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About trophy points

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I was looking at the Notable members "dashboard", where you can see who has posted more messages, who got more reactions and the like. And one thing stroke me.

Many of the members with the most trophy points have exactly 113. And that is to be expected, because if you sum all the possible trophies, it gives you that number. But there are also two members with more points. A lot more. @ERIN the Brave has 596 points, and @admihoek has no less than 1,076 points!

I know this is an achievement system to engage new users (such as me :angel2:) and that it doesn't matter too much, but I'm curious as how this can be this way. Does anybody know its reason?
I think the points system was changed quite a long time ago, both Erin and Admi were active in those very early days.
Does anybody know its reason?

And I've been a mod for at least 10 years. Still only got 113 points, and don't know what I did to deserve them. But well done @ERIN the Brave - and dear Admi, though sadly he's no longer around. Like Wragg says, it's a relic of the early days of the Forums - I know IM likes to keep such reminders on view, and why not? :)
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