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Bartnel's Inferno

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It’a a real banger! I love the zoom blur.

what are your favorite crosses?
I like the traditional Roman cross. But I don't disgust X. In fact, my partner Silvia has a certain inclination to the latter. I prefer traditional Roman because she reveals a little more bare back than the other. And therefore the damage caused by the whipping can be much more appreciated, although in X's one you can previously whip the victim from the front, but this weakens the victim much more than from behind.

ERIN the Brave

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Hello everybody :)

This is the opening scene of my upcoming story, "Seven Ordeals" which is the sequel of my previous one "the Chamber" (the complete story being called "The Chamber of The Seven Ordeals ;)). It will be published on Deviant Art (french text) and Art Untamed (english text)

Yula will wake up naked and tied on a Xcross in a dark place! Then...


Hi everybody !

As some other creators do, I make my own single thread to gather the work I want to shear here.
At first, you may find some pictures you already know, but I promise you'll find some new stuff from time to time ;).

Most images will be crux related, but other may be added from time to time ...

Let's begin:

View attachment 376824

View attachment 376825

View attachment 376826

View attachment 376827

Those ones are old stuff, stills extracted from Inferno's animation with old but cute Victoria 2 charcter.
wow!!! but I already own them.:jump:


Chronicler of Crux
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Please post in English on the main forums.

Crucificateur is asking Bartnel if he can send him some stories to illustrate, Bartnel replies, 'of course you can, but I am not guaranteeing what I'll do with them!'
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