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Crucified males

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Crucifiix1on Cartoon. A very clever creation by the artist Arithemin. I like how the prisoners are lined up on the day of their executions, made to pose in those silly loin cloths. The final picture may need to be enlarged so one can get the full details of the dialogue. I like how this starts with the painful and humiliating face branding then the prisoner stripped naked for the scourge whipping, what a gruesome device that is. The painful nailing and slow death to follow.

I am sure those loin cloths were auctioned off as souvenirs to one of the many lustful spectators. Wine and refreshments served, this I am sure a major j/o affair.
A nice short tale. Would be good to see a deeper illustration of this.
From a comic strip about the early Christians in Rome, and the crucifixions of Peter and others:


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Friends here may be interested in this YouTube video:

They do not hesitate to suggest that an "angel erection" may have been part of the scene on Golgotha, and I really think we should try to reenact such a scene among members here, when the pandemic is over. Agreed?


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