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Acorn Cafe and Asylum

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So hi. I am not a smart rodent and I like to eat yummy things and drink yummy drinks and chat and generally be silly for a bit. So in case others want to drop in I am opening this lille venue. All the food is virtual I am afraid but on the plus side it adds nothing to your waist line! Apart from the site rules there is one rule, do not tell anyone they cannot post here, if you find something really intolerable and I hope it is not my cooking hit that report button otherwise hold your peace or make an off colour joke and just enjoy the bits you do.

So welcome all, eat drink and be merry
Someone suggested to me this place needs more wombats


Dangerous looking thing, no wonder everyone warned me about Ausssie wildlife


Oh wait, that is what they meant, well I hope it has a licence for that big gun! Still it can have some grub if it likes anytime.


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Oh good that means art-whoring is allowed
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Ok, wrong rodent... :doh:

Elwood Dowd never knew, never even imagined, that Harvey had a dark, sinister, twisted side that he never let, dared not let, his old friend see . . .


For them that’s unacquainted with the story



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This thread is going to be one of those that give me one of my headaches... :(

Rabbits? World dominating squirrels? Double barrelled asses?

No, the additives in the multicoloured cake! :doh:
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