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Here are the missing images for Chapter XII:

WTS-12-1a.jpg WTS-12-1b.jpg
Pictures: Irmgard in the hands of her abusers - "If you submit, nothing will happen to you and we will let you go..." (two variants)

WTS-12-2a.jpg WTS-12-2b.jpg
Pictures: Malicious witch pliers with sharpened, split teeth to bite through the skin and with long arches to penetrate deep into soft tissue - with demonstration of the application. When heated, these slim 'witch pliers' have an extraordinarily cruel effect...

Picture: Irmgard receives glowing hot pliers and burns at the stake as a witch

Picture: Proud witch tits: Dangerous for those who let themselves be seduced by her breasts, far more dangerous for the accused witch herself, because those proud breasts stir suspicion.

Picture: Naked witch rides a he-goat, a symbol of the devil

Picture: The mother throws herself off the cliff and at the same time also to her death because she cannot swim...

The End



And some more pictures of witches and devils, what people imagined...

Series of pictures 'Witch Cycle':

1) Seduction by the devil...

(2) The devil in the shape of a he-goat...

(3) Naked witch cooks for the devil and demons...

(4) Witches' flight to the witch's Sabbath...

(5) Caught witch has to face a tribunal and the torture...

(6) The wicked witch receives her 'deserved' punishment; she has to burn at the stake...

(7) Angel and devil united above the fire of damnation.


The alternative story

Instead of being accused of witchcraft, Hildegard is 'only' caught in fornication and adultery – pillory and flogging are waiting for her
(see notes past chapter XI).

I have decided on four changing pillory variants, this makes it more interesting and as many of your wishes / suggestions as possible can be taken into account...

Appendix I – My Sins and Punishments

Outside the morning is already dawning; I hardly slept, because restlessness and fear are eating away at me. This is the day I will be punished ... for fornication, adultery, and seduction. The charge of seduction is a lie, but fornication and adultery, I have admitted that.

I am Hildegard, a young widow. I was only married for a short time; then I experienced a terrible misfortune, my husband died in an accident. A little later I lost the child I was carrying from him. In my grief I drank and let myself be seduced with too much wine; then I reluctantly gave myself up to a strange man. We must have been seen. A little later they came to the barn where we made love.

There was no denying it ... It was a moment of weakness ... I knew I would be pilloried for it and maybe I even deserve the whip. But they also wanted to make a seductress and a whore out of me, but that's not true. I'm not a whore; I didn't seduce this man... It was he who got me drunk and seduced me. But that doesn't count, because testimony stands against testimony ... And the Bible says that Eve seduced Adam, so if in doubt you agree with the man. But I, the woman, am a seductress and must be punished more severely.

We both came before the judge, but he suggested a deal to me: "Confess to fornication, adultery and seduction... So I'll give you a 'mild sentence' in return. You will only be spared a red-hot iron burned into your left breast with the mark of an adulteress if you confess and show yourself remorseful... And that includes the admission of your seduction."

That was unfair, but I had no choice. Perhaps my lover had bribed the judge to get away with it himself ... I didn't want to, and yet I reluctantly agreed to the judge's suggestion. I pleaded guilty to all charges. When I heard the verdict, I wanted to scream out loud and protest, but I was bitterly silent.

My punishment is: standing in the pillory four times for an hour, after which I’ll get also flogged. I receive three dozen blows in total. I don't know how these blows are divided between the pillory and the whip. I also don't know what other humiliations are awaiting me. Even as a confessed sinner, I will only be spared a branding iron if I 'voluntarily' face my punishment at the beginning of mass this Sunday.

The morning is coming and soon I'll have to pillory in front of the church, in front of everyone. I am already ashamed and very scared. Will I have to bare myself or even have to completely undress? Yesterday I witnessed my lover being punished. I didn't want to watch, but they asked me to.

He only had to stand bent over in the pillory for an hour, then he received 18 blows with the a cane on his bottom, but it remained a little protected by his underpants. Two guys took turns beating him from both sides. He groaned and twisted in pain. He didn't even look at me. Today I will be in the pillory four times for an hour, and I expect twice the number of lashes ... because I am a woman, I am the seductress and whore.

I don't like breakfast, my mouth is dry. I only put on a coarse skirt and shirt with it, nothing underneath, that's what I was ordered to do. Then I set off with a pounding heart, scared and anxious thoughts on the way to church. I wish I never get there...

Shame and pain in the pillory

Appendix II – The first Pillory

From afar I can see the people who are gathering in their Sunday clothes in front of the church for mass. Only I come barefoot as a penitent in gray linen. My steps are getting shorter and shorter and yet I am steadily approaching the place of my shame. A little to the side of the main entrance to the church, two cops and a court official are waiting for me. They coldly ask my name and lead me to the pillory that was set up here for me.

It's a low frame where I have to sit upright with my legs stretched out and apart. Wrists and ankles as well as my neck are enclosed in the pillory wood. I tremble when I see what to expect.

I am shocked by the words of the court official, “Undress completely!” “Why do I have to undress completely? Why am I not treated like my lover?" "Don't ask stupid questions. Just do what we tell you! You are the seductress and whore, not he…"

That is not true! But I grit my teeth and keep quiet. With trembling hands I pull my skirt up and let it fall; then I unbutton my shirt and pull it off. I stand completely naked in front of the people and the pillory. I am shivering in the cool air, but even more from embarrassment.

Now the churchgoers take notice of me, a crowd quickly forms around me while the cops lock me in the pillory. My beautifully rounded breasts are completely bare and attract most glances. But my legs are open too, as a woman I can't even hide my pussy. I sit humiliatingly on the floor with my torso straight and legs apart. People begin to insult and insult me as a whore and a sinner. Fortunately for me, there is some protection in front of the church from excessively bad words and from excrement and rubbish that they could throw at me. That does little to change my shame.

Hildegard expects pain and shame in her first pillory.
(Actually it’s Caprice as Barbaria who is waiting here…)

The bells of the tower clock strike, but I remain naked and freezing in the pillory. I have peace from the people, only the cops have stayed. But now the time is running all the slower. Sitting in the pillory soon becomes uncomfortable, my bum hurts on the hard wood and I can't move.

Finally the bells strike again and the mass ends. I almost served my hour here in the pillory. But the people who pour out of the church are filled with religious anger against me as a sinner and a whore. I get spat on from all sides, especially on my face, but also on my breasts, on my thighs, on my feet, on my back, and even on my pussy. It's so disgusting, so humiliating.

I close my eyes while the pious people keep spitting in my face, also on my eyes, in my ear, on my nose and on my mouth. I blow her mucus from my mouth and nose. But there are guys who just wait for me to open my lips a little to breathe and blow, then they spit straight into my mouth. It's too disgusting, so horrible...

Snot drips from my forehead, cheeks, chin and nose, also from my breasts. My whole body is covered in foreign saliva. Finally, the court official stops the disgusting goings-on. “Time to atone for you, sinner,” he says. Then I realize that in addition to severe humiliation, I also face corporal punishment in this pillory.

"Twelve blows to the outstretched feet," he announced. As soon as he said that, the two cops beat my feet brutally and very painfully with a double leather strap on a handle. Alternately, one beats from the left, the other torturer from the right. My feet fill with fire, I open my eyes and I have to scream, but the merciless beating continues.

“Now you are going to get hot feet, sinner girl! Be glad we don't beat your naughty boobs..."

Worst of all, sitting in the pillory, I can't move in any way. My suffering is cruel. When I finally got through the blows, I'm moaning and panting. Suddenly one of the cops pours a bucket of cold water over my body. I scare and I’m shivering from the cold, but at least I am cleansed of the coarsest slime.

They free me from the pillory, where I sat for almost 1 ½ hours - one hour is probably just the lower limit. Naked and freezing, they drag me on. With the soles of my bruised feet I have to hobble and can barely walk. But people laugh at my pain while I'm hobbling. Still, I'm worried about what to expect next.
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And this is obviously the original actress whose head was exchanged for Caprice / Barbaria in the second picture ... although it's not exactly the same picture:


She has a really nice gag in her mouth so she can't scream so loud during the bastinado (the gag is rustic and suitable for the past). But in my story, people want to hear her screams...


Appendix III – The second Pillory

With aching feet, I am being dragged naked through the city to the courthouse. A judicial officer welcomes me there with the words "It seems to me that you are feeling very carefree and you are trying to cover up your nakedness. That is not the point of your penance!"

They put a wooden yoke on me that encloses my neck and wrists. I can feel the hard, heavy wood on my neck and shoulders; but even worse, I have to present myself in all my nakedness to the many people standing on the side of the road or to follow my move through the city. My neck is pinched and I feel like I'm carrying a pillory around with me.

Hildegard has to present herself with a wooden yoke on her tour of the city…
"That's good, stick out your naughty tits," says a guard.

I am led in a shameful way through the streets to the whore district, where the second pillory is waiting for me. I feel deeply afraid because I have an idea what to expect me here. My knees tremble as they pillory me.

With my hands to my back, my legs wide apart, my upper body bent low and my tits hanging, I am locked in the 'whore pillory' in a particularly humiliating way as an adulteress. Here women are exhibited who have committed fornication or who have offered themselves as whores without permission. But it doesn't stop at the display.

Indeed, the worst horror I can imagine awaits me. Interested men can stand in line and publicly desecrate me as a sinner girl. A long line quickly forms behind me that I cannot see.

I feel scared and terrified. That is forced sinning before God and before all the people who look on here expectantly and joyfully. They must not punish me in this way just because I was weak... I don't want that, but how can I prevent it?

Enclosed in the 'whore pillory', Hildegard is publicly desecrated

The first molester approaches me from behind and stands between my legs. Then I hear him opening his pants. I look up to the sky and plead, "Oh dear God, don't let this happen," but there is no mercy.

He penetrates me brutally; my pussy is tight and completely dry. He seems like a particularly tall guy because his cock looks huge to me. His thrusts are so hard and powerful that the whole pillory wobbles and my tits swing wildly with it. The audience is thrilled; they rejoice, the way I grimace with reluctance and pain, the way my tits shake, the way my eyes fill with tears.

"Give it to her, fuck her even harder!" There is cheering for the man and bad sayings for me as a sinner, because in their eyes I am a whore who deserves this sorrow. Some are really afraid that I will get pleasure in doing so and they loudly demand that my breasts have to be whipped. But I only feel pain and misery, plus deep shame and disgust.

As soon as the first guy has hosed down deep inside me and withdrew from me, the next one steps between my legs. I can't see who it is, but I feel it painfully in my body, mind and soul as he penetrates me. He starts to fuck me quickly and hectically. Soon he discharges into my lap with a lustful moan. But the third is already there.

One by one fucks me until my pussy burns. If one of the guys is not in the mood, or can't because of excitement, he is laughed at and has to make room for the next one. The men are not given a lot of time, too many have lined up and everyone wants to get what they call their 'rights'. 'Three minutes' announced one of the guards, they are not allowed to have a long fun with me; they have to make room for the next one quickly. But most of them fuck me quickly, hard and with audible success.

The guys poke me, they grab my hips and some hit my butt before they fuck me. It's so disgusting, so humiliating, so painful... My pussy is overflowing; I'm feeling abused and totally dirty. My lap soon starts to burn, but I've only survived half an hour and ten molesters.

I have to serve the men for an hour, that's endlessly long for me... At first I keep counting and watch the tower clock that strikes every quarter of an hour to distract me from my misery. But at 13 or 14 rapes I stopped counting because I had to moan in pain and later even scream. But I have to realize with horror that there are still more men coming and standing in line to fuck me.

Forced 'whore services' are an appropriate punishment for the adulteress. For Hildegard there is no escape from the large number of molesters who take the opportunity...

My slim waist is not firmly enclosed in the pillory. The guys push my hips back and forth; my tits jiggle to the rhythm of their deep, powerful, or fast, hectic thrusts. Even more viewers get in the mood to fuck me while they are watching my abuse. They queue up behind my back to insist on their rights. Cum trickles down the inside of my thighs, but the audience mocks me and continues to cheer on the men who fuck me.

After every third 'visitor', a cup of cold water is poured against my pussy to cleanse myself for the subsequent abusers. The cop says: "So that you don't get too hot ..." In fact, the water is terribly cold, everything contracts with me. As a result, the entrance to my vagina remains narrow despite extensive use; that's how men love it, but the burning sensation on my pussy is getting worse and worse despite this cooling.

People like it when I moan in agony. They mock me and insinuate that despite all my suffering, I also feel pleasure. One demands: “Whip her tits, which she lets shake cheekily in front of our eyes!” “Yes, let her boobs dance properly under the whip!” Another shouts, “Hear how she moans with pleasure ... Let's drown her lust with pain!” At the same time, I'm already completely numb in a fog full of agony.

At some point I can't take it anymore, I scream in pain and despair: “No, stop! I can't anymore, it hurts so much!” “The point of your punishment is that it hurts ... It can't hurt if you find out that fucking is not just fun,” the court official tells me mercilessly and sternly.

The last quarter of an hour… I grit my teeth and try to hold out somehow, but it is infinitely excruciating. Then finally, the tower clock strikes on the hour. I beg and protest again: “Oh, please, my hour here is over!” “You still have to work off the last men too. Anyone in line can fuck you!” That's the brutal answer. "Oh no, that can't be true!" I think, shaken.

So the guy who is fucking the sinner girl is allowed to end his desecration. But even the last three men from the queue still get their rights with Hildegard, even two other guys who only come up to the strike of the tower clock. It is so cruel and so painful, but Hildegard cannot escape. In the end there are about 25 guys who desecrate her.

My whore services last for well over an hour. My arms and back also hurt worse and worse in the posture that is forced on me. Thick, thin, long and short cocks penetrate me to fuck me deeply and calmly, sometimes hectically and quickly. It's just excruciating in the end, no matter how they do it. Her sperm flows down my thighs and tears run down my cheeks.

I'm at the end of my strength and endurance when I finally got through it. I fall on my knees as they pull me out of the pillory. I press my legs together tightly in the burning pain.

Another bucket of cold water is poured over me; then it's time to get up and move on. But I just cry, I can't walk, I keep falling on my knees. They give me a quarter of an hour break, which I spend sobbing and crouching on the floor. I hardly pay any attention to the mockery of the audience; the pain between my legs fills me too much.

The tower clock strikes again. They yoke me and pull me away. I don't want to, I can't ... but I have to go.


Appendix IV – The third Pillory

"I hope the guys were able to get you rid of your sinful desires for a while," said the court officer when he saw me crying. "But now pull yourself together; you are far from being through all your punishments yet…" I just sigh, because the guards are pulling me away.

After all the violations of my pussy and my lap, even walking is excruciating. It hurts so much between the legs and instinctively I want to press my thighs together, but I can't get out of the spot like that. Two guards pull and push me on without pity. "Oh, please slow down," I beg. But only when I stumble, fall, lie on the ground and howl, they do necessarily show a little consideration.

I continue my walk through the city to the town hall, naked and locked in the yoke on my neck, on my way to the place where the next pillory is waiting for me. Sperm is still dropping out of my pussy. Pain and distress are joined by the worry that the molesters could have made me pregnant.

I can't go, but they're forcing me. I keep crying. It is so painful that I walk awkwardly and strangely, and even stumble several times. People laugh at my suffering and misfortune. My knees are bleeding after the falls, but even my blood brings joy to the audience. At least the spring sun has started to warm the air, so that as a naked sinner I don't have to freeze too badly.

Suddenly I see the third pillory in front of me and many people who have gathered around it. Relief at the goal so laboriously achieved is mixed with horror.

Hildegard is locked in the pillory in a low stooped position and with her bottom stuck out wide. But here she awaits the caning...

I am locked with my neck and wrists in the pillory and my back bent low. My bum is stuck out wide, but at least I can close my legs even if I can't find any comfortable posture.

I have to wait for the first half hour. My back starts to hurt again and my legs start to fidget. But that will soon be the slightest evil, because a serious caning awaits me here. I saw that with my lover the day before... But at least he was dressed in underpants, as the 'seductress' I'm completely naked and defenseless.

People wait impatiently, they want to see welts on my buttocks, and they mock me again: “There is no fun with fucking here, you get beaten hard and serious, whore!” Or “Well, sinner girl, what itches you more, your buttocks or your pussy?"

Finally my punishment is announced loudly, "The adulteress should atone and receive twelve blows with the cane on her buttocks." The audience applauds. I've stuck out my ass so far that it certainly invites them to hit it. I have no illusions about what 12 hard beats on my bare bum mean.

And then they come, two cops with canes and one of them says: "Stick out your ass and don't fidget!" I have to stick out my butt on this pillory anyway and I don't react. Suddenly he yells at me: "Stick out your ass!" I try, but he is not satisfied. "Keep your feet forward ... your back lower and your butt higher!" I obey, scared. "Stretch out your ass even higher!" I'll try it. "Even higher!" ... "Well keep still!"

When the cop with the cane is finally satisfied, my butt is certainly a provocative sight for everyone, but my knees are shaking and I suspect something bad.

Anxious waiting for the beatings ... Hildegard expects twelve blows with the cane

Then they start brutally beating my buttocks from both sides with their canes. As if struck by lightning, I flinch and twist my bottom after the first hard double hit. The pain is vicious and fiery, it makes me breathless. But there is a murmur through the audience, who look spellbound at my buttocks, where the first pair of deep red welts emerge, which soon turns purple and finally almost black.

There are the next two strokes in quick succession. It hurts so much; I wiggle my bottom and howl like a dog. “Stick out your ass and keep calm!” I'm admonished. The guys are really tough and cruel.

Whoosh ... gossip ... "Uuuhhhaaaiii!" ... Whoosh ... gossip ... "Aaahhhuuuhhhaaaiii!" I take the next double punch, this time aimed at the base of my thighs. My knees go weak, I sag and I have to scream.

“Get up! Stick out your ass!” One of the beating guys yells at me. I clench my teeth and feel my tears flow. I gasp, struggling to get to my feet and stick out my butt wide.

“You call that sticking out your ass? That's nothing!” Intimidated, I obey as best I can.

I got through half of the blows. It goes on blow by blow, but the guys now take more time and let me enjoy the burning pain of every single blow. And they keep asking me to stick my ass out.

I do not see my buttocks covering themselves with deeply colored welts, but I can feel it and I can hear what people are shouting. After every blow my bottom squirms and my tits shake when the roaring pain jerks through me. That encourages people to keep mocking me.

Bad and very painful traces will cover Hildegard's buttocks soon...

"She's twisting her ass like a whore trying to seduce us," shouts one. Another demands: "Don't just spank your ass, spank her perky tits too!"

"Ten" calls out the court officer. The last two blows still, but my legs are already shaking. The last strokes of the cane are particularly mean, because the guys hit across the previously parallel stripes on my buttocks, so that the welts cross. I scream, I pant, I cramp; then my knees go weak again. Even though I'm naked, I feel bathed in my sweat. But I also feel relief that I got through it.

"Her butt was not sticking out and she wobbled! The last blow has to be repeated ... and there is an extra blow," shouts the officer as an overseer. I feel anger and I cannot believe what I am hearing.

"Take your posture ... up with your ass and spread your legs!" Suddenly they demand that I have to spread my legs. One of them steps behind me and hits my thighs from the inside with his cane so that I'm forced to take them apart and all viewers can see my abused pussy.

"Damn awesome whore cunt," he says loudly enough for everyone to hear.

Then the two beating cops line up behind me on either side. Before I even understand what that means, they beat my buttocks together and almost at the same time, one with full force on the right and the other on the left buttock. The pain overwhelms me; that's too much for me, I twitch without control. My legs give way, I have trouble standing in the pillory; I whine and howl... I don't have the air to scream.

There is applause for the men with the canes, but whistles and mockery of me as a sinner. It was just fourteen blows in the end, but the pain is brutal and extremely intense.

I have to stand in the pillory for another quarter of an hour. Full of glee, people enjoy hearing me moan, seeing me cry and struggle not to tremble. They look enthusiastically at my bottom, which is covered with purple welts. And if they look closely, they can still see sperm dripping from my sore fucked pussy.

When I finally got through all of it, I'm too weak to leave. I lean on the pillory as if I could not break away from the place of my punishment.
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Hildegard expects pain and shame in her first pillory.
(Actually it’s Caprice as Barbaria who is waiting here…)
Patiently, I might add:rolleyes:


How dare she the shameless hussy! ...
When her bum hurts so much, she doesn't think much about it ... and in this pillory the bottom is very exposed and has the freedom to squirm very erotically ... even if it looks shameless and Hildegard doesn't want that at all. But the pain of caning...
Immoral are those who invent such a pillory, lock young women naked and beat them ... not girls like Hildegard who then squirm their buttocks in pain.
On the other hand, there was very little opportunity at that time to offer people erotic representations ... and the need for it was certainly very great. And so, despite the many taboos, people got creative.
The shaming and punishment of a sinner girl then became consciously an erotic staging that could be 'justified'.
Or the artist painted Saint Agatha, who was tortured on her bare breasts ... and of course it had a religious justification to show people Agatha's suffering.
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When her bum hurts so much, she doesn't think much about it ... and in this pillory the bottom is very exposed and has the freedom to squirm very erotically ... even if it looks shameless and Hildegard doesn't want that at all. But the pain of caning...
Immoral are those who invent such a pillory, lock young women naked and beat them ... not girls like Hildegard who then squirm their buttocks in pain.
On the other hand, there was very little opportunity at that time to offer people erotic representations ... and the need for it was certainly very great. And so, despite the many taboos, people got creative.
The shaming and punishment of a sinner girl then became consciously an erotic staging that could be 'justified'.
Or the artist painted Saint Agatha, who was tortured on her bare breasts ... and of course it had a religious justification to show people Agatha's suffering.
There are dozens of paintings and drawings of Saint Agatha in particular and that is certainly no coincidence. Here is a small selection:

Agatha_Gaspar_de_Palencia.jpg Agatha_Guarini.jpg Agatha_Sano.jpg Agatha-6.jpg Agatha-11.jpg

Agatha-18a.jpg Agatha-19.jpg Agatha-22.jpg Agatha-23.jpg Agatha-26a.jpg


Appendix V – The last Pillory

I also survived the punishment on my third pillory, but there is more to suffer. I'm dragged away, yoked and led out of the small town. I hardly see people waiting for me by the wayside, but there is a small procession that patiently follows me from one place of shame and pain to the next.

My ass is burning hot and it hurts, but I can't and must not touch my butt. The condition of my pussy is still much worse and I have to force myself to take every step. The guards drag me naked and barefoot across dusty paths through fields and meadows. As soon as I have left the city, a fresh wind welcomes me, and when clouds move in front of the sun, I begin to freeze.

Suddenly the guards stop and lead me to a fence under a large tree. I don't quite understand what to expect here. In any case, there seems to be a very special pillory waiting for me. They free me from the yoke and make me kneel on the floor. “Take your thighs apart and remember your lust and sins!” Ashamed, I obey.

"Are you ready for the ultimate penance between your legs?" "And if I'm not ready?" "Then you have to atone for longer!"

"Here it is time for you to repent and suffer between your legs ... go straddling the board of the fence!" The court officer tells me. Suddenly I sense what is in store for me. I shake my head and protest in vain, "No, please don't, it's already burning like fire between my legs." "The more it hurts between your legs, the more the punishment will last against your sinful desire..."

All requests don't help, I have to step on the fence board and spread my legs as a sinner girl... "If you do it voluntarily, it stays at an hour ... But if the guards have to drag you onto the board, I'll make sure that you keep repenting here for much longer!” This is how the court official threatens me and I am given to my fate.

There can be no question of voluntary, but fearing an even longer sentence, I climb the fence to take the board between my legs. I immediately feel great discomfort and groan audibly. I desperately try to find a step under my feet, but the board on which I have to ride is a bit too high. Only the tips of my feet hit the ground, but they won't be able to support my weight for long.

Things get worse; they tie my hands to a rope that hangs over a branch. My arms are pulled over my head by the rope until I'm completely stretched out by the arms. The guards also tie my legs together below the knees. I'm too weak to relieve myself by pulling at rope hanging from the branch. So I hang helplessly stretched out on a makeshift but very special pillory that will cruelly torture me between the legs for the next hour.

I moan and ask to shove something under my feet, but I can't hope for any relief. “That helps against the desire to sin!” This is how I am taught.

Hildegard has to ride the board between her legs in agony. This board on a fence is a particularly creatively used pillory...

At first it is just great discomfort, but soon it turns into pain and finally into terrible agony. Every little movement makes it worse for me, but immobility quickly becomes unbearable too. I am desperate to see the terrible torture awaiting me here for the next hour. As I ride the fence board between my legs, the tense muscles in my calves and feet begin to tremble and then to cramp in agony.

It's horrible, but I have to put the whole weight of my body on my pussy. The board quickly presses itself deep between my labia, squeezes my vulva and clitoris, and presses very painfully on the pubic bone and tailbone. This pillory is slowly but surely developing into an increasingly vicious device of torture. Despair joins the pain ... An end is not in sight for me and every attempt to somehow relieve me, makes the agony even worse. How can someone come up with such a cruelty for a woman?

While I suffer terribly, viewers start to get bored. Some annoy me with their sayings: “Well, girl, do you still feel the pleasure of your thighs?” “Of course she feels her pleasure! Don't you hear, she moans with lust?” People laugh badly.

In the meantime, boys are starting to collect horse droppings, which are lying in large numbers by the wayside. To make matters worse, I am also pelted with horse droppings by them.

“Whoosh” There is a clap on my shoulder, then on the back, my legs are also hit, but then my head is hit on my temple. The horse droppings are not hard, but they are heavy enough to hurt. I'm stunned by the head hit and slump to the side, but the pain between my legs makes me startle again.

Nobody intervenes to protect me; on the contrary, the throwers get applause. The cheeky lads are becoming bolder and deliberately aiming their horse droppings at my breasts and buttocks. I can't avoid it; I'm a perfect shooting target. Unfortunately for me, I get another hit in the face on my left cheek. Fortunately for me, the bullets are soft, but slippery and they stink, because it has rained for the last few days... But the hits on my head and breasts are definitely painful.

I instinctively begin to squirm and try to avoid the projectiles, or I flinch if I'm hit. The spectators laugh and they are happy about every hit, while the pain between my legs and despair torment me.

The ride on the special wooden horse turns into torture and drives Hildegard to despair. In the end, blood flows between her legs and soaks the wood in red. (This picture shows a slightly different arrangement, but with the same effect as the board on the fence)

The hour drags on and doesn't want to end. Even when the throws finally stop, I squirm on the board and the time goes by indescribably excruciating. In the end, I'm close to madness and the wood between my legs turns bloody red.

The torment does not want to end, Hildegard bites her arms outstretched in despair, which brings a little distraction for a few moments ... But then she feels the unbearable pain between her legs again.

In the distance I hear the tower clock chime ... "Oh, please, no extension this time, I can't take it any longer." "You'd better ask for an extension to make a serious penance!" A few minutes later, after what feels like an eternity, I get redeemed from the tormenting board between my legs. I am too weak to stand; I grab my legs and fall to the ground. As the blood penetrates back into the bruised areas of my pussy, the pain is so intense that I have to scream.

Again the court officer has to give me a little break before the guards tie me back to the yoke and lead me to the place of whipping. I crouch on the floor and cry. It's only afternoon, but the spring sun has gone and a gray light gives the landscape a gloomy mood, while the wind makes me freeze.


Very well and evocatively written Rupert. I do know a little about such punishments though, and one of the ‘things’ is legs being free and not tied together. And with just enough room that on tiptoe ones cunt is clear of the board. But it does not take long before the calf muscles start to cramp and the board is the only resting place. Until that us unbearable. And then the calves have recovered a bit and so can lift. But they don’t last as long. And so its a slow and painful ‘riding’ - desperately trying to find the least painful place. And it seems very enjoyable for the spectators.

V simple and quite devilish in its effect on a girl.


Very well and evocatively written Rupert. I do know a little about such punishments though, and one of the ‘things’ is legs being free and not tied together. And with just enough room that on tiptoe ones cunt is clear of the board. But it does not take long before the calf muscles start to cramp and the board is the only resting place. Until that us unbearable. And then the calves have recovered a bit and so can lift. But they don’t last as long. And so its a slow and painful ‘riding’ - desperately trying to find the least painful place. And it seems very enjoyable for the spectators.

V simple and quite devilish in its effect on a girl.
Yes indeed, this device is a really diabolical tool of torture...

With my description I have stuck to the picture so that it fits. But thank you for your hint!

I also wondered what sense the tied legs make and thought to myself that her muscles would cramp excruciatingly one way or another. But with her legs free, Hildegard would try to seek support on the lower boards of the fence. So the lower boards also have to be removed and the picture no longer fits at all...


An alternate tale, and one that Hildegard will at least survive. Still quite over the top in it's own way, though - I suppose that's what you get when you try to please everyone!


An alternate tale, and one that Hildegard will at least survive. Still quite over the top in it's own way, though - I suppose that's what you get when you try to please everyone!
You never please everyone...That wasn't my goal either.
Of course, four pillories are a bit exaggerated, but I found it interesting to describe four very different variants... You don't have to take this story seriously, but that's the way it is with many stories. The main thing is that some of you like it and I enjoyed writing.
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