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Chantal masochiste judje

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She is herself surprised by her vulgarity, she wants to be humiliated, her belly is already tight by excitement.

She feels the platform slip under her feet, either she lets go and she will be pulled very quickly by her breasts, or she advances to the end and eventually lose feet, this is the solution she adopts!

The shock is very strong, but still dampened by its size which is still held against the pole.

It does not last the executioner cuts the rope!

This time she falls completely only retained by her breasts nailed!

Although she expected infinite suffering, she could not hold back a hoarse roar and could not help but piss at the spectators' mockery.

Yet the first shock passed, she feels now, the fire in his chest, the suffering also radiates in his belly,

We can see that her breathing is panting, there is no doubt that her groans are not only due to suffering .

Turning her head slightly, she just saw the executioner behind her, armed with a long cutting whip .
She is very afraid, we hear her whisper:

"oh no!"

She can not do anything and she knows that if she struggles, she will tear herself her beautiful breasts.

She is defeated, accepting in advance her horrible fate.

Yet her belly is tight as when she is ready to cum, she thinks it is not possible !

Indeed from the first shots given without restraint on her buttocks, a horrible pain radiates in her.

She does not have time to breathe the blows are linked, her buttocks are quickly in blood, it flows on her thighs, in spite of her, she struggles tearing her breasts.

When the executioner changes course whipping his back, her belly is tightening again!


She will enjoy, she rubs her thighs against each other.

On a sign of the executioner, helpers grab his ankles and widely spread her thighs, releasing her pussy.

The executioner sends his whip between her legs, the wick hits her wet pussy and ends his race on her clit.

Chantal stiffens, we see her enjoyment squirt from her pussy, she ejaculates like a man, it lasts a long time, before finally lose consciousness.

When she wakes up, she is in her cell!
Her breasts make her horribly bad, she wants to caress them but, they are bandaged !

She remembers that she was nailed by her breasts, they had to cure her during her unconsciousness.

She thinks it's a good sign, that means they still want to keep me alive.

to be continued


Her buttocks, back and thighs are on fire.
She passes her fingers over the wounds, but eventually she realizes that her wounds are superficial, even if she has bled.

Finally, she thinks back to what happened to her just before she lost consciousness!

A devastating orgasm, she wets again almost instantly, when she thinks about it.
First this horrible suffering in her breasts, when the rope released her waist and she just fell held by her breasts !
Then this whip, horrible !
Yet she remembers that she continued to wet, and then finally the impact on her, she felt like she was put into orbit, taking off, at the speed of a missile.
Then finally the nothingness, she regrets having lost consciousness and feels a little frustrated.
Next time she'd have to lose consciousness less quickly.

It takes her two good weeks to recover from her injuries!

Oh! Of course, this does not prevent her tormentor from visiting her, but a certain complicity has been created between them, he does not torture her, is content to make love to her and she also takes great pleasure in it .
At the moment when she is about to enjoy , each time he twists her and stretches her wounded nipples, making her howl but also increasing her orgasms.

Often they watch together the videos of the crimes for which she had him convicted, she finds that the victims often enjoyed under the most atrocious mutilations.

Gradually her wounds closed, only a few scars are still visible on her breasts, as well as some traces of whip on the buttocks and back.

One evening as her tormentor enters her cell, after giving her a deep kiss and taking his sex out of his pants, she says:

-Look, I have almost no trace, I miss the suffering, I would like you to make me suffer again excruciatingly to trigger an orgasm as powerful and long as last time.

-You know, though, that I still intend to kill you, to avenge all those you have sent to prison.

-Yes I know and I accept it, the only favor I ask you is to make me enjoy one last time.

-Do you want to know how you're going to die?

-I'm very scared, but I also want to know!

-You're going to be whipped to the blood one last time, then crucified!

-It's horrible! Am I going to be nailed, or just tied up?

-Nailed of course!
Note that this is an advantage, because you will die less long than attached.
There's one more detail, you're going to be crucified upside down!

This time Chantal does not answer anything, she lowers her head, we can see two big tears streaming down her cheeks and, on closer inspection, you can also see her shiny.

Despite her terror, her body reacts, before her mind.

to be continued


"We'll pick you up tomorrow at dawn, you'll have to be dressed in your convict dress, naked underneath of course.

Without a look for her, he turns around and closes the cell door.

She falls to her knees and cries in despair, she thought he had fallen in love with her, but it was only a physical desire.
And she caresses herself thinking about him...

Before lying down on her mat, she decides to put on her doomed dress right away, because tomorrow they will surely wake her up with a start, and if she is not ready, it can only bring her further suffering.

Her dress is quite short, she arrives at the buttocks, with a rope belt at the waist, the neckline, is not very deep contrary to what she expected.

Despite the horror of her situation, she can't help but be enjoyed masturbating frantically thinking about what awaits her tomorrow, before falling asleep in a sleep filled with nightmares.

In the morning, when a guard picks her up, she feels strangely calm, she can't be afraid of what awaits her.

It is without resistance that she lets her wrists be tied behind her back.
Then a leash to her collar, to take him to her ordeal.

Following the guard she tries to rub her thighs against each other, she already wets very hard she thinks she can manage to enjoy by walking.
But it is not enough, and it is in a state of frustration already advanced that she arrives in the arena that she knows well, and which she already knows will not come out alive.

She shudders when she sees the cross waiting for her and the hole where she will be fixed by a lifting system to straighten her.

Next door, the flogging pole!

She is brought to her knees to hear her conviction, to announce to the public what awaits her in a few moments.

-This woman was condemned to be whipped with blood on her back, stomach, and breasts, then she will be crucified upside down to finally be whipped to death on her.

A standing ovation from the crowd covers Chantal's cries of distress, realizing that, no doubt, she has only a few hours left to live.

After the first terror passed, Chantal raises her head, her eyes bathed in tears, and in accordance with her commitment, she goes for herself in front of her ordeal, the lives of her daughter and her clerk depend on it.

Her lower lip trembles, she gets up, has trouble walking, she wonders if her legs will be able to wear her.
She staggers as she advances towards the executioner who waits for him next to the pole, shirtless, holding in his hand a terrible whip, a "cat" with nine tails.

In front of him, bravely, she untie the lace that holds the collar of her co-signed dress to allow him to slide the top of her shirt, stripping her shoulders, she then pulls off her arms, drags the sleeves to finally drop to Ut the top, the rope belt preventing her dress from slipping completely.

Naked breasts, she stretches her wrists to the executioner's aides, who tie them to the top of the pole.

On her own, she positions herself against the pole showing her bare back until the birth of her buttocks.

She waits by squeezing her thighs against each other, trying to get excited, her gets slightly wet.

The first blows begin to fall, very hard, inexorably.
Each blow leaves a bloody mark, she bites her lips to the blood so as not to scream, but it's impossible .
In the 5th shot, a first howl crosses her lips followed by many others, very quickly his back is bloody .

She struggles, but does not slip away, her dress is red at the waist!

Finally the flogging stops, she hangs miserably by the wrists, exhausted, her legs no longer wear her.

to be continued


A bucket of icy and vinegar water is thrown at her and as soon as she gets up on her legs, she is ordered:

-Turn around, it's now the turn of your breasts and your belly!

She moaned turning, she does not know if she will manage to enjoy it, it's too strong, but she also knows that they are weakening her and she will die faster.

Bravely, she throws her head back arching and offering her breasts and belly to this horrible torture.

Again the shots start raining on this moving woman, with her dress that has slipped and is not held back her hips.

The executioner started at the belly, then he goes back to the breasts, he burst the ends,
Chantal can no longer restrain her screams, she screams, hugs, shakes her poor breasts to try to reduce her suffering, in turn the in front is bleeding, she ends up losing consciousness.

The blood flows abundantly from her wounds.

The executioner passes his hand between her thighs, her pussy is still soaked, but she could not enjoy, probably the suffering has exceeded everything she planned.

Again awakened by a bucket of icy water and vinegar, she shakes her head, stands up courageously, in the veil of her tears she sees her torturer.

- Your executioner hurt me too much, I could not enjoy, caress me pussy, please, I feel that I do not need much to enjoy!

-We will caress you with the slutty whip, it's not over yet.

She lowers her head it is not worth it, to insist, she actually hopes that the whip on her pussy will finally trigger that orgasm that twists her belly, but does not want to burst.

The executioner undoes the belt of her robe which falls at her feet!

The fact of finding herself suddenly naked, makes her go into a state of excitement she has been looking for since the beginning of her ordeal.
She thinks that if he had put her naked to whip she would have surely enjoyed.

When they cut the ropes that hold her, she collapses in an obscene position .
Thighs open, the first spectators can see her pussy open and soaked.
She is allowed to recover a little before passing to crucifixion, a kind of intermission in sum she ends up falling asleep exhausted.

She is beautiful, her legs, buttocks and her pussy, cut by their whiteness on the blood color of the back, breasts and her belly.

to be continued


But the rest is short-lived, still awakened by a bucket of icy water, the executioners are obliged to help her to stand, a guard under each arm, she is practically dragged towards her cross waiting for her on the ground, obediently she lets herself position on the back, anyway she does not have the strength to resist.

They want to tie her with ropes, but weakly she manages to say that it is not worth it and she positions her ankles on the patibulum.

The executioner puts the tip of the first nail in position while pulling her ankle to the maximum on the edge of the beam so that her legs are spread as far as possible.

The first hammer blows resonate followed by the continuous howl of the victim!

Then it's the turn of the second ankle!

Poor Chantal lost consciousness.

She is awakened once again with a bucket of ice water.

Her cross is then raised, under her continuous moans.

She is well exposed, her belly is beautifully tense and mobile under her sobs, her breasts too are particularly exposed.

She's almost ready for the final flogging, other than that they're going to nail her hands and wrists again.

This will be done quickly by pulling her hands to the maximum on the vertical part of the beam making her pitch up a little more and exposing even more her chest .

Her moans are more rauspy when she is nailed to her wrists and hands.

You can see her shaved and wet pussy that sinks on her belly.

We are entering the final phase, the executioner has positioned himself in front of this bloodied female who is no longer human.

He is using his fearsome whip at a thong, terribly cutting,

He inflicts the first blow on her pussy, the tip of the wick hitting her anus.

Chantal jumps under the impact, her moans increase, her voice is more and more rauspy, probably by dint of having screamed, but also according to the excitement that is winning her.

The executioner hits her every time between the thighs on her exposed sex, which now bleeds profusely.

Chantal's current howls have changed, she is experiencing a most violent orgasm, the spectators closest to her can even see her enjoyment squirt when the whip destroys her clitoris .

She is exhausted and, if she did not have her head down, she would have lost consciousness a long time ago.

Finally the executioner decides to end it, he now hits her breasts very violently, which burst like ripe fruits and begin to cut off from the torso .

One last blow ended up slitting her left breast to the applause of the spectators.

Then it's the turn of the right breast.

Now Chantal is bleeding, her bloody body now hangs miserably.

She's living her last moments.

A few nervous jolts shake her again!

Life has just escaped from Chantal's body! She just died.

to be continued

it's not quite finished, because of course his daughter and her clerk are not free, and will also die


She sacrificed herself to save her daughter and her clerk and discovered her extreme masochism, before dying in the worst suffering.

But the tormentors still hold the clerk captive...
Will they release her?

Obviously not, Chantal was caught thinking that they would keep their word, same thing for that matter with her daughter, which they never released contrary to their promises .

They know their faces and can identify them on police files, and as they have not dealt with choir children, but rather with very dangerous gangsters on the run, and who do not back down from anything, the sacrifice of Chantal will have been useless.

She suspected it, but in the end she no longer needed this pretext to surrender to the torments they inflicted on her.

However, not having the same provisions as Chantal for masochism, they will be executed more quickly!
This will be the subject of a show in the following weeks.

The clerk will be brought to the stage, where she will be put naked, hands tied behind her back, her body deeply marked by a previous flogging.
She will be raped, a rope tightening her neck preventing her from struggling and hanging slowly by the neck.

For the agony to continue a little, she will be rested several times on the ground, revived, brutally raped by all her orifices, before being hanged again.

Her forced enjoyments will be unfeigned and she will suck her tormentors with application, in the hope of a grace that will never come!

The gradual stretchofing of her neck will allow her to "deep throats" spectacular with always the rope that will strangle her and make her gurgle.

Her death will be slow and painful and will please all the spectators present.

As for the girl, after being rebellious during a period when she was tried to be trained as a sex slave, she made an attempt to escape which resulted in her death sentence.

She will also be hanged naked!

However, having shown provisions for exhibitionism, even more so than her mother, whose masochism she does not share, she will be performed in public on a bridge reserved for bungee jumping.

To make her look like a slut, her breasts will be ligatuared very hard in order to stiffen his nipples and squirt their juice!

The mocking cries of well-selected spectators will excite her in spite of herself.

After sucking her tormentor in front of the cameras, she will have to wait naked on the parapet listening to a discussion between her judges about cutting her clitoris or not so that she does not enjoy during her hanging .

Finally, she will be pushed "whole" into the void, but with a good ligature of her little button because there is no question that she enjoys!

The elastic rope will not break her neck but tighten it little by little, while it tumbles and bounces indefinitely by wriggling in front of sophisticated cameras, multiplying interesting close-ups on her tongue all blue and her soaked sex, freshly shaved as he should have since the beginning of her captivity!

( The bandits had forced her to shave her pussy with the clerk and to drip like sluts thus providing romantic interludes for snuff movies where they would be starring. )

Then she dangling for long minutes, squealing weakly and urinating under her for the pleasure of the spectators.

The film once edited will last a long time thanks to the slow-motion scientists of their soffrances as well as those of Chantal.
The whole thing, mounted, will give a diptych that will sell very well.
The clerk will come as a bonus !

The only thing the judge will have avoided for her daughter and her clerk are the long periods of agony for both of them, but she has not been able to avoid their death.

And her eldest daughter, you might say?

It's a whole different story...

The End !

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Did you forget to describe the whipping of her pussy before crucifixion?

Deleted member 15138

The flogging of Chantal's pussy was not planned before but during the crucifixion!
It's even her last torment before her death.
sorry, i was too fast in writing. i wrote this before her crucifixion! ;)

Deleted member 15138

thank you very much for the compliments, for the oldest girl she does not have a name yet, lol, I'll think about another story in another direction to change a little
I'd like to call her "Wiki". Hope she of course will end crucified.
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