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Crucifixion Manipulations Construction Kit

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Well, dforce hairs are obviously a big problem for my computer, if it can talk, it must have been scolding me: " Dare you try this! ! ! ? ? ? " .
So, simply trim the side of the hair that could cause problems, and let's get back on it.
HDRI is a good thing, for any computer, as long as you don't mind why there's an asian girl naked and oiled doing pole dancing on the beach.
BTW, how do you think the pole fixed to the sand?
Pole Dance Back.pngPole Dance Girl.pngPole Dance.png


I'm very happy to solve the hair problem, as an obsessive-compulsive disorder sufferer, if I can finish one series at a time, I will never divide it into two.
I found that my reply was copied to this post, so none of these pictures have a background, hope you like these.
Cross 1.pngCross 2.pngCross 3.pngCross 4.pngCross 5.pngCross 6.png


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I post some of my Claire manip layers, maybe some of you can use it, they have been from my kinky Outlander story.
unfortunately no transparent background...
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