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Crux-related images by Jucundus

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A spin-off from another project unrelated to crux. Came out a bit artsy, I hope you like it anyway.

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There's nothing wrong with a little artsy!

It's another powerful image. Thanks for creating it and posting it. It's great, as usual. :clap:



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A woman who gets off on the pain. A man who enjoys his cock being squeezed in the process.
Utterly awesome scene. I'll quibble over whether she can feel any pleasure while enduring the overwhelming physical and emotional stress and agony of being nailed to the crossbeam, but obviously he's almost certainly having a unique experience!
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@dfg42, thisis so rude of you! What were you thinking, to manipulate my pic without asking and tput it in the very thread where I posted my original?
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I think that there should be a forum rule: please do not manipulate another artist creation in is (or her)
own thread without their consent!
Thankfully it did not happen very often in my case but as an artist this is very distracting.
Totally agree. Respect the integrity of an artist’s work, don’t make alterations to it! The one exception (I would say), is if you’re responding to, or analysing, an artwork, it’s probably ok to use a cropped portion of the image to emphasise a detail. But adding stuff is not ok. Go make your own artwork. Don’t fiddle with mine!


Amazing stuff, Jucundus. It shows that you have some good knowledge of anatomy, your poses and facial expressions are great!


Not quite a crucification, but getting there :span1:. These picture are illustrations for a story by @Barfuß-Hanna. I hope you like them.

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Awesome indeed - her degradation is depicted so artistically ... I can see the pain and humuliation in her eyes as she is dragged completely naked - for the enjoyment of the viewers ... and the whiplashes just make her degradation look even more erotic. Waiting to read the story too ! :clap2:
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