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Acorn Cafe and Asylum

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Praefectus Praetorio

Brother of the Quill
The Hanging Tree Squirrel?
Someone suggested to me this place needs more wombats

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Dangerous looking thing, no wonder everyone warned me about Ausssie wildlife

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Oh wait, that is what they meant, well I hope it has a licence for that big gun! Still it can have some grub if it likes anytime.
Back in the sixties in college, we didn't worry about political correctness. The head of housing was Italian-American and hired older matrons from Italy as the housekeepers. They would come around, always early in the morning, and rouse us hung-over freshmen so that they could clean the rooms. It seemed the only English they had learned was "Get up. Maka de bed!" For some reason that no one knew, the student wisdom passed down to us was calling them Wombats. We never knew how they could be associated with Australian marsupials ( they were short-legged and muscular, but not quadrupeds), but the term was enshrined in generations of students. "Clean up your drug paraphernalia, the Wombats come tomorrow!"
What sort of cafe is this, anyway? Is it like those ones in Amsterdam (that I have heard of.....)?

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I am not ruling that in but I not ruling it out (or should that be rolling?.... no wait dammit! Sorry could not resist pun)
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