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Crucifixion In Video Games

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And as usual, crucifiy men is OK, but try to crucify a naked woman in a video game...

Actually not true. Have a look at Conan Exiles - men and women completely naked on crosses, with adjustable "features"

giphy.gif oza19tnj0rjjwmqhgd71.gif kgumkcqxawnumslqxk7j.gif

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Did you have to install some mods for this?

Also, can't find a picture, but diablo 3 had some interesting images of woman somewhat crucified. They are small and in the background though




A lot of media that isn't about Jesus, Spartacus, or something from Roman times hesitates to show crucifixion for various reasons (the brutality, its connection to Christianity, etc), especially video games. So does anyone know any examples of games that do show it off?

I have a few-

Conan: Exiles for PS4 and Xbox One actually begins with your character already crucified out in the desert, and you create your character while they hang. Once you finish character creation, Conan himself comes along and rescues you before leaving, and the game begins from there. (I've never played it myself, so I don't know what the rest of the game is like and if there's any other crux in it, though the TV Tropes page says that your crimes for being crucified are randomly generated, so you could be crucified for something like bad punctuation XD)

A few religious games have featured Jesus' crucifixion, but those are few and far between.

Outlast 2 actually has a scene where the player is crucified in first person and they manage to free themselves. This is masterfully played for horror, and even I still can't watch it in its entirety. (I'll stick with the first Outlast, thank you)

The fighting game Fight of Gods, which features multiple figures from religion and mythology (and is meant to be a parody fighter), features Jesus as a fighter, and his intro involves him freeing himself from the cross and having the beams still attached to his arms as he fights. It's surprisingly badass to watch.

We've also seen Skyrim mods that allow it elsewhere on the forum, but I'm mainly talking crux in the main game itself.

Does anyone know any other examples?


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In Rome Total War there was an option to put a city to the sword and resulted in a small graphic with crucified men IIRC

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Although it's not the main game itself, but...
There's a member under nickname Oakern who created a pulgin for Fallout 4 which adds some thematical stuff to the game. Here's a couple of examples of what you can get.


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I found a few more-

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood- One mission has you infiltrate a passion play to save the guy playing Jesus from one of the soldiers. You arrive after he's already on the cross, but after you kill your target, you need to take the guy off the cross and get him to a doctor- the wine he drank on the sponge was poisoned.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night- In Alucard's nightmare before the Succubus battle, he sees his mother Lisa hanging from what could be a cross. However, the sprite's kinda small so you can't see how she's stuck there, and both the lore and the Netflix show state that Lisa was burned at the stake, so I don't know if that counts.

The original Outlast also had Father Martin, who had himself crucified before you reach his chapel, then has himself set on fire once you do show up. Miles even writes in his note that Martin "one-upped Jesus Christ in shitty ways to die"


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Dont forget , in SL (Second Life), the sim of "CruxWinds" where I'm a member ... You could find there different kinds of crosses with good animations , and you could have some Role Play ...


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is this only on PC?
Most likely, yes. The console versions of Fallout 4 do support mods (at the expense of being unable to earn achievements/trophies while they are enabled), but something as controversial as crucifixion probably wouldn't be allowed on the official store. The nude mod certainly isn't. (Trust me, I checked)
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