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Anime Crucifixion

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Hello everyone, I was "cleaning" my old PC to sell it and found a pic of Nami. Don't know where it comes from,if you know the artist's name, then let me know please
I have found a few others in an archive on exhentai that exist.


Great work!
BTW I think you forget ask the spear that stabbing her? Stabbed by spear when tied on the cross is an important part of the execution of haritisuke
I know I just purposely let it stay like that. Anyways, I'm going to elaborate the story on how Nobuvenger got speared by Mitsuhide's cronies in the Fate x Crucifixion page later this month alongside Martha's, and Mushashi's, crux stories.
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BTW I just opened a thread on crucified girl stories based on various Japanese media. If you guys are interested in. You can check on this thread:



Assistant executioner
Is The Manga Name Sacrificial Maiden?
It's 'Rei: Shisei no Koe', a manga anthology based on Fatal Frame 3.
Also Does Anyone Know The Name Of The Anime This Image Came From?
It's "LOVE♥LOVE?", a romcom spinoff of 'Cosprayers' that depicts the latter show as a tokusatsu show in-universe (the scene being depicted and having been edited by cavalera is a dream sequence being had by the main character, who's the writer/cameraman of the show).


Hair and Nails
This comic is awesome. Full of my favorite fantasies
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