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Bare-Naked (Famous) Ladies

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Which is as good intro as any to . . . :rolleyes::babeando:

In 2013, Lindhome appeared in the horror-comedy film Hell Baby, in which she did a full frontal nude scene that drew notice for being unusually lengthy.[14][15]
I would maybe started to massage her shoulders but would have quickly moved onto other areas!!


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Very nice selection, thanks
I especially like the ones of Kiki de Montparnasse. She (real name Alice Prin) turns up in lots of beautiful nude studies from the 1920s as she was quite a prolific artists model during that era
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I wondered if these are from Alice Prin, as my net states, or from other female.
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Well the lips in the second pic look about right, though realistically they could be just about anybody. I can't think of any way to confirm or refute the suggestion that it might be her. Having said that, I'm not aware of her having done any hardcore shoots. There doesn't seem to be any examples in any of the body of her work that I'm familiar with, though that certainly doesn't mean that she never did any...


Not really a great actress
(she got most of her work via her father's graces)
Neither is she a great beauty – but softly pleasing enough.

(Word is she's a very sweet lady.)
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I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating cracker (I'd cane her instead!)
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