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Cam's Camera: Slave Girls

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A new cooperation between Keigera and myself. The first picture got an 'underage' question or warning from DA. The second one might not (?)
For the second picture, the text has been slightly altered to remove the two occurences of the word "naked" ...

the hostage (1).jpg

the hostage (2).jpg

The first part of the text is by Keigera, the second part by myself, as well as the pictures.

I am from the Cimbri people, the daughter of a great warrior and king.

When the sea began to flood our coastal lands, we left them and entered the fighting lands, but we were soon driven out by local tribes. Having crossed the Danube, our Cimbri tribe moved south into the lands of the Scordis who inhabited Pannonia, from where we went west, invading Norik. A great war then began with the damned Romans, the children of the wolf Fenrir. The Cimbrian War began. For a long time our warriors prevailed and defeated them. Those victories burst their heads. I dreamed of the day when I would see their capital before burning it down. My dreams have come true, but not in the way I expected. That great battle, the battle fought near a place they call Vercellae, practically brought my people to their knees. We lost. Many great warriors died in that battle. Many women, seeing the defeat of the men, rushed into the thick of the battle and committed suicide. Many but not all. It was too late when they broke into our settlement.

Then there was a triumph. I did see Rome but I was walking in a column of captured booty. Later, one of the triumphants, Quintus Lutatius Catulus, used his share of the booty to build himself a mansion on the Palatine and a portico, decorating both buildings with the trophies of the Cimbrian War and taking me, the daughter of the defeated king, as a slave, and gave me to his wife as a living symbol and a naked reminder of their great victory. And now I stand doomly in this mansion, built on the tears of our tribe and feeling the weight of the slave's collar on my neck, with bitterness I understand that I will no longer have another fate, such as becoming a great warrior. I can not accept that fate.


By Mars and Janus, the girl will drive me mad ! She is as headstrong as her father Boiorix, the late king of the Cimbri.

After our victory over the barbarians at Vercellae, Venna, as she is named, became part of my booty and was brought to Rome where I took her as a house slave. She has been rebellious ever since, claiming she is the daughter of a king and not a slave and refusing to obey orders or to learn a word of Latin. She said she would rather die than be a slave to us Romans ... She sets a bad example for the other slaves of my domus. My wife Servilia has had her flogged twice, to no avail.

How can such a young and frail-looking girl stand up to me, Quintus Lutatius Catulus, Victor of the Cimbri and Consul of Rome? If this were known, I would be the laughing stock of the Senate and the second consul, the ambitious and intriguing Gaius Marius, would not hesitate to take advantage of the situation to discredit me.
I should have her crucified and be rid with her but by Jupiter I can't, she is a key hostage of the Cimbri and I am sure the little vixen knows this.

Now we have summoned her again to try one last time to break her resistance. We've had her stripped naked to impress her condition upon her and she but has turned her back on us...
Maybe I could give her as a gift to Gaius Marius ?


A new cooperation between Keigera and myself. The first picture got an 'underage' question or warning from DA. The second one might not (?)
For the second picture, the text has been slightly altered to remove the two occurences of the word "naked" ...

the hostage (1).jpg

the hostage (2).jpg
This is another fine collaboration between Keigera and yourself, Kam! The development of 3D environments has led to the production of a variety of high quality background images, and this Roman domestic interior is no exception. Only when I discovered that the original scene is unpopulated, did I appreciate that all of the characters, plus a chair, have been added to your manipulation as newly inserted components. Indeed, your blending of such items, in terms of scale, lighting and colour saturation, has become a matter of high proficiency, so convincing is the result.

Venna appears with a suitably defiant expression, occupying the left foreground in a way which exploits the dramatic, perspective geometry of the background architecture. This position also takes advantage of the sunlight pouring through the skylight, justifying the highlights on her left arm and in her hair. The Roman figures are also located according to the influence of the central lighting effect. This, together with their gaze being directed at Venna, provides a sense of visual unity within the composition.

The clothed version of Venna is more ambitious, since her shift has to be applied in a manner which is convincing in terms of form and lighting. The garment may be derived from another figure in a similar pose. Whilst this presents the desired fall and folds of the fabric, its form is defined by light and shade, which also has to appear consistent with the other elements in the scene. The result is a balancing act, involving subtle adjustments of brightness, contrast and saturation. And as Eul has observed elsewhere, the slavegirl's shift makes its own statement as a contrast with the clothing of the Roman characters. Nice work, Kam! :)


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As I said in Another Place, a lovely picture, I like both versions, but I think in her scanty slave-tunic she looks strangely more vulnerable than when totally naked, it emphasises the contrast between her status and her well-dressed, wealthy captors.
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