a very good business woman too.

She was now 43 and practically retired, her company managed by a very efficient board.

The plane officially belonged to the company for tax purposes, but she was almost the only one who flew it.

Liz, with her dark green eyes, her black hair and her voluptuous and elegant figure, was also a very attractive woman.

She had taken off from Eros airfield, at Windhoek, two hours ago. It wasn´t the first time she had flown to Goomera, her friend´s remote estate. But it was the first time she was alone. At she was feeling a mixture of anxiety and excitement.

Karen was a very special friend. They had known each other since boarding school, becoming close immediately.

And although Liz had never been attracted by women, during their last year, she and Karen felt for each other something much stronger than friendship and had declared themselves in love.

The affair had lasted only the last month before graduation, their bedrooms were in different buildings and this had made unfeasible to consummate their passion.

Their relationship had been limited to passionate words, kisses on the mouth and quick caresses of panties sticking their hands under schoolgirl's skirts. They had never had the opportunity to make love and had never even masturbated together.

On only one occasion, after long planning, they had agreed not to wear panties that day and to meet in the garden at the first opportunity.

Excited and afraid they might be surprised at any moment, they had hidden behind a hedge and stood facing each other. At a Karen's “Now”, they both pulled their skirts up above their waists. As senior ladies, they were allowed to wear stockings, hold by garters at mid-thigh, instead of uniform socks.

Liz would never forget the sight of Karen in front of her, with her skirt pulled up. Exposing for her friend her beautiful legs covered by the green stockings. Above them the roundness of her hips. And in the center of it all, in the center of the world, a soft blonde bush that hinted the slit of her beautiful pussy.

It was fabulous at the same time, to be feeling the breeze in her own black pubic hair and naked ass. Naked from the waist down totally offered to Karen!

What a pleasure to be seen by her beloved friend! By Karen's expression, she realized that Karen was very pleased with her own display for her.

They also turned alternatively around to let the other see their bums. Both young, lovely and pear-shaped.

It only lasted a few minutes. Soon, they heard someone approaching, they dropped their skirts in a hurry and parted red with shame. Liz was sure that no matter how much time passed she would never forget that vision and was still excited by the memory. In fact, she had masturbated many times with that cherished memory during the following years.

They had separated at the end of the school, but had maintained the contact and their friendship.

Neither ever married or had children, but both had several long relationships and during the last almost twenty years, they had seen each other many times and always, at least one of them had had a male partner at the time.

Neither of them had ever made explicit mention of what had happened at the school. However, Liz was sure that the relationship had never completely ended. The memory and the secret had remained between the two of them.

Today, for the first time, they were going to meet without men. Both single.

Would that change anything? Would the old relationship come back to the surface now, Liz wondered?

The truth is that she didn't want to consider herself a lesbian, but the memory of Karen had never been erased and she had fantasized many times about the possibility of consummating what she had started so innocently in the boarding school.

Checking the chart Liz decided it was time to start her descent, so she pushed forward the pitch and mixture levers while easing back the throttles.

Soon she was over her friend´s lands and after some more minutes of flying, sighted the big house and the group of buildings surrounding it. The lands around were extensive and very productive.

Liz made a low pass in order to check the wind sock and the state of the runway and as she was easing back the control yoke, climbing and turning back for the final approach, Karen´s voice came from the radio.

-Welcome Liz! You are cleared to land Love!

She had tuned the area´s Unicom frequency on the VHF, but didn´t expect the estate to have a radio. Obviously, Karen had got one since her last visit.

And she had said “Love”. It was just a coincidence or had a meaning?

Liz turned her attention back to the task of landing the Cessna.

She touched down smoothly on the small dirt runway, taxied out and cut the Continental engines.

As she walked away from the plane, Liz saw Karen coming to meet her.

She was wearing very tight riding pants, boots, a wide leather belt and a dark silk blouse.

Karen looked better than ever; Liz reflected.

She was a very beautiful woman. Blonde, blue-eyed, tall, with wide hips and large breasts.

She looked really splendid in those clothes and Liz felt again attracted to her.

They approached and Karen smiling and without saying a word enlaced Liz´s waist placing her hand lightly on her buttocks.

Drawing her close, slowly, until their bodies touched. The gesture could not be more explicit and Liz looked somewhat embarrassed at the black workers and some maids who were watching the encounter. Karen's eyes did not leave hers for a moment. However, in them, Liz red a mixture of joy, hope and some fear of rejection.

Liz felt relief. It looked like Karen had harbored similar hopes regarding this rendezvous.

It was very strange to see Karen insecure and very nice to feel desired.

It was better that way, everything was clear from the first moment, though Liz. So, after a long instant, she completed the hug, grabbed her friend's ass and kissed her on her mouth. Karen, also relieved, passionately kissed her back and finally exclaimed,

-Welcome, my darling! I was so looking forward to your arrival!

Liz felt enchanted by the heat of Karen tits, without a bra crushing against hers and felt a little light headed.

Karen turned around and still holding each other by their waists, walked towards the buildings.

The estate was big and rich. The main residence had a single floor in the shape of an "L", it was big white and a very pretty house. It was surrounded by the garden, the swimming pool, stables and various farm buildings. The workers occupied a group of houses near a small forest located about three hundred meters away.

Karen was very fond of the estate and, despite its isolation, use to stay most of the year there. However, it was not the most important part of her fortune. The truth was that she was also a very rich woman.

-Come, I want you to choose your room! – Karen said leading her to the house.

First, she showed her a nice, cheerful guest bedroom and then took her across a door to his private wing. They went through a private living room and came to a large bedroom. Glass doors led to a terrace full of flowers and next to the pool. It was presided over by a very large bed.

- This is my room...if you want...well I wouldn't mind sharing it with you...I'd really love for you to stay here with me...And we'd have a bathroom each...- said Karen pointing to two opposite doors, one on each side of the bed.

She was quite flushed; she was babbling a little and it was hard for her to look at Liz.

-I would love to stay here with you, if you really don´t mind. -Liz answered.

Karen's face lit up with a wide smile.

- Oh, I'm so happy Liz!

-First of all, sit down for a moment, I want to tell you something. You see, I don't really know how to start...You know I like men a lot...And I've never really made love to a woman...

... I have never considered myself a lesbian. But since we were together at the school ... I've always wanted to do it with you ... I've never forgotten that day between the hedges ... you probably don´t even remember, but I think I've been in love with you ever since ... You know me, I'm very self-confident, I've never had a problem with men, but now, here with you ... I'm very nervous ...

-Don't worry Karen- Liz said- I didn't really know what I wanted when I came here. I was wishing for something like this perhaps…

But now I know that I feel the same as you. I have never been with a woman either and I have neither forgot that day. I think I'm in love too. Maybe that's why none of our relationships had never worked out in the end. When you kissed me, I realized that it´s is you what I really wanted. I have always been in love with you. I have never felt for anyone what I feel for you! Now I am sure I want to be yours!

All these years and neither of us saying anything!

- Yes, incredible! But we did today at last and It is wonderful! I didn't dare to hope for so much and so quick!... Would you like to make love ... now?

- Yes, I'm ready! I want you!

- Great! You will see this was very important for me and I wanted it to be perfect. I wanted to wear something special for you if the occasion arose. ... something that you liked.

- And what did you think of? – Liz smiled mischievously.

- Well, I had thought about wearing stockings, a garter belt and a ribbon around my neck. All in white ... in a way I'm a virgin in this, somehow it´s a kind of wedding night. What do you think? I hope you don't think it's too whorish!

-It sounds a little whorish perhaps, yes. - Liz laughed- but I love it, and it will add some extra lust ... if that is possible. Sounds good to me, show me.

Karen got up and took a see-through white negligee, stockings, and a lace and silk garter belt from a dresser.

- Is beautiful! You will look smashing! Won't you have another one for me?

- Of course! I had thought that we could both wear the same.

- All right, give it to me and we may ger dressed…or undressed really.

Karen handed her an outfit just like hers and matching high-heeled shoes.

-But they are from my number! You had it all figured out – Liz laughed.

- Well, I had my hopes. You have in that dresser a lot of underwear and accessories of your size, from the most virginal to the kinkiest That door leads to your bathroom. The maid should have set by now your toiletries in it.

- Ok, I'm going to get ready.

-Perfect! Do not rush. If we've waited that long, we can wait another hour, don't you think? See you in an hour?

- Perfect I'll be on time... I love you Karen.

- And I love you Liz! I am so happy and excited!

Both women went giggling into their own bathroom to shower and get ready.

Exactly one hour later they were both at the door of their respective bathrooms, facing each other and dressed alike, as they had agreed. Transparent negligees, silk stockings, lace garter belt, high heels and a bow around their necks. All in white.

They looked at each other for a while without speaking, just smiling. Then Liz took off her robe and asked.

-What do you think of me? Do I look pretty? Karen took off hers too.

-You look wonderful. Your pussy is so much prettier than I remember. And me? How do I look?

Not knowing what to expect, Liz had shaved her pussy in an impulse.

-You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I don't know whether to look, at your breasts, your face, your pussy or your legs. And also, I don't know if it's better to look at you or to know that you look at me

- I do! Feeling like an object of desire is very exciting. But there is something else... I think I am more excited about knowing that you will enjoy me, than knowing that I will enjoy you. I want you to use me more than I want to use you. I don't know if you can explain it to you.

- Yes, what you want to say is that you want to give more than to receive. -Karen said.

- Yes...I think that summarizes it...

- I understand you and it's the same for me...that means it is love!

-So, let's make love, there's no other way out of this!

-Yes, but what if we dance a little bit first? -Karen asked.

- Good idea!

They went back to Karen´s living room and she switched on the sound equipment and the sound of "Nights in White Satin" by the Moody Blues filled the space.

The got into each other´s arms and started to move with the soft music.

At first, they were shy, but after a few they got closer and danced in a tight embrace.

Karen slid her hands over the perfection of Liz's buttocks and felt her sex against her own thigh, while rubbing her leg against her friend's with every step of the dance.

- Feeling your boobs crushed against mine is going to drive me crazy. - Liz whispered in Karen´s ear. – I can´t wait any longer!

Soon after, they were lying on Liz's bed.

They franticly let their instincts take over and soon their eagerness and inexperience led them to a quick and explosive orgasm as they rubbed sex against sex with hunger while kissing passionately.

They looked at each other in wonder.

-Wow! That was something! – laughed Karen.

-Yes. You can say that! It was about time!

More relaxed now they devoted the next hours to explore each other’s bodies with lips and finger tips.

-I had never felt so good. I've never been this good. Is it because I really like women, or is it because it's been with you? - Karen asked when at last they felt totally spent and satisfied.

-I don't think it's has to do with if I'm a man or a woman. -said Liz dreamily. - I don't think I have ever given myself so totally to anyone. What I liked most was giving you pleasure. I loved that you used me to please yourself. I wasn´t thinking about my own pleasure.

-I felt the same and that’s why it has been unique and wonderful – answered Karen. - I never thought I could orgasm so many times in such a short period!

-Neither did I! – answered Liz dreamily.

And within two minutes they were asleep in each other's arms.


The next morning, they woke up still hugging each other and made tender love again without a single word.

After a shared shower they had breakfast in the terrace and Karen proposed to sunbathe in the swimming pool to which Liz agreed.

-By the way, we don´t use bathing suits here at Goomera - commented Karen off handily.

-Really? So, everybody can watch us on the nude?

-Well, there are not many men around the house. But yes, I guess they enjoy a little looking at me.

-I will try to get use to the local habits Darling. - Said Liz wryly. And soon they were both lying by the swimming pool with nothing on.

After a while, Liz lifted her head from her towel and saw a well-dressed and very attractive black gentleman approaching the house.

-Karen, who is that Adonis?

Karen looked up and smiled.

-That is Tangui. I have told you about him one thousand times, silly! Tangui, we are by the pool! Come and have a swim with us! - She continued, now raising her voice.

The man looked in their direction, smiled and went into the house.

A few minutes later he emerged from the French doors and joined them by the pool.

Like the ladies, he was stark naked, He looked quite fit and also well endowed.

-Wow! What a man! And he is stark naked! - whispered Liz.

-Of course, he is naked! I told you we don’t use bathing suits here in Goomera. Besides, Tangui and me have been bathing naked together since we were babies. I will tell you more later. Now let me introduce him to you!

Both ladies stood up and as he came to join them.

He openly surveyed both their bodies in an admirative way that Liz found not offensive at all. His manhood quickly rose to a good size.

-You will have to excuse him - he said in a cultured voice, pointing to his erection. - He always reacts like that in the presence of incredibly attractive ladies. Please take it as a tribute to your beauty. - He declared, always smiling.

-Liz, this dirty black savage is my very dear friend Tangui. We practically grew up together. And yes, you may take the state of his cock as a compliment. - said Karen laughing. - He is a real gentleman!

-And You must be the beautiful Liz. The best-ever-friend I have been hearing about for decades and never coincide with! It is a real pleasure to meet you at last. Let me tell you that you re even more beautiful than I had imagined. And I really hope I don’t offend you with my manners. I apologize!

-I am really pleased to meet you too Tangui! I have also heard a lot about you. And no, you don’t offend me. Your eyes are clean when you look at me.

On the other hand - Liz continued- I am no longer sure about what I am or if I may still be depicted as a friend. Yesterday I realized how much I love Karen. I just want to be with her. So, I will be her slave if that is what it takes and she accepts me! – Liz said with intensity.

Karen looked at her with surprise and took her in her arms.

-Slave? You are my Queen! I belong to you! But I know what you mean. I feel the same.

-Fiiiiww! -Whistle Tangui – It looks like a volcano erupted here yesterday. Congratulations Karen! I know you were anxious about Liz´s feelings, but I see the outcome has surpassed your highest expectations! And congratulations to you too Liz. Karen is a treasure!

Both women accepted his best wishes among laughs and soon they were swimming in the pool. Later they had lunch in the terrace and Karen observed delighted how animatedly chatted Tangui and Liz. They were both very important for her and it apparently, they were getting along quite well.

That night in bed, after a first round of pussy eating Karen told Liz Tangui´s story.

-I don't know if you're aware that about fifty kilometers north of here there are some hills covered with very dense and extend forest that remain almost unexplored. – started Karen – and there is a tribe, the Harares, that has always avoided contact with civilization, or what we call civilization.

Well, there is some contact; some of my workers are Harares and go to see relatives at the Harare village from time to time.

Tangui is a Harare too.

Something serious happened and his father decided to leave his people. He took his wife and his son with him. At that time, Tangui was less than two years old. We are of the same age the three of us.

-What was so serious? – interrupted Liz.

-Three Christian missionaries, two women and a man, were crucified by the tribe.

-Crucified? Wow!


-Yes. But that is a different story. I will tell you about that some other time. –answered Karen.

-Yes please, it sounds exciting!

-Back to Tangui´s story, his father arrived here and asked mine for a job. He took both his parents and they stayed here quite happy for the rest of their lives. And I got a child of my age to play with.

My father never was a racist, and Tangui was educated in the same way than me. We grew up together until I went to the boarding school and met you.

His parents wanted him to maintain the contact with his people and he always has. About twice a year he travels to the village and stays with relatives.

We, of course, ended up growing up. When our bodies started to change, we explored each other´s in amazement.

-Mmmmm! Naked with that gorgeous man! You bitch! – Liz interjected again teasingly.

-I told you are a slut! – Laughed Liz kissing Karen´s left nipple – And I envy you for that!

-Stop that or I won´t be able to concentrate! Yes, it was quite interesting to explore each other. I made him cum for the first time and he did the same for me. We did everything could and it was marvelous. The only thing we didn’t dare was actual penetration. I remained a virgin for a long time.

I went to boarding school and then we both went to university and seldom met during those years, although we wrote and often spoke by phone.

When my father died, my mother had passed away two years prior, I had to return. He came back too.

He is an economist and took charge of managing Goomera. Still does, among other business of him. I couldn´t have managed without Tangui.

And as you have seen we still swim together naked.

-A very pleasant exercise! - said Liz.

-Certainly! But before you ask, we have never slept together. I guess we both value too much our friendship.

Also as you have, without doubt, figured out, I told him about you, your visit and my hopes of seducing you at last.

-He looks very happy for you.

-Yes. He always wants me to be happy. We are very close. - Agreed Karen.- And now, let me kiss that pussy of yours!

During the next couples of weeks, they stayed together and happy at Goomera. Liz flew to the city to make some arrangements since she planned to stay long periods with Karen.

She was curious and a little excited about the story of the crucified missionaries, but didn´t ask. She expected Karen to tell her when she decided.

One day, looking for Karen, she wandered in a storage room behind the kitchens. There she recognized an old school trunk and when she finally found Karen asked her:

-It´s your old school trunk what I found in a storage room?

-Yes! I still have all my uniforms.

-Really? We are the same size. Would you like to see me again on it? I would like to see you again in your skirt and blouse. – proposed Liz.

-Good idea! In fact, I think I have been expecting something like that for a long time. Let´s dress and let´s meet in the gardens. No panties, of course! Let´s finish what we started so many years ago!

-You have read my mind!

And so, half an hour later they were in the garden. Dressed in their old uniforms and lifting their skirts for each other.

Liz went to Karen and knelt in front of her.

-At last! - she cried before burying her face on Karen´s crotch, making her gasp.

-Oh yes! And then it will be my turn! – Moaned Liz while burying her fingers in her lover´s hair.

The reenacting of their old experience was incredibly exciting for the both of them.

With a mixture of lust, and solemnity they alternatively kneeled in front of each other and kissed their pussies with hunger and tenderness.

When at last they were naked in bed they had the feeling of having closed a loop.

-I had never realized how much I wanted to finish that! – Karen said in her lover´s ear.

-You are right Liz. And you were so cute in uniform! – Karen agreed before both drifted into a very pleasant sleep.

Two days later Liz was passing in front of the room Karen used as an office in the house. The door was open and she noticed Tangui was with her lover. Both had serious expressions.

When he left, Liz joined Karen and sat at the other side of her mahogany desk. She looked worried.

-What is it Love? Trouble?

-Well, not exactly. But I am glad you are here. I have to be totally honest with you. I didn´t mean to hide anything from you Liz. It´s just I was looking for the right moment. In fact, I wasn´t expecting our relationship would become so strong and so soon… - Said Karen.

-Shall I be worried, you don´t want me anymore? There is somebody else? Tangui..? – interrupted Liz in a fearful voice.

-Oh no! You are the only one Liz! I am totally yours! - answered Karen with intensity – But I will tell you some dirty secrets of mine. Now that I am yours, I don´t want to hide anything from you…even if it embarrasses me a lot.

Liz was a little worried instantly about what could be so embarrassing for Karen, but also noted how much the words “…I am yours” pleased her. She waited for Karen to go on.

-I told you the Harares crucified three white missionaries when I was a child. Of course, it wasn´t until years later that I heard about that.

The fact is that Tangui witnessed the crucifixion. The whole village did. The memory greatly impressed him and never left him.

I was also quite shocked when he told me about his memories. What I clearly remember is that when he told me about the two women and the man crucified naked by his people I felt, for the first time in my life, my pussy tingling.

We asked around and learned everything we could about the event.

Of course, in the beginning nobody told us much. But with time we put some information together. For instance, we reached the conclusion that the three of them were not really a model for religious people.

But what it matters is that since that first time we talked about that, I felt a weird sensation and started to imagine myself crucified naked in the native’s village. Tangui shared the same fantasy, but what he wanted was to crucify me!

In the forest, we found a tree that resembled a cross and he tied me naked to it. I was so excited!

Those were our games for years. He even built a cross for me and we hid it in the deep of the woods.

As often as we could scape we went there, and he would crucify me.

-Wow! This is hot! – Liz interjected amazed.

-Aren´t you totally disgusted? – Karen asked with anxiety.

-Well, it is certainly a little weird, but in a kinky way sounds very exciting!

-Yes. It was very intense, but let me continue. – Karen answered somehow relieved. - As I said, we touched, masturbated, kissed…he even whipped me many times. But we never copulated. We never went all the way.

I soon decided that one day I will go to the village and offer myself to his tribe for crucifixion. He immediately agreed and, of course, wanted to be present. That day he will rape me…

We were confident that somehow, he will convince his people to release me after some time on the cross.

Liz just listened in silence, feeling a little shocked and oddly excited.

-That was our plan. – continued Karen - Not very specific, but our plan. A plan that, even if we had not discussed it for a long time, had never been called off…

We continued playing our games of crucifixion until I went to the school and I met you.

Until that moment, I had always masturbated with my fantasy of being crucified naked by the Harares.

After that day in the school´s garden with you, I alternated both dreams: You and my crucifixion.

When I came back, Tangui and me never played our games again, crucifixion or any other. But we both knew somehow that our shared fantasy was still there.

I am sorry if I didn’t tell you everything from the start. I was ashamed of my weird fantasies…

-Don´t worry Honey. I understand. You said before. Everything has been very quick and incredibly strong.

But what has changed? Why are you telling me today? What were Tangui and you discussing?

-Tangui told me today that the Tribe is about to disperse. They have been under continuous pressure from the “civilized” world for years.

Their way of life is no longer possible and they will disband soon and each one will take his own way. Most of the members have already been in contact with the rest of the world and have some sort of plan.

So, our longtime plan will become soon impossible.

Tangui said he was glad because he considered now the idea of getting me released after a couple of hours in the cross, quite naïve.

He said the tribe´s mood it is clearly against us, the whites.

-That makes sense. – interrupted Liz.

-In other words, if I don't make my fantasy come true very soon, I will probably never find myself naked on my cross as I have always dreamed

Liz, again, remained in a surprised silence, so that Karen continued.

-And the truth is that the moment couldn't be more inopportune. I didn't quite know what to expect when I invited you, but I certainly didn't expect to be so madly in love with you, or that I would wish to spend the rest of my life with you.

Tangui has tried to talk me off it. But he is still ready to support me if I still decide to do it.

He would travel ahead to his tribe, and try to make everything according to my fantasy. He will also try to convince his people that it will be for the best, to let me go after some time on the cross...

Both were silent for some time until Karen started again talking nervously.

-Yes. I know it sounds stupid, sick or both. But still, it is hard for me to give up my crucifixion. I have always taken for granted that I will do it someday.

I would have been more than ready to take the risk. I would normally be by now preparing my trip to the Harare land if it weren’t for you, Liz.

But now…I belong to you. I can´t just leave you and get myself crucified like if you didn’t exist…I don´t think I can do it now…the thought of leaving you it´s too hard!

You probably are by now disgusted by me and my pervert fantasies, but…

-No! I am not Karen! This is certainly shocking and unexpected, but I am not disgusted by you in the least my Love.

In fact, I have to confess that what you told me got me quite excited!

To be crucified naked by a tribe of savages, I have to admit there is something about it!

I have to think about this.

But tell me. What really happened to the missionaries?

-Well, as far as we learned…

Interlude. About 40 years ago.

After five months with the Harares, they had broken every law of the tribe and their church. They were disgusted with themselves and the Tribe enraged.

Right now, they were in the middle of the village surrounded by the whole tribe. They had been caught red-handed having sex with several young men and women. They were still naked.

The elders were discussing their fate. Their opinions ranged from expulsion from the tribe, to death.

-I guess you should just crucify us, as we deserve. - said one of the women.

Everybody looked at her startled. Even her two companions. Neither of them objected though.

And neither resisted when they were tied naked to their crosses.

Because nothing was said but everybody, they included, realized it was the right end for them.

They suffered for a long time, twisting their pain against the wood. Savoring their shame in front of the whole village, in a very arousing display.

Their execution was the only time they behave with dignity.

The tribe watched in respectful silence as they paid for their sins. The women gave them even some relief.

Hours later, out of pity, the elders instructed the young warriors to take the naked bodies of the three crucified as targets for their bow practice.

There was another long silence after Karen finished telling what she knew about the past events.

-Well Love, you certainly got me very excited again!


And I don´t want to deprive you of you lifelong and ultimate fantasy.

Something that have been in your mind for years before you met me.

I think I have a plan.

First, we have to get married.

-Married? - asked a totally surprised Karen.

-Yes, married. Karen would you marry me? Would you be my wife until death part us?

-Yes! I will. I want to be your wife! – she said now with passion, her initial surprise behind now. - It didn´t occurred to me before, but definitely it´s what I really want!

-Good! – said Liz with a wide smile of relief spreading on her beautiful face. – because I think there is a way to fulfill all our desires. But I rather do it being your lawful wife. I think you will get your fantasy…and perhaps mine. You still may get crucified by savages.

Karen looked puzzled but remained silent for a moment before continuing.

-Oh! Please don't make fun of me! I know it sounds completely absurd...

-Let me finish, Karen - Liz cut. - As I was saying, there is a way you can make your fantasy come true and we can spend the rest of our lives together.

-Yes? how? - wanted to know Karen.

-Well, obviously, Dear, I will accompany you to the village.


-There is no other solution. If you don't go you will always wonder what it would have been like. That would end up coming between us Karen. I am sure of it and I would never want that.

-But...they'll probably crucify you too...you can die...

-Yes, that is certainly possible darling. I don't think they will allow me to stay with you unless they crucify me too.

But on the other hand, now I wouldn´t want to live without you.

And once you are in your cross, wouldn't you like to see me naked in front of you, crucified also? Be honest!

-Well, the truth is that I would like nothing more...- Answered Karen, clearly excited by the idea.

-Once we get married my place will have to be with you. No matter what. I won´t want anything different. If we get our way and they release us after they have some fun with us, we would have lived an incredible and unique erotic experience…and if they don´t, we´ll be together. And that it´s what really matters, don´t you agree Love?

I would die happy if I can give the pleasure of watching me crucified naked in front of you. I would want to be there for you…And you will be there for me! Incredibly sexy and kinky!

-Oh Liz! What a beautiful idea! But I can't ask you something like that!

- But you haven't asked me, I've offered it. And I'm sure of it. Let's not talk about it anymore and let´s plan carefully and hope for the best…Whatever that could be.

They continued discussing their plan for a while and then asked Tangui to join them and explained their ideas. He wasn´t sure that it could be done, but after a lot of talk they got an agreement from him. He will do his best.

That very afternoon they contacted with their lawyers and instructed them to urgently prepare the marriage documentation and new wills. With the help of their considerable combined wealth, everything was ready in hours.

The next day, early in the morning, they flew in the Cessna to the closest city with a court of law. Two of their lawyers were already there with all the paperwork ready. By midday Karen and Liz were officially married. Before nightfall Liz touched down smoothly on the Goomera runway.

Tangui was waiting for them, uncorked the first bottle of champagne and toasted for the newlyweds.

Later, they discussed the last details of their plan. He was not convinced and still tried to talk them out of it, but he couldn´t.

So, he promised to do his best and left them. He had to start his trip to the mountains ahead of the couple.

After a light supper with more champagne, Karen and Liz went to bed.

-It´s the same, but it feels totally different my darling wife! - said Karen while embracing Liz. Both dressed just in white transparent nightgowns.

-Yes Karen. It feels so good to be legally and totally yours my Love! - agreed Liz before starting to kiss her wife back.

Three days after her wedding, they woke up hours before down.

Both had been for the last two days cleaning her insides and eating basically liquid high nutrients; so, the visits to the toilette were quick.

Then they took a shower together as usual, and toweled each other dry.

They donned black sheer seamless pantyhose.

They had decided to wear them as sole underwear. They found it sexy and comfortable for riding.

Seated side by side in front of the mirror they applied a makeup simple but resistant and gathered their hair in severe looking bums. A style elegant and suitable for riding…and also comfortable for crucifixion too, they hoped.

When finished they stood in front of each other for mutual inspection.

They looked beautiful just in their transparent hoses.

-Oh, my Love you take my breath away when I look at you! – said Karen.

-Exactly my thoughts Honey! - Answered Liz taking her wife on her arms.

Both women were convinced that sex wasn´t the most important part of their relationship.

Nor what attracted them first to each other.

But when they shared sex, love really, for the first time they were shocked by the power of their mutual attraction and sexual connection.

So now, they embraced and started to kiss while feeling their breast softly pressed together. They enlaced by the waist and caressed their buttocks.

-Your bum feels incredible under the silk! – whispered Liz.

-Yes, yours feels so good too!

Karen followed the sensual curve of Liz´s hips with her right hand and ended pressing her mound with her finger tips.

Liz moaned and did the same with Karen.

-We have no time for this Love. – She whispered in a hoarse voice.

-Yes, I know but perhaps…

And thus, they continued caressing each other and soon, standing up there, both reached a quick but satisfying release, while kissing with passion.

-That was good, but we better get going! – said Karen, still panting.

They broke their embrace and soon they were dressed in amazon clothing. Tight jodhpurs, cream silk blouses and boots.

They went outside, led two horses into a trailer already hitched to a 4x4 and started towards their destination.

Liz took the wheel for the first shift.

Karen sitting at her side contemplated the beautiful profile of her wife. She looked really elegant with dark hair in a bum and her breast moving softly under her blouse with the car´s motion.

Once again, she reflected how lucky she was.

She didn´t considered herself a lesbian. She had always liked men and never felt attracted by a woman. With the exception of Liz. She was totally in love with her.

Minutes later, when she was looking straight ahead, it was Karen who took a side look at her and mirrored exactly the same feelings.

She was so happy being married to Liz!

She wanted to spend her whole life with her…but that could be a short period…

And she felt guilty once again. She was pushing the person she cared about most, into a certain and humiliating suffering and a possible death!

She lifted her foot from the gas pedal and said:

-Liz, perhaps we should return now! I don´t want you to suffer because of my crazy and sick fantasies!

-Karen, keep going. We have discussed this at length and we took a decision! – cut Liz - If we want to be crucified tomorrow, we have to reach the village today.

-Liz this isn´t right, I am pushing you into something that can get you hurt or even killed! Am I crazy, totally insane?

-You are not pushing me Karen. Once again, I don´t want you to miss something you have been dreaming of all your life because of me.

And you got me really excited too. If you are going to be naked on a cross, I want to see it.

I am now your wife, so my place is with you. And if that means in a cross next to yours, so be it!

I want to be there for you. So, you can enjoy seeing me naked and crucified! But if you are a pervert, so do I because just imagining it makes me very wet!

Karen was by now smiling widely.

-Of course, I don’t want to die! But I will gladly take the risk. For you, for me, for our marriage.

I am sure Tangui will get us released after a couple of exciting hours on the cross.

I certainly expect so. But again, I am ready to take the risk. I prefer to end my life crucified with you that dying of old age without you.

And if we turn back now – continued Liz – Don´t you think that we will spend the rest of our lives wondering how would had been to be crucified together?

Karen shot a quick glace to Liz before answering.

-Yes Liz, I think you are right.

-In that case step on the gas pedal we have a date!

Karen obeyed and they continued following the GPS waypoints that Tangui gave them. By road for another two hours and by dirt trails after. About noon they reached the point where it was impossible to continue with the car. They got the horses out, saddle them and mounted.

Karen, still feeling guilty for Liz tried once again.

-Are you sure of this Love. We could be regretting this crazy scheme very soon.

-You can be sure of that. Tomorrow we will regret our decision. But it won´t matter my darling wife. It will be too late; we will be crucified by then! - Laughed Liz kicking her horse and starting to follow up the trail.

Karen followed behind her. Soon she was observing with pleasure how Liz´s bum bounced on her saddle rhythmically.

-Love your bum looks lovely in those tight pants and its really nice to see it moving on the saddle!

-Well, since I am daydreaming a little about what awaits us once we turn ourselves in to the savages, this continuous pounding on my pussy is getting me a little aroused! Why don´t you lead now so I have the chance to see YOUR bum?

-It´s only fair, have a good time! – answered Karen in good spirits and taking the lead.

They continued for another three hours and entered a thick forest. The trail almost disappeared and they would had lost it had not been for the help of the portable GPS.

The sun was getting low when a group of natives appeared suddenly in front of them. Among the warriors, they were able to recognize Tangui, despite his unusual and primitive attire.

Without exchanging a single word two of them grabbed the reins of their horses and started to lead them.

Karen reflected that by giving up the reins they had started a path into submission.

Liz and her were women well used to exercise power. Perhaps because of this they were surprisingly attracted to this.

She and Liz exchanged knowing looks among them and after, with Tangui;

They were now prisoners.

Now it was too late to change their minds!


After half an hour, the natives gestured them to get down from the horses and strip.

Tangui could very well translate but they had agreed to limit his role as much as possible.

They obeyed and removed their riding trousers and blouses. When the natives saw how they looked in pantyhose were quite happy and didn't require them to strip completely.

The women also changed their riding boots for low heeled black shoes. They had brought them in their saddle bags and were more comfortable now than the boots.

Karen also took from her saddle a waterproof document case and handed it to Tangui, who took it with a nod.

Once they had changed, the Harares tied ropes around their necks and instructed them to cross their writs at their backs.

Once their hands had been tied, they started again their march towards the village.

One of the warriors took the horses to some other place.

They have now to be careful with the trail. Should any of them trip, falling forward, without the chance of stopping the fall with their arms, would be extremely painful at the least.

Karen and Liz looked again to each other in silence. This new situation had considerably increased their fears. But the fact that they were now being led, tied and almost naked was very arousing and humiliating too.

They didn't know what tale Tangui had told in the end to the natives.

They had discussed several possible explanations of the fact of two white women turning themselves in and asking to be crucified.

Mixtures of their own myths with Christians beliefs.

The weight of guilt and the desire to do penance for their sins.

The desire of somehow compensate for what the whites did to the tribe for so long, offering themselves to be punished and sacrificed…

In the end they neither care if anybody had believed the story. They probably were clever enough to guess that they were just driven by their lust and kinky fantasies.

They were already experiencing an incredible and intense mixture of feelings and sensations.

Fear, lust, shame, pain, pleasure and always an intense sexual arousal.

The fact that they were being taken in such humiliating way to their accepted punishment was getting both of them really excited.

At some point, their guardians had torn some branches from the brushes and were now whipping from time to time their bums and breast to encourage their progression.

Surprisingly, it felt good and she caught herself getting a little behind and offering her breast to the flogging.

She read in Karen eyes the same feelings she was experiencing. This unexpected walk of shame, was resulting in a very powerfully sexual experience.

Liz was also finding incredibly erotic the vision of Karen in pantyhose walking, hands tied at her back and a rope around her neck. Her pear-shaped buttocks were a treat for her eyes!

But after some time, she was instructed to move forward and take the lead.

She complied and made sure to move her hips seductively knowing that Karen had her eyes on her bum.

Also, pretending to avoid some branch, she would often turn to the side so her wife could have a good look at her swinging breasts. Karen loved her boobs!

One of those times she threw her wife a naughty smile while turning widely to the right. The delay got her a hard whack. She grunted her pain while feeling the sting on her breasts and a pleasant and twisted sensation between her legs.

Karen was certainly watching Liz and enjoying it.

And she was also considering how fast things were happening to them.

In a very short time, they had come from being proud and rich ladies on horseback to prisoners, almost naked, led in bondage to a humiliating punishment!

And the fact was that she didn't mind at all!

She looked at her wife and Liz smiled back. Karen felt relieved. She never could had enjoyed this experience if the person she loved the most, did not enjoyed it too.

But it looked the opposite. Now that they were left without any other choice that to follow the path to submission, neither of the two spouses desired to be released; At least for the time being.

They were greatly enjoying the treatment!

After another hour or so of such an intense walk, being led by the ropes at their necks, they reached a clearing at the side of a knoll. In it stood the village.

It was composed of about twenty rustic huts.

They had reached her destination.

Liz looked at the hill. Turned to Karen and silently questioned Tangui. He nodded. Yes, that was the hill. Perhaps their final destination

And the whole tribe was there waiting to witness their arrival.

-And tomorrow they will also witness our crucifixion. – reflected Karen. – Here they for sure, don't enjoy many distractions. - And she also surprised herself wishing to provide a good show for them with their exhibition and pain.

The silence was complete but they could see in their faces a whole range of feelings. From surprise to pity, from admiration to contempt. But also desire and lust.

Her guardians led them to one of the huts at the end of the village, very close to the wood.

Tangui entered with them. It was almost bare. A big pot with water and mats of some vegetable fibres on the ground.

-You will sleep here – started Tangui -some women will come now to take care of you and untie you for a while, but they had decided that you are going to remain bound most of the time. In fact, you will sleep with your ankles tied too.

It will be uncomfortable, but on the other hand it will make you remember your situation and will help to set you in the proper submissive set of mind. That will be the best for you to face tomorrow's events with greater composure. I hope you can get some sleep.

-Absolutely. I agree. We'll manage. – answered Liz.

-In that case I will leave you know and I will see you tomorrow. – He looked uncomfortable and nervous.

-Tangui, don’t worry for us. No matter what happens tomorrow, it is all right. And we are together. - Said Karen now.

-Yes, I certainly hope you know what you are doing, because I couldn't get from the elders a clear compromise about releasing you.

But I have to admit that you two look absolutely smashing. We all had an erection since the moment we saw you like that!

He left them and immediately four women from the tribe entered.

Two were mature, about their age they guessed, and two very young.

With friendly manners they untied the couple while giggling and caressing their pantyhose in wonder. Next, they untied their wrists and led them outside.

They showed them where they could relieve themselves and waited at some distance until they came back. Back into the hut they proceed to wash them. After the long day it felt very good. With the task finished they brought some light food.

When both finished eating, were instructed with gestures that they should put their tights back on and sit on the mats.

They obeyed and their hands were again tied at her backs. After indicating they should lay down the women tied their ankles too and left them alone for the night.

Karen and Liz moved together until their breast were touching and tried to get comfortable. Soon they were kissing with passion.

-Well, I also wonder if we know what we got ourselves into! – whispered Karen after a while.

-No use in wondering now Love. We have no choices left. So, I propose we relax and try to get the best from the experience. – whispered back Liz.

-I agree, it's actually very exciting, now that we have passed the point of no return.

- Yes that's the calming effect of helplessness! – laughed Liz. - You heard Tangui Karen. I still think they won't will kill two white women, but this, nevertheless, could be our last night together…And I really want to eat your pussy Liz!

-Same here! Let's try! – giggle Karen.

In a short time, of rubbing and kissing, they reached an incredible climax and, tired after such a long day, fell instantly asleep.

They woke up and repeated it two more times during the night. Dawn found them cuddling face to face again.

They were kissing when the women entered again and removed their bounds and pantyhose. They led the two white women out again to the place used as toilette, brought them back and cleaned them a second time.

After donning their pantyhose and shoes again, their hands were one more tied at her backs.

The women kissed them goodbye and left them alone.

The couple exchanged a knowing look. They were fully prepared now.

Without a word, they stood up.

Minutes later Tangui entered the hut accompanied by another of the warriors from the party that had catch them the day before. He really was another impressive male. He was smiling.

- This is Obblo– explained Tangui – Once you have your arms tied to your crosses, he will rape you Liz while I take care of Karen.

-I just hoped that! After so long! – whispered Karen in a throaty voice.

-It could be much, much worse! – exclaimed Liz smiling while eyeing the attractive warrior.

-Let's go! It's time to get you crucified – said Tangui pointing to the hut´s door.

Both spouses felt a chill down their backs but went through the door without hesitation.

But when they got to the threshold they stopped on their tracks in amazement.

The whole tribe was there, aligned left and right, to see them. To see them crucified.


-In the end, are you recording this? – Karen asked.

-Yes – answered Tangui – I brought a bunch of cameras. They are all in auto. Most of what happened to you has been recorded. It's going to be an incredible video.

Karen nodded her agreement and turned to Liz.

They exchanged a look, and in silent agreement straightened up and started to walk following a group of warriors, Tangui and Oblo among them. The women who had been taking care of them were also with them.

They really looked gorgeous – reflected Tangui. - Two women with beautiful bodies enhanced by the sheer black pantyhose. Her arms pulled back by her bound wrists made her breast more prominent. Her composure an exciting mix of pride and shame.

They were led out of the village and followed a slightly downhill trail.

Liz tried to analyse the cocktail of feelings and emotions that were going through her mind and body.

She was afraid of the pain that she knew awaited her and of the high risk of loosing her life. But also, she was incredibly excited.

Being walking almost naked outdoors, being led to their punishment. Observed by so many eyes...

She had never considered herself an exhibitionist, but the obvious pleasure of the audience was, somehow, exhilarating.

They were going to be their sexual object. The target of their lust.

They were about to be sacrificed for their pleasure.

And because they were together, she felt ready.

Had she been alone – Liz thought – she would have been terrified. But they were together. She was there freely for her wife. She will support her and be there for her.

Not only the Hararis were lusting for the couple. Both spouses were watching each other. Enjoying the view of the other and equally enjoying offering themselves for the other's pleasure.

They were going to share the intimacy of being crucified together. Paradoxically in public!

Karen looked so sexy!

After a while they reached a meadow. They realised it was where the Hataris buried their people. In a corner three wooden crosses were piled. They looked old.

Liz felt the fear returning at the sight of the wood where she will be tortured and perhaps killed.

One of the elders pointed to the crosses and gestured the women to pick them up.

At the same time their hands were untied.

They took a closer look to the crosses and noticed that one was bigger than the other two.

-Take one of the smaller ones. I will take the other. I bet those are the ones were the women died forty years ago– affirmed Karen.

She rolled her pantyhose down and gave it to one the woman that had assisted her who took with great appreciation.

-We don’t need this anymore. - she said

Liz nodded silently, did the same and took one cross. Her cross now – She thought. - it was heavy and took some effort to lift it.

The same elder pointed now to the hill top.

Both women lifted the crosses over their shoulders with great effort.

Karen saw Tangui struggling with himself and about to help her with the cross. With and stern look, she warned him not to.

It was up to them – she felt - to carry their crosses to the crucifixion grounds.

We, as so many condemned to the cross before us, have to cooperate with our punishment. We have to carry the instruments of our torture. – thought Liz feeling a tingling on her pussy.

When they turned back towards the village and the hill, they saw the whole tribe. Again, gathered on the knoll's slope to witness their humiliation and punishment.

Karen looked at their faces. Their faces showed again curiosity, anticipation and arousal. Lust was evident in the faces of the men and also many women. But she also noticed to her pleasant surprise a great deal of respect.

Their arousal increased her own. Her sick mind was enjoying the shameful situation. On the other hand, their respect increased her desire to offer them a good show. She was about to be sacrificed for their pleasure and she wanted to maximise that.

-Yes! I am totally crazy – She said to herself in a low voice – But now it's too late to change our minds. It's better this way.

She and Liz started to drag their crosses uphill.

The meadow was wide enough for them to walk side by side so they could see and support the other.

With their bodies leaning forward under the weight of the wood, their breast wobbled and swinged in a very suggestively.

One of the warriors whipped Liz's ass with a bundle of twisted branches, and she looked back to him and said softly.

- Thank you, Sir.

Karen wasn't sure if the warrior understood the words, but he undoubtedly understood the meek tone.

And she found her wife's attitude very exciting, so when she received her first scourge, reacted in the same way and received and amused smile from Liz.

Liz was still reflecting about her newfound deviant sexual preferences. If one month ago somebody would had told her that she was going to go to a lost place like this, on her own will, to get crucified naked, she would never have believed it!

But she was here. And the experience was gaining in intensity and she surprised herself looking forward to be already on her cross. Her cross!

The one she was carrying. A woman had died on it. But now, it was hers!

Or perhaps it was she who belonged to the cross!

She looked again to her wife and found the view incredible. A gorgeous blonde naked wearing just her shoes, dragging a big wooden cross.

Everything was right; They were together.

It took them almost thirty minutes to complete their via crucis; Their path into final submission.

When they reached the knoll’s top they found themselves on a small plateau.

It was the place obviously.

Two deep holes on the ground were prepared to receive the crosses. Ropes, wooden wedges and tool were also piled around.

This was the end of their path. Their feet didn’t have to take more steps. They would soon leave the ground...perhaps forever!

They left the crosses were the warriors instructed them and without having to be told, removed her shoes.

They went to each other, embraced tightly for a long moment, kissed lightly and proceeded to lie down on their crosses.
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Once on top they stretched their arms on the crossbeams.

Several warriors approached and started to securely tie their elbows and wrists to the wood, retiring when done.

Now Tangui and Obblo approached to the condemned women to take them. Both were naked and sported huge erections.

Tangui looked at Liz with insecure eyes.

-Are you sure you are all right with this...she is now your wife...

Karen, from her own cross was looking also to Liz with the same question on her eyes.

-Absolutely! - answered Liz - this is something you have been waiting for so long! Something that comes from before my times. I know you love each other, but I don’t feel at all threatened by that love. It’s different from our marriage and it’s clean and good.

Please enjoy yourselves. Be one, a single body. Don’t hold anything back!

Please Tangui, take my wife and give her as much pleasure as you can!

Both clearly relieved, Tangui laid on top of Karen and started kissing her breasts and her mouth softly but with evident hunger.

Karen smiled again to Liz and turned to kiss him back. She could feel his immense desire and hers rising in response. He started to rub his stiff cock against her slit as she fully opened to welcome him.

Everybody was watching the man taking the woman on the cross.

Obblo had kneeled beside Liz’s cross and while looking at Karen and Tangui too, he was caressing her breasts and pubis with his fingertips.

They didn’t have much time so Tangui shifted and started slowly but steadily to enter her. Karen moaned and soon he was deep inside her.

They started to move and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Karen looked again into Liz’s eyes and she smiled back.

-Yes my Love! You are being fucked good! Enjoy it!

-Oh! God, it feels sooo good!

Karen was enjoying the sensation of being so strongly desired, the man’s weight on top of her, the big cock filling her, pounding inside her...

It was a sensation of total fulfilment, both physical and emotional.

Most of the time she had her eyes locked on her wife’s who was smiling and encouraging her the whole time their copulation lasted.

Few minutes later she felt Tangui shuddering with intensity and his manhood spurting inside her a big and warm jet of his seed.

This triggered her own sweet and wild pleasure. Powerful, strong, long and somehow different from the pleasures she shared with her spouse.

-Oh Karen it looked fantastic! I am so happy for the two of you.

Both Karen an Tangui, still on top and inside her, looked at her with gratitude.

-Now it’s my turn! -said Liz as Obblo was getting on top of her.

She received him with joy and the big warrior was surprisingly considerate when impaling her to the hilt.

She grunted surprised by his size, but adjusted soon and started to get on rhythm with his trusts.

Their matting was also very satisfying, but without the emotional implications of their long-delayed mating union of the other two.

The situation was certainly humiliating. She was being taken in front of a whole tribe and her wife; already tied on the cross where she was about to be raised. Perhaps die, like the woman thar preceded her on that cross.

It greatly amazed her that just because of that, she was incredibly excited. She wouldn’t have believed it one month ago!

But now, those thoughts just send her over the edge and she pushed Obblo deeper inside her with her legs, like Karen with Tangui, around his waist.

Obblo didn’t hold back and cried his own release while emptying inside the white woman.

Two minutes later, still panting they kissed tenderly goodbye.

Liz whispered a Thank you on his ear as he was getting out and up from her.

The natives grabbed now their feet tying them, with her ankles crossed, to the upright. The ropes were threaded on a metal hook to fix them in place at an angle.

Karen took a look at her wife’s boobs in profile going up and down in the loveliest way with her breathing. They were now fully ready, securely attached to their crosses.

-Well my Love, this is it! - She said. - I hope you could forgive me!

=Nothing to forgive Honey. This is were I want and should be. - smiled back Liz. -Enough of pleasure. It is time we start our suffering! - exclaimed Liz pretending a lack of concern and a courage she barely felt.
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