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Bartnel's Inferno

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I'll hand this thread back to its rightful owner!


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Tialane looks amazing pushing up like that..
Her well lit body against the dark fore ground crowd..


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Great! Awesome! So filled with tension as she lays down on her cross to be nailed. Most members (if not all) probably agree that this is the most intense part of the whole crucifixion process. Going from a woman on her feet, able to move freely, to one about to be attached to a cross. Not tied, but attached through her body. She and the cross become o ne thing. Oh god!!!!

This is what gets me excited, this moment. Even if I just stretch myself over a couple pieces of wood on the floor of the garage (or wherever) I get immensely excited as I stretch my arms out and position my feet. There's no one around, of course, but I pretend, acting out being nailed: arching my back, writhing, grunting, moaning, as I imagine the nails piercing me!!!

But this poor girl looks like she'll endure other assaults first. The executioner towering over her has his cock in his hand and stroking. (What? He needs to stroke himself? Isn't her perfect naked body enough to prompt an immediate erection!)
Agree about that moment, and the drama leading up to it.


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No no, please !
I completely agree with Madiosi !
I know many people think the same as Bertram... it is not a problem.

I simply have to explain what's involved : a lot of work (and the quality of the result) means higher value .
As an artist, I know that it is ALWAYS a bad idea to undervalue my work ;)

To be clear, in my documentation, you can find stuff not more expensive as 20$/30$ but these are short scenes.
There's even one FREE one.

But recent and longer ones are a lot more expensive, and I completely assume that :cool:
Your work is on an extremely high level, I am glad to see you value it!


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Art is what you make, no matter the medium. I sketch maps of cities to satisfy my road geekery fetish for freeways.... is it popular? Am I any good? I don’t care, it’s my art. And in this crazy internet age, I’ve actually found people who do the same thing.

I say all one needs for art is inspiration, creativity and a medium - ANY medium.

it doesn’t have to be liked at all, it’s still art.

Anyone who says 3D Manips or others art using computers isn’t art is, imho, a complete moron who probably wouldn’t know art if it smacked them in the face...

ignore or slap down such ignoramouses is my advice. Preferably the later!
Agree 1000%!


Nearly one month since my last submission here!
Time runs fast (specially in summer ;))

Again about my current work, which continues its development (with the help of @Eulalia - a big thanks to her flower3)

My heroine Yula, who was abducted, raped and enslaved in part 01, was frigtened by her raptors with a xcross (and other torture devices):

... she was saved by her friend Elriak but has now to face nightmares as she tries to free her sister Tialane:

The story continues on Deviant Art (french language) and on Art Untamed (english language) :)

... but not all moments are nighmares ;)
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