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Amy Hesketh.....LEGEND

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" Suffering" for her art.....and we love her for it !!

I've very much admired Amy over the years, for getting to play out erotic fantasies for us on screen. Goodness I would love to do that. I know making movies (especially on their low budgets) is hard work, but I wonder how often, when filming a torture scene, she thinks to herself: "Oh my god this is hot!"

Does anyone know why Pygmalian hasn't been released? I think we've been waiting on that for about 3 or 4 years now.


Amy tied to a tree. It doesn't look like she's done anything since Justine.
To date,Amy has been involved in movie projects of her own,in a producer/director capacity.
She is still involved with Pachamama films,but in an advisory position.
It is probably safe to say,that her days of appearing nude,and being tortured are likely to be no more....* :(
Thanks for the memories,Amy Hesketh. :)
*( But I'm quite happy to be proved wrong....)
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Jon Smithie

I understand, from something Margot said fairly recently, that Amy is now in a graduate school in USA,
studying for a Master's degree. A great woman, of many talents!
It is a shame when talented and beautiful people with so much promise--I'm thinking particularly of young women like Sasha Grey and Amy Hesketh--peak too early and have nothing to fall back on but successful businesses, mainstream films, and academic studies.

Jon Smithie

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