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Cruxdreams.com - Issues/Problems/Troubleshooting

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Magister militum
Since last week, there is a major problem with cruxdreams : impossible to log in, the password is refused and no answer from the billing company (www.psbill.biz) ! The same problem is noted by other members (see thehang in cruxfoundation).

As cruxforumÂ’s webmaster and moderator seem in good connection with God, sorry with cruxdreams boss, please help us.


Magister militum
Look at the answer from Makar in the forum cruxfoundation (Oct. 13th at 09:01 PM CET):

"Hi all,

the crux community is small enough (cruxfoundation, cruxforums, clf...). I have no idea how you could miss my post to the Cruxforums about our temporary problems with our site (and the billing company).

If the Moderators of this forum don't mind, I'll try to explain the current situation (but please, those who will feel like posting on this particular subject, do it on the Cruxforums.com site where there is a special "room" for that).

Yes, we have very serious problems with our current billing company and at the moment Image Maker is negociating with another one. This problem should be solved within a few days. As soon as I know the details I'll make everybody interested aware of it.

I do know that some of our dear members are very fond of badmouthing anything whanever they have a chance... you are welcome! We will be back in a couple of days. May be three...

Anyway, we still post updates to the site, so those who will return to Cruxdreams will find the site up and running.

Stay in touch.

Makar in Cruxforums"


First, I joined Cruxdreams recently and I love it. But I am unable to report a problem downloading the older videos (2004). And when I attempt to login to the forum to report it, it doesn't recognize me as a member.

When attempting to download them it will not connect.


Staff member
Whats problem?
What file you do not can download (the number and date)?

If you want to be a member of the forum cruxdreams.com it is necessary be registered (for free).


I am a member of the cruxdreams site. My password is not working and I can't seem to get the e-mail to work. My e-mail is [email protected] and my user name is puckettkh. If you could send me my password to that address I would apreciate it.


Staff member
Starting from Sunday (December 4, 2011) to date has been the failure of the site CruxDreams.com
Failure occurred due to server failure.
This is now fixed.
To protect user's funds, all funds were returned to them.
Now the site works without problems.
Welcome to all who wish to renew membership in CruxDreams.com

( You help Makar's family. Thanks. )

P.S. On New Year's Eve, as usual, we will make updates daily.​


Welcome to all who wish to renew membership in CruxDreams.com
I will, as a contribution to the operation expenses / efforts for THIS site here!



Staff member
I'm sorry, but is temporarily not possible to make a subscription to the site.
This feature appears at the beginning of next week, I hope ;)


hi I didn't realise at the time that the problem I had yesterday was that I kept getting transferred from Cruxforums to Cruxdreams. I have not yet signed up to Cruxdreams, that's why my login kept getting lost.


I found this video of my random surfing on the internet. the pirate site is "xvideos.com", you can contact them.


Hi webmaster,

since a few days i´m new at cruxdreams and like the material with the great girls. Specially a videoclip "Sveta and Leena on video. Part 07 from 22" is one of my favorites. But how can I download this clip? Thanks for any help!


Staff member

Hmm ... I now tried to upload this video - everything is normal.
Try again, please.

Right-click on the video (Dial-up connect or Cable connect)and choose "Save .." on the disc.
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