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Crucifixion of a Weather Girl

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Anyway how much of the Gender P... Gap is due to discrimination and how much is just the consequence of individual preferences ?!!

Tune in to Channel 4 where we'll have Catty Spewman interviewing Dr. Boring P. Jettison on the topic, The Gender Pain Gap and the patriarchy!!!
It depends how you define the 'gender pain gap'.


Looking forward to the next chapter of this erotic and well written story Cruxgirl!
And expecting perhaps interesting things from the relationship between Cassandra and Mercy?


“I … I could get into trouble …”, says Cassandra, “get arrested, my husband ....”

“You might be stripped naked and flogged, gang raped, even executed as a traitor,” says Mercy. “Wouldn’t we look beautiful - the two of us - two lovely English roses - crucified side by side?”

What an incredibly alluring idea!
And probably Cassandra herself agrees!

“…There is a sheen of perspiration on Cassandra’s forehead as she shifts her wide-eyed gaze between Mercy and the Sister. She folds her arms over her gray pullover, hugging her pert breasts. With an elegant swish of nylon she crosses her legs, squeezing her slim thighs tightly together, making her knee-length skirt ride slightly upwards…”

“…Keeping her thighs crossed, Cassandra stretches out her legs, jamming her ankles together, twisting her cute, stiletto-heeled booties hard against one another in a posture of neurotic contortion.”

Perhaps the next time her husband sees her, she will be carrying her patibulum, on her way to Crucifixion park.

Perhaps she will continue supporting Marcy, completing her therap,y from her own cross!

Who knows?

Many interesting and exciting possibilities!

“…She can smell Cassandra’s fear. She can even taste on the air the musky wetness of Cassandra’s cunt. Cassandra’s beauty is enhanced rather than diminished by the wretchedness of her predicament.”

Waiting for the next chapter!
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