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Indi Scout

Removed from our cells we were led to the square. Our sentences were to be carried out.
A large crowd had gathered to watch the sport. When we appeared a loud cheer rang out and I could see the late comers hurrying so they did not miss a thing. The crowd parted as the guards led us forward. We could hear them jeering, some spitting, and throwing garbage.
"Cowards!! Pigs!!! Strip them!! Strip them naked!!!" they chanted.
When we reached the center of the square we were met by the execution squad. A hush fell upon the crowd as the Magistrate stepped forward to read our sentence.
"We have hear before us" he began in a booming and sever voice," two sexual deviants found guilty of treason and crimes of moral weakness. The sentence will be carried out . They will suffer the lash and then they will entertain us all with their crucifixion."


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Barb looked stoically ahead at her girls who appeared transfixed by what was happening, alarm and fear written all over their faces. Stealing a quick glance back over her shoulder, Barb was also aware of the fact that the man behind her had uncoiled his whip and was contemplating her bared back thoughtfully.


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The conversation that had engaged Kubo appeared to have come to an abrupt end. Kubo was issuing fresh orders to his men. And she could sense them raising their weapons and preparing to shoot.
A moment later Barb heard Kubo shout “Utsu!” ... the order to fire ... followed by the report of rifles, the dull thud of bullets tearing into human flesh ... and Kristin’s ungodly scream. But Barb felt nothing ... nothing at all!
Slowly it came to her. The reason she was conscious of all these things was that they had shot Kristin ... but not her!


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