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Another day on the cross!!!


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Well, if the victim wears the sign from his neck that means the executioners didn't care about him enough to secure the titulus in place. It's also easier to read it when it hangs over the subjects torso and probably this was a common method. But then if the sign is above the victim, or under his feet if the cross is tall, then it makes the crucifixion seem more important and also, the sign doesn't cover the victim's body, so that there more exposure of the naked body. So I guess both options make sense. Personally in my fantasies I don't think about the titulus at all, let people speculate about me while I'm suffering above their heads :D


The sign should be affixed to the top of the cross and not hang around the victim's neck. NOTHING should cover the naked body on the cross. The loincloth should be ripped off of the body as well, to expose the genitals.


Assistant executioner
Hey Crux friends, Do you think prisoner was crucified with sign hanging from his neck
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the sign attached to the top of the cross?

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Really want to hear your opinion which looks better and why
Sign looks better above the head. And without foot rest looks better and is probably more accurate. Foot rests would only have been used in executions when Romans wanted an exceptionally prolonged torture. Without foot would result in much more intense pain though shorter time on the cross since death would come sooner.




Presumably for reasons of decorum and modesty...
It is to humiliate him, so he is not allowed to show his magnificent penis.... No just joking, he do it as he think it is right and when we depict it with loincloth, such as in the catholic church it is very reasonable. I think it is great what he does. And also think, if you concentrate on the suffering the other aspects should not be too erotic...
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I ask. why not naked on the cross?
I fully understand that if I was to be crucified by Roman's more than likely I would be hanging completely naked and I would have no say in how they treat me or what they do.

But for me personally I prefer the loincloth. I don't want people to just look at my genitals and only see me in a sexual way. I want people to see my face, to watch my agony and suffering, to wonder what pain I'm going throught. I guess that's just my perspective.
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