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Crown Of Thorns: Pictures

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Regina Iudaeorum


hello xso,
I like the use of thorns here to lacerate her (lamentably untortured) breasts but regardless cause stimulating blood trickles to adorn her naked torso front.

Red Feline (or whatever they are this week) have two excellent crown of thorns (or barbed wire) scenes which are extremely exciting.

The first sequence is from "Perils of Jane 3” at 1 hour 16 minutes where the victim is Jane von Detlefson, the comely star of a three movie series. Her performance is stellar but Jac should have removed his rings and watch to strengthen the visual imagery. No creative imagination there by him in an otherwise brilliant series s & m scenes. Some (e.g. "Desperately Seeking Red Feline” a.k.a. "Red Room”) have the best scene where a long strand of barbed wire is shown to victim (Jane von Detlefson) before being wrapped tightly around her head with resultant blood trickles coursing down her agonised face. This agonising cruelty is inflicted after she has been whipped (scourged?) back and then front but before she is nailed through hands and feet to the red wall. A 3D wooden cross would have immeasurably improved these final scenes. Didn’t Jac ever ask the clients of his unique crux themed productions about their thoughts regarding some fairly lame (but easily corrected) scenes with him as the torturer??

I attach shots from RF movies (both starring Jane von Detlefson), first "Perils of Jane in the Green Inferno”, then (in the next post) Jane again suffering in "Red Room". My thoughts about the first sequence (Jane - Green Inferno 3) is victim is shown what is to be done to her next. The jagged crown is then placed onto her tender head and forced into her flesh. The shot after her crowning shows the effects of her previous tortures suffered, i.e. flogging front and back (her panties and remnants of skirt have already been torn off during a brutal 7 minute flogging of her enticing back side.

I'll post the Red Room images in the next posting (see below) in case this posting size is approaching its size limits.

This sequence of (The Perils of) Jane (in the Green Jungle) shots comes from the third movie of a 3 movie series. Part 3 runs for 1 hour 14 minutes most of which is filled with good scenes of torture of Jane in various ways and circumstances. Presumably, Parts 1 and 2 also run for a similar time.

The Red Feline Productions "The Red Room" stars Jane again, this time suffering unimaginable agony in a complete category of
brutal punishments covering 1 hour 44 minutes on screen.

Tortures she endures include being hoisted onto a "Spanish Horse" styled beam fitted with spikes 2" to 3" in length. On the beam, she is forced forward so that her breasts are pierced on the spikes and made to writhe as her back is whipped, forcing her tender teats to tear further against the spikes, as she jerks in her agony. She is then dragged over onto her back suffering further tearing on the spikes while having her lacerated breasts whipped.

She is dragged upright onto a frame and scourged, first her back and then her front. The barbed wire crown (seen in these stimulating shots) is wrapped tightly around her head, tearing her tender flesh with copious blood flows streaming down her face. After a period of suffering and gazing upwards, she is shown the nails which are to be driven through her hands and feet: the nailing is then carried out.

This is truly one of the most erotic S & M films I have ever viewed; a masterpiece!
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Regina Iudaeorum
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