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Crux-related images by Jucundus

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Jucundus - You are an incredibly talented artist and I greatly look forward to what you create in the future. Even though you haven't posted a huge number of images yet, already two of them are serious contenders for being my very favorite crux images of all time! (The Latina squeezing her eyes tight through the pain, and what I suspect may be a different Latina (?) with small breasts writhing on her cross. I usually don't go as much for the dramatic "writhing" poses, but that one looks so natural and real and believable. I can feel the gravity as she hangs, and her agony is utterly truthful.) So - Thank you! And keep going!


I'll reiterate the other's comments here, that is some very hot crux art
... the carrying pics are both great, so is the umm, double-nailing and the pic of poor Emily getting molested on her cross ;)

It's a great benefit for us all that you're back to posting!

The first time I drew that, back in 2007, "The high price of innocence" ...
I wasn't aware of anyone having done it before, but it's such an obvious idea I'd assume someone has.
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I did it because the girl in this scenario wasn't carrying her cross.
It's a permanent installation that waits for a succession of victims to be brought up (as judged by the number of nail holes).

The wretch needed something to carry to her execution site as a symbol of her condemnation.
She didn't merit a crown of thorns (this ain't no queen) so she got a necklace of nails.
This has inspired me for a future Manip. I love the whole scene but the nails that are to be driven into her are around her neck. Love it


Slave Trader
I need to hear The Master's voice ... I miss like air His AMAZING Art.. does anyone now nothing??
Jucundus published a new work in DeviantArt as recently as December 8th 2020. Worth a look, before he gets kicked out like I was yesterday!
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I love the last illustration. It shows that she is a warrior on her way to her final destiny. She will last long on the cross; Well, it shows that she has not been sufficiently flogged. She has not applied the Roman scourge. Or maybe she will be scourged on her cross?


Hair and Nails
Here is a picture made for @mp5stab. Thank you for the Crown of Thorns, Emily!

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I have to say, you have put it to such excellent use already! Love those hair physics, especially since they are sooo often such a bitch to set up.

And the choice of victim as a young redhead warms my cruel, cruel heart. Thank you so much!
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