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Crucified males

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Marcus Crassus, a prominent Roman Senator and military commander returned from the war with the rebel Spartacus whom he defeated and crucified tens of thousands of rebel slaves along the Appian Way from Rome to Capua. Upon arrival to the mistress' villa, after many years fighting the rebel army, he caught her in bed with a young, handsome, muscular house slave, Crixus. Unable to calm himself from the fury and embarrassment, he ordered them to be crucified together along the Appian Way. He ordered the young slave's genitals to be removed and fed to the dogs.
As the scorching sun sets along the horizon, the crucified couple stare each other in the eyes and breath their last.
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This was such a sexy crucifixion. "Jesus" obviously had no problems deliberately showing his anus. Wish I'd been there and that Roman soldier carrying him had stopped so I could take a lovely long lick of the prisoner's anus before seeing him nailed up so sexily.


This manipulation fits my one of my favorite fantasies. It's a bit traditional, but with some different twists. There is no rope. We are nailed with 3 spikes each. The other criminals I'm crucified with are hot. We are not crucified as a form of execution, but as punishment for crimes. This town is a little compassionate and doesn't have the death penalty. For this hot afternoon, the others were given 24 hours. I was sentenced to 72. I have a practice of confessing to crimes I don't commit. The magistrate decides to triple the sentence for my repeat offence.
This is stunning! Three naked men hung high and stretched out for all to see.


Here are my new renderings of the Golgotha. I made much more than planned at first but it was so exciting that I couldn't stop lol. Many hours of work but very arousing. I hope the result is worth the wait.
I made them for this board only, please don't repost elsewhere.

Part 1:
This is one of the sexiest crucifixions I've ever seen. Bravo!


Hi, I am looking for narrative stories about males executed by crucifixion, both in ancient and modern times. Could you please help me? Thank you ;)


Hi, I am looking for narrative stories about males executed by crucifixion, both in ancient and modern times. Could you please help me? Thank you ;)

All three of these are inspiring, but I particularly like the way Jesus dies in the Burgess book.

Jack Staley

Maybe slightly off topic but an interesting scene. Rebels and protesters were often taken in by the militia, severely tortured for information gathering purposes. The 2nd picture is of the interrogation room. I was told prisoners most often never left there and several officers would be in there, each taking their turns with the electrodes. I was told this was early 70's Chile, not sure if true and the 2nd picture not verified for accuracy.

Of course if I had my druthers, they should have put this fine lad on a cross after the electro torture, execute him in public. But of course this was done in secret.
More in the series. I added a few captions.


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