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A collective suicide

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Little story in 5 chapters!


It's been three days since this gigantic mushroom appeared in the sky after the terrible explosion whose noise surprised us and we find ourselves totally isolated in this mountain chalet where four of us had come to spend a few days to leave our bodies exult away from all!

So it was with a light heart and a head full of erotic ideas that we went to this luxurious chalet in the high mountains that we had rented as if we were going to participate in a sexual seminar!

We are lifelong friends who have always shared our pleasures!

We love each other but each live on our own because we never wanted to choose one or the other, preferring to take advantage of each other every time we get together.

There is Beth, a magnificent brunette who is not very shy, Lulu, as blonde as Beth is brunette, Carlo, a youngster spoiled by nature and finally me, Franck that I cannot judge but that the others appreciate!

Between us, we have no taboos and feel no jealousy!

All four of us bisexual, it often happens to us to spend scorching days together that we love to spice up with erotic games of all kinds, ranging from the romantic to the sadistic!

So we arrived there, our luggage full of food but no clothes because, as soon as we arrived, we left them and lived completely naked.

Directly, sex has become king!

Not a second of respite, whether in the kitchen, in the living room in front of the log fire, on the stairs, in the bedroom and even outside in the snow, we keep mixing!

These are the women who started fondling each other as soon as they were naked and soon found themselves licking each other!

Carlo's cock, seeing them, stood up and I couldn't help but stroke it before sucking it until he cums in my mouth!

We then joined the women and thus spent our first two hours together!

Since then, all the pretexts are good to motivate us sexually and I believe that it is Beth who insisted that we form an unprecedented foursome in the snow after having already penetrated each other in the magnificent sauna which is in our house. disposition

To be continued




It was the second evening while we were at the table that these terrible blasts surprised us!

We got out and, in the distance, very far away, we saw those blinding lights followed by gigantic mushrooms rising in the sky!

They had done it, they had just pressed the forbidden buttons that would, in a few days, wipe out all life on earth.

For a few days we were in a safe place but after that this deadly pollution would progress and reach us killing all four of us, slowly, painfully!

There was no other way out.

We discussed, weighed the pros and cons, and decided not to wait for this deadly cloud to arrive!

During our unbridled evenings, we had already had the idea earlier of playing our lives, of making our lives the stake of a deadly competition at the end of which only one would remain alive but, in this case , the latter should commit to joining the others in death.

We give ourselves a few more days of sexual madness before we act on our decision.

The next two days, despite our usual sexual madness, were long and, the fateful day arrived!

In our minds, this day was sort of the day of deliverance!

Very serene and aware of what we were going to do, we are preparing our playground!

Four ropes with nooses ready to come and tighten around our necks are thus attached to the ceiling beams, four chairs are placed under these ropes with a pair of handcuffs on each of them.

The two women then put on a bra and briefs and Carlo and I in a T-shirt and briefs!

It makes us look special to wear some clothes while we have all been naked since arriving!



So here we are all four sitting on the ground, waiting to start the game!

We have chosen a very simple game, a card game, with each turn one card per person!

The smaller card loses and must remove one of its clothes.

Once naked, one more bad card and that's the rope!

Beth is the first to pull off her bra, but the game balances out and, quickly, the four of us find ourselves naked!

The capital part begins and Beth receives a queen of hearts!

Comes Carlo who inherits a nine of clubs, Lulu a seven of spades and then comes my turn!

A jack of diamonds!

So Lulu is the game’s first loser!

She stands up, shaking and walks slowly to the first chair, grabs the handcuffs that she ties to her right wrist!

She turns around, hesitantly and looks at us then, taking her courage in both hands, climbs on the chair and passes the rope around her neck, tightens the noose and puts her two arms behind her back to finish by tying her left wrist in. the handcuffs!

She's ready, no more reversing just the last step forward!

She is gorgeous in her resplendent nudity, her breasts hard and pointed forward, her pussy dripping with cum.

We tell her not to move, that we continue the game and will come and join her!

The next victim is Carlo who, his penis erect, is also found on his chair waiting for us!

Seeing their excitement, Beth suggests that we pay them a final tribute which I immediately accept!

While I take care of Lulu giving her a deep cunnilingus, Beth takes Carlo's balls in hand and his cock in her mouth!

Standing on their chairs, Lulu and Carlo are quick to show their pleasure and, although Beth and I take our time not to rush things, their enjoyment is quick!

With a smile, they thank us as we return to end the game!

It's quick and my ace of diamonds beats Beth's three of spades!

So it's up to her to take her place on her chair, but she asks me to enter her one last time before joining the others!

It is with good grace that I insert my cock into her pussy and make her cum for the last time!

It’s her pussy dripping with my cum that she gets ready for the last action of her life!

Here they are all three ready for the big jump!

I go over them to see if everything is in order before heading to the last free chair as well!

So here we are all four on our chairs, nothing can save us now, in a few minutes, we will be dead!




We look at each other, smile and say goodbye before the fateful moment arrives for Lulu, the first to have to go!

She is breathing hard, I see her belly move and her chest move up and down then, it's the moment!

With a thrust, she swings the chair that supported her!

The jump is minimal but the change in its situation huge!

The noose automatically tightens on her throat and she begins a messy dance, her feet desperately seeking support they will never find!

Her arms and hands would like to reach for the rope to relieve her neck but her cuffed wrists prevent it!

Her face quickly turns a purplish red color, her mouth is wide open in search of air, and her eyes are bulging!

Her pain seems enormous but nothing will be able to relieve her anymore, her death is near!

She is now seized with nervous jerks that shake her whole body, she is tense to the extreme, her hands clench before releasing!

Her dance of death comes to an end and her bladder suddenly empties!

It’s over for her who slowly spins around!

IIt didn't last five minutes but felt like an eternity!

No time to recover from this show that Carlo also launches into the void!

The dance he begins to perform is less elegant than Lulu's but just as lively!

His legs flap vigorously in the hope of finding support, bend, strain!

His arms are also outstretched and his hands are trying to grip something that will save him, but it is a waste of time!

His cock has risen and is now fully erect!

His face has also changed color and his mouth is wide open!

Every muscle in his body seems to relax faster than Lulu's!

Its weight, much greater than that of its neighbor, must surely cause asphyxiation more quickly!

In a final jump, his cock lets out heavy jets of cum that land on Lulu's body which is still spinning slowly on herself!

It's the end of Carlo, whose still erect cock is filled with a drop of cum hanging from its end!

Here are two of us gone, it just remains for Beth and I to jump in and quickly join them!

hanging2.jpg hanging4.jpg



Beth, before taking her last step, tells me that she is happy to have known us and that she would not have wanted to die otherwise.

The four of us have loved each other and we will find each other in another world!

She bids me farewell and, without hesitation, overturns her chair and begins to struggle like a puppet held in the void by this rope which inexorably strangles her!

Her knot dance is also different!

Having witnessed the hanging of her two friends before her, she looks much calmer as if she is trying to save herself!

But this rope which holds her and strangles her neck and crushes her trachea is the strongest and, instinctively, her body rebels!

She bends her knees, would like to put her feet through the circle formed by her handcuffed arms, but can't!

She suffocates, her mouth wide open, she searches for air that can no longer enter her!

Her tongue came out of her mouth and her gaze was lost in the total void that settled inside her!

Her legs return to the upright position!

All of her muscles relax and, like Lulu, her bladder empties on its own!

It's over for her too, I'm now alone in the world.

After watching my friends die, I feel very hesitant!

All the images of my life scroll through my head in a few moments!

What if I didn't get started, if I tried to continue living!

This thought only grazes my mind because it would be betraying my friends to refuse to join them and, moreover, handcuffed behind my back and the murderous rope passed around my neck, I would be unable to find myself. release!

I don't want to anyway, my fate is now mapped out and, in a few minutes, I will no longer exist, I will be just a corpse hanging by the neck from a rope!

One step and it will be over, I will just have to let this rope do its job, kill me!

I'm already dancing a bit while standing on my chair, leaning on one foot and then the other!

I still look at my friends and find them all three very beautiful and now very calm!

Carlo's cock is still erect as the two women now calmed and freed from life seem to say come on, we're waiting for you!

Just seeing them like that, my cock straightens and I have a crazy urge to get inside them and donate all the sperm I have left in my testicles!

Everything is confused in my head, I have to make up my mind, I have no other alternative!

I take a few deep breaths, take one last look at my friends, and get started!

With a thrust, I knock over the chair my feet were resting on!

The rope keeps me from falling and, directly, the knot tightens around my neck!

The pain I feel is not great, but the feeling is very strange!

Like Beth, I would like to save myself but my body refuses me!

Automatically my feet seek in a vacuum for a support they will never find!

I would like to cry out but my throat, tightly gripped by the rope, no longer lets any sound pass!

It feels like all the blood i have in my body is moving down my legs and lower abdomen which gives me a feeling of intense heat in all of my sexual organs!

I feel like my balls are swelling and ready to explode as my cock, already semi-erect when I was in the chair, is erect and hard against my stomach.

What had to happen happened and suddenly I let all the cum in my body go in long, powerful jets!

Now I am no longer in pain, I feel as if in the midst of clouds, as if a thick fog is invading me!

I bend my knees, contract all the muscles in my body and, an instant later, a large black veil overwhelms me!

All of my muscles are relaxing!

I no longer see anything, I no longer feel anything, it is absolute emptiness, nothingness! .

hanging6.jpg hanging2.jpg
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